Vizsla Club of America 2011 National Field Trial

Vizsla Club of America

By Bonnie Hidalgo, AKC Executive Field Representative

Pyramid State Park near Pinckneyville, Illinois served as the venue for the 2011 VCA National Field Trial. The event kicked off on Monday November 7 with the running of its premier stake, the National Open Championship. Forty-eight dogs were drawn and run in the 30 minute first series. From those Judges Ed Liermann of Palmyra, WI and Gus Allimonos of Tabernacle, NJ selected eight worthy dogs to appear in the second series. Only dogs with flawless manners on game and good ground pattern were considered for the second series which was run for 45 minutes with the first chukar to be shot and retrieved on course. The eight dogs honored by being called back were DC/AFC JB’s Asker Bout Birds owned and handled by Joanne Beckley; Rush Creek’s Semper Fi High Style, owned by Clint & Valerie Sails and handled by Clint; DC/AFC Bitteroot Semper Fi Cutter owned by Clint & Valerie Sails and handled by Clint ; FC/AFC Saginaw Diamond Dan owned and handled by Mark Johnson; Upwind Tonka Geode owned by Stella Lang and handled by Tim Heiner; Burr Oaks Quarterback owned by James Gingrich and handled by Brian Gingrich; Durite’s Jet City Woman owned by Michael and Carrie Syczylo and handled by Diane Vater and Crimson’s Isadora Rizini owned by Mark & Pam Spurgeon and handled by Mark.

The first series was completed late on Tuesday afternoon and the final series began first thing on Wednesday morning. Heavy rain fell overnight causing the creek to rise significantly, this creek is crossed twice during each brace. The depth and current were strong enough to be hazardous for the dogs. On the first brace one dog was in danger of being swept away and the other dog needed some assistance in crossing. In the remaining three braces the handlers were advised to pick their dogs up before the crossing and carry them over on horseback. This was in keeping with the number one rule in AKC Field Trials, which is to put safety of people, dogs and horses above all else!

Unfortunately some of these fine dogs made mistakes in the second series, most of which involved failing to honor or leaving early for a retrieve. Despite those disqualifying errors, it was plain to see the qualities they possessed that brought them to the final round.

The National Championship winners are as follows:

2011 National Field Champion: Durite’s Jet City Woman owned by Michael & Carrie Syczlyo and handled by Diane Vater.

2nd Place: DC/AFC JB’s Asker Bout Birds, owned and handled by Joanne (Jody) Beckley.

3rd Place: Crimson’s Isadora Rizini owned by Mark & Pam Spurgeon and handled by Mark Spurgeon.

4th Place: Withheld

The VCA National Field Trial continued into the running of the National Derby Classic on November 10. Because of the high water crossing on the intended course, the Derby was moved to run two miles south of the parking lot. Judges for the Derby were Doug Reisner and Mary Durham. This stake attracted an entry of 33 and was completed on Friday just prior to the start of the VCA National Amateur Field Championship.

The winners of the Derby Classic are as follows:

1st – Wegler's Crown Royal – Roy – Owner/Handler: Greg Wegler
2nd – Diamond C's Ruby Jewel – Ruby – Owner: Christopher & Sabrina Corliss; Handler: Tim Hidalgo
3rd – Chicquitaa – Owner: Linda Busch; Handler: Brian Gingrich
4th – Sawmills Miss Sofija – Owner/Handler: Gregg Ritchings

The National Amateur Championship judges were Doug Reisner and Tony McGrane. They presided over a large field of 47 dogs. There were 10 dogs called back for the 2nd series in the NAFC. These are listed in the order of running for the first series:

FC AFC Tommy's Dixie Chick – Owner/Handler: Steve Whitney
NGDC FC AFC Burr Oak's Old Number Seven – Owner/Handler: Jim Gingrich
DC AFC Bitteroot Semper Fi Cutter – Owner: Clint & Val Sails; Handler: Clint Sails
Crimson's Isadora Rizini – Owner: Pam & Mark Spurgeon; Handler: Mark Spurgeon
FC AFC Kick Em Up Bullet, JH – Owner: Jarrett & Allison Bell; Handler: Jarrett Bell
Rushcreek Semper Fi High Style – Owner: Clint & Val Sails; Handler: Clint Sails
Burr Oak's Kick Em Up Jake – Owner/Handler: Jim Gingrich
DC Semper Fi Top Brass – Owner: Nancy Staley; Handler: Mark Johnson
DuRite's Jet City Woman – Owner: Mike & Carrie Syczylo; Handler: Carrie Syczylo
3xNGDC NAFC DC AFC Crimson's Twenty Gauge Ruger, SH, CGC – Owner: Pam & Mark Spurgeon; Handler Mark Spurgeon

National Amateur Championship winners were:

1st – 3xNGDC NAFC DC AFC Crimson's Twenty Gauge Ruger, SH, CGC – Ruger – Owners: Mark & Pam Spurgeon; Handler: Mark Spurgeon
2nd – NGDC FC AFC Burr Oak's Old Number Seven – Jack – Owner/Handler – Jim Gingrich
3rd & 4th place – Withheld

The National Field Trial Committee is to be commended for a job well done. Mark Smith served as Chairman; Becky Smith did a fine job as event secretary. The remainder of the committee is Karen Buerki, Trish Burdin, Mark Johnson and Barry Peterson. The committee was supported by numerous VCA members and officers lending a hand in all sorts of ways. The Club also had wonderful assistance from local field trial people from other breeds.