Vizsla Club of America

Vizsla Club of America

Vizsla Club of America 2012 National Gun Dog Championship and National Open Puppy

By Gary Sadler, Executive Field Rep

The 2012 running of the Vizsla National Gun Dog Championship was held at Quail Country Plantation near Arlington, Georgia. Quail Country is an Orvis-endorsed preserve of the highest quality in its fifty second season. Piney woods mixed with broom sage and thickets gave plenty of cover for the testing of the cream of the crop. Many dogs showed they knew the game and had style yet only the few were chosen.

National Open Puppy stake judges Jim Carter and Bill Holloway paid close attention to their sixteen entries.

Finishing in 4th place and out of the 7th brace was Millstar’s The Boss Of The Plains owned by Melissa Thomas and Cindy Pescod and handled by Melissa. Boss did a very nice job, working a nice forward pattern and applying himself well. Boss covered some nice ground and made his scout earn his keep.

In 3rd place, out of the 8th brace, was Barben’s Queen of Hearts. Owned by Barbara Zahn, Karen Buerki and Trish Burdin and handled by Trish, Nikki was a pleasure to watch. She worked well with her handler, covering plenty of ground while hitting all of the right places in an attractive fashion, notching a staunch find 6 minutes in and finishing the brace strong.

In 2nd place, also out of the 8th brace, was Pinnacle’s Carolina Cutter, owned by Scott Rothenberg and Sue Rushing and handled by Clint Sails. Bailey had an outstanding breakaway, exhibiting impressive ground speed and nice application. Bailey’s handler was kept on his toes by his dog’s enthusiasm ...but in a good way.

Our 2012 National Puppy Stake winner ran in the 7th brace. Rojo De Tejas Twenty Gauge Luger, owned by Manny and Lauren Eggleston and handled by Manny. Luke hit the woods as hard as anyone, going where the birds were and notching finds at 6 and at 12 minutes. Luke started strong, finished strong and was a pleasure to watch in between.

Puppy Placements

Running for the National Gun Dog stake started Saturday morning under clear skies and a promise of a warm day.

Fourth place went to DC AFC Bitteroot Semper Fi Cutter.

Third place finisher was the 2011 Champion, 3xNGDC 2xNAFC DC AFC Crimson’s Twenty Gauge Ruger SH.

Second place was garnered by AFC FC Tommy’s Dixie Chick

The announcement of DC AFC JB’s Asker Bout Birds, owned by and handled by, as first place was no surprise as I had seen all the braces except one. The connection between Kenzie and her handler was a great example of how a Gun Dog should work.

National Gun Dog Championship