Pointing Breed Field Trials

Vizsla Club of America Pointing Breed Field Trials
Vizsla Club of America National Field Trial
Oct. 21, 2007 - Branched Oak State Park - Near Raymond, Neb.
By Bonnie Hidalgo, AKC Field Representative

Final Results of the Vizsla Club of America National Field Trial

One-hundred-twenty-nine entries made this year's Vizsla Club of America National Field Trial the largest ever held by this organization. The event commenced on Sunday, October 21 with the running of the National Championship.

Trial chairperson, Stella Lang worked hard to put on a good trial. Secretary Becky Smith was an efficient assistant. The entire Field Trial Committee pitched in to cover all of the bases: setting courses, planting birds, marshaling and coordinating social events. The committee members included the Chairperson and Secretary, Paula Abbott, Rodney Albin, Jack Bender, Don Bergmeyer, Bonnie Bergmeyer, Julia Bonar, Dave Borg, George Noren, Dustin Ochs, and Mark Smith.

All members of the VCA Standing Field Trial Advisory Committee were also present. This included Chairman Al Lucas, and Tom Pescod, in addition to Julia Bonar and Mark Smith, who were already on the event committee. Additional members of the VCA pitched in on various duties.

The National Championship attracted 59 entries; of those 58 were starters. This stake is run in two series. The first is run for 30 minutes and was run on an "out and back" course. The second series is a 45-minute heat with retrieving on course. The Stake manager was Rodney Albin; the Judges' marshal was Jack Higgins. The Judges for this stake were Ned Meyers from Mount Vernon, Iowa, and Tom Maneely of Leigh, Neb. These are two well-qualified gentlemen who were observant and knew what they were looking for in the competitors. They selected 10 dogs from the first series to come back in the retrieving series.

Those 10 dogs are listed below, in the order they were drawn for the second series:

FC/AFC Cherokee's Jazzmin of Shiloh, owned and handled by Robert Tomczak, with
Trinity's Cotton Gin Shooter, owned by Nathan Williams and handled by Ray Dohse.

NAFC/NGDC/FC/AFC Onpoint's Fullov Gust O, owned by Barry Bassingwaighte, and handled by John Reid, with
Berry's Bad Boy owned by Jeff Granger and handled by Jerry Jordan.

FC Kal-Cam's Calamidy Jane, owned by Gordon Long and handled by Dustin Ochs, with
FC/AFC Saginaw Diamond Dan owned and handled by Mark Johnson.

NFC/FC Upwind Kismet Rapid Fire, owned by Pamela Buda and Elizabeth Deforest and handled by Dave Pomfret, with FC/AFC Upwind Shiloh Mark of Zorro, owned and handled by Robert Tomczak.

Stella Artois, JH, owned by Laura Miller and Philip Tyler and handled by Bryan Long, with FC/AFC Semper Fi Colonels Pride, owned and handled by Dave Pomfret.

The first series, which ran from the trial headquarters area, concluded late on Tuesday morning, October 23. The second series started approximately an hour later, breaking away from the Area 9 parking lot. The National Championship running was concluded late that afternoon.

The 2007 National Champion emerged in Berry's Bad Boy, owned by Jeff Granger and handled by Jerry Jordan. He was scouted by Steve Whitney. This 4-1/2- year-old male was bred by the late Gary Jagoda. "Gus" was one of the judge's top picks coming out of the first series, and he was equally impressive in the second series.

The runner-up to the champion was NAFC/NGDC/FC/AFC Onpoint's Fullov Gust O, handled by John Reid, his breeder, for owner Barry Bassingwaighte. This 8-year-old male gave class performances in both series.

Third place went to FC/AFC Cherokee's Jazzmin of Shiloh, owned and handled by Robert Tomczak. This 8-year-old female was bred by Sonny and Verla Mortenson.

FC/AFC Saginaw Diamond Dan was fourth for his owner and handler, Mark Johnson. This young star is a month short of his 3rd birthday; he was bred by Barry and Kimberly Peterson.

The National Derby Classic began on Wednesday morning. A field of 24 was drawn for this stake. Judges were Tim Heiner and Joe Fingerlin. Dave Borg served as Judge's Marshal. The stake manager was George Noren. Results of this stake will be posted when they come in.

The National Amateur Championship started in mid-afternoon on Wednesday, shortly before the Derby Classic concluded. Judges for this prestigious stake were Howard Burbach and Ken Chenoweth. The stake manager was Mark Smith, and the Judge's Marshal was Tom Hagen. There were 46 dogs drawn for this Championship.

A detailed report of the performances at this National field trial will be submitted by the club's official scribe at a later date.

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