Pointing Breed Field Trial

Irish Setter Club of America: 2008 National Field Trial

by Bonnie Hidalgo, AKC Field Representative

The ISCA National Field Trial for 2008 was contested over the beautiful venue at Booneville, AR.; beginning on October 26 and concluding on November 2. Booneville's J. Perry Mikles Wildlife Demonstration Area at the Blue Mountain Wildlife Management area is the scene of many first rate trials each year. It is the chosen home of the ISCA Nationals which returns here every October. Eight glorious days of trialing were enjoyed by Irish Setter fanciers. This year's entries in the adult stakes were consistent with past years but the Futurity and Derby entries were down.

Stan Noble served as National Field Trial Chairman, and a fine job he did! The event ran smoothly and efficiently. Much credit goes to the experienced Field Trial committee he surrounded himself with (gotta love those HR people!). Field Trial Secretary Vickie Tompkins was the star of the show, juggling paperwork like a pro while still taking time to enjoy the performances and to handle her dog.

The field trial committee members who gave willingly of their time and efforts were: Dave Tompkins as Raffle Chair, Susan Noble as Hospitality Chair, Londa Warren as Futurity Chair, Bob Geddeis, Mary Ann Gustafson, Smoky Hiles, Ed Meyer, Ken Ruff, Phil Ruff, Linda Ruff (from afar), Jeannie Wagner, Matt Czarnecki and Georgia Brown. Karolynne McAteer served as Catalog Chair and turned out a very nice National Catalog! The trial committee and additional ISCA members pitched in where needed. Marshal duties were covered by Bob Geddeis, Stan Noble, Dave Tompkins, and Phil Ruff.

A hospitality evening was held on Sunday night before the Championship commenced. Susan Noble was in charge and she was aided by Jean Rhodes, Vickie Tompkins and Stan Noble. The food was to die for and rapidly vanished.

The dog wagon crew, many of which serve on the trial committee, passed out cookies, candy and coffee between braces each day. This was where Linda Ruff, trial historian, was sorely missed. Injury kept her on the bench and at home but each and every one of us missed her desperately! The dog wagon itself was driven alternately by Larry McAnally and Red Bailey.

The year round efforts of the Blue Mountain staff keep these grounds and the facilities in excellent shape. This year the weather provided quite a challenge with much of the area deep under water for a matter of months. This destroyed the hold over quail population, hampered the planting of feed strips and limited the ability to groom the courses. In view of the setbacks, Larry McAnally, area manager and his right hand man, Red Bailey did a tremendous job of preparing the grounds for this event. While bird work was at a premium, the coveys were out there. Perhaps the scent on the ground left by receding flood waters was partially to blame? Whatever the reason, this trial was a challenge to win and a true test of a Champion.

The ISCA National field trial was generously sponsored by Purina, Tri-Tronics and Haggis Saddlery. Local businesses supported through ads in the catalog as did many Irish Setter breeders and competitors. All of this adds up to a financially successful field trial.

The four stake roster was led off by the National Derby Classic which was followed by the National Championship, the National Field Futurity and concluded with the National Amateur Championship. A great line up of judges contributed to making this a quality trial. In the Derby it was Will Langley of Attica, MI paired with Jack Flynn of Asbury, NJ. National Championship judges were Gene Moseley of Hempstead, TX and Ellis Herz from Aqua Dulce, CA. Mark Johnson, Winnebago, IL and Gene Moseley decided the Futurity winners. Mark Johnson and Mike Cook, Gregory, MI presided over the National Amateur Championship.

The trial's wrangler, Will Langley supplied a string of smooth, well mannered horses for judges and gallery as needed. With Will's attendance, this event is able to utilize quality judges from far points of the nation.

Open Derby Classic
This stake was run on Sunday October 26, using ground that is largely untouched by the other stakes. The typical place for this stake is down the road from headquarters but that ground was severely damaged by flood waters earlier in the year.

Derby Classic judges Will Langley and Jack Flynn looked for potential, seeking future Championship contenders. The stake was lacking in acceptable derby bird work in spite of a generous planting of the course. There were eight dogs entered in the stake but only three had useable bird work.

Cedar Creek Trixie won this stake with a fast and flashy race. She had two derby type finds showing high style. Trixie is owned and handled by Ed Liermann of Palmyra, WI.
The judges deemed it important to with hold second place so as to make a statement on the superior quality of the winner.

Third place went to Vabril Zazil Bright Star owned by Matt and Wendy Czarnecki and handled by Trena Cardwell. Zazil found game and pointed them staunchly. She showed more independence in her race than did the fourth place dog.

Vabrill Vaquero Bright Star owned by Matt and Wendy Czarnecki and Xavier Vazquez and handled by Trena Cardwell was named to fourth place. Vaquero was slow starting and avoided cover early but settled in. He pointed quail in the trees along the back side of course in acceptable derby fashion.

ISCA National Championship
The National Champion emerged as Iskote Ani-Mosh owned by Spero Manson of Kiowa, CO and handled by Steve Bailey of Elizabeth, CO. Fred turned seven years old in July and is both a Field Champion and Amateur Field Champion. He appeared in the sixth brace of the Championship and an accounting of his performance can be read in the brace by brace descriptions that follow.

Brophy's Independence was named Runner-up to the Champion. Inde is owned by Ed Meyer of Antioch, CA; Jay Zirkle of Eugene, OR and Sam McDonald of Chester Springs, MD. The nine year old female was handled by Dave Tompkins, Napa, CA. Inde's performance came in brace four of the stake, on the first course on Monday afternoon.

Lynturk's Runnymeade Ranger owned by Teresa Brown and Kevin Culver of Fort Valley, VA was handled to third by Brian Wagner. Ranger appeared in brace eleven, the second brace of Tuesday afternoon.

Aerie's Strike It rich placed fourth for owner Joanne Eging of Windon, OH. He was handled by Tim Hidalgo, Hardesty, OK. Richie was paired in brace four with the Runner-up champion.

A Judges Award of Merit was presented to Brophy's Queen Buckaroo owned and handled by Lee Shoaf, Schaumburg, IL. Katie was in brace twelve, course three on Tuesday afternoon.

(1) Karrycourt's Cactus Cidor (Brian Wagner) with CH Starbrite Marvel Bright Star, JH (Trena Cardwell)
No birds were pointed this hour. Both dogs ran with cracking tails at medium range. They hunted until they tired; both completed the hour.

(2) Lachlanmoor's Raising Cain (Tim Hidalgo) with Brownhaven Gabe's Ranger (Sherry Ebert)
Ranger showed good moves with an occasional immaturity in pattern. Both dogs had good wheels under them and were attractively gaited. Cain pointed at 21; Ranger was picked up for not backing. Cain was relocated but failed to produce. He pointed again at 40 hitting the scent hard and with style but no bird was found. Cain finished forward.

(3) Brophy's Unleashed (Phil Ruff) and Sharky's Rheo (Tim Keohane)
The pace set by the handlers was a bit fast early in hour; the dogs turned in consistent, medium range gun dog races. Although they hunted they were not able to come up with game.

(4) Brophy's Independence (Dave Tompkins) with Aerie's Strike It Rich (Tim Hidalgo)
They scored a divided find at end of cotton field, in the trees at 25; all in order. Both were mostly forward in pattern for the duration of the hour. Inde was directed to the outer lines and followed them nicely. Inde and Richie finished the hour to the front. They were placed second and fourth respectively when the stake concluded.

(5) FC Brophy's Let's Play Two (Phil Ruff) and FC Harry O'Floin (Jack Flynn)
Harry pointed on the right side near the woods at 22 but was not successful. At 25, Phil was working Ernie on a relocation but he also took a non productive. Ernie was picked up. Harry pointed feathers at 33 but no game was found. He finished forward but at closer range than he showed initially.

(6) Brophy's Hammerin Buckaroo (Lee Shoaf) with FC/AFC Iskote Ani-Mosh (Steve Bailey)
This brace was released on course three for the final hour on Monday. Point was called for Fred at 17 by his scout. Hank backed nicely but took steps at the flush; Fred was stylish and steady. Fred made strong, smart, forward moves and handled kindly. Hank was picked up at 30 for not suiting his handler. Fred was gone a few minutes near the Lick creek crossing but came to the front in good order. He continued nicely forward, showing on the edges. Iskote Ani-Mosh hunted intelligently at a pleasing range for the entire hour and this coupled with his star quality bird work cinched the title for him.

(7) Brophy's Erin Go Braugh (Lucas Ruff) with Brownhaven Burning Bright (Sherry Ebert)
Erin stopped to flush along the road at 35; more birds left at the shot and the dog made a jump before he was stopped by his young handler. The indiscretion was too much and he was picked up. Erin had run a kind handling race up to that time. Burnie ran strong, wide and forward. He was fast and was missed a few times but was usually seen again to the front. Burnie carried himself with fine style and could have made a difference had he found game. He finished going away.

(8) DC Kulana X Quizit Bright Star (Trena Cardwell) with Iskote Waagos (Steve Bailey)
Razzle was picked up at 20 as her heart wasn't in the game. Doc ran a nice race showing great potential but some immaturity in pattern. He stretched out to the objectives, hunting with speed and class but came up birdless.

(9) Brophy's Shenanigan's (Bob Geddeis) with Lachlanmoor's Countess of Sherluck (Tim Hidalgo)
This was Tuesday's third brace. Shauna made some nice moves and looked really good on point at 53. She took steps before allowing her handler to flush. Her finish was not as wide as her first 45 but her overall ground race was attractive. Tess began well but soon showed signs of something amiss and was picked up early.

(10) Brophy's Mariah of Ballycroy (Ken Ruff) with Brophy's Aretha Buckaroo (Lee Shoaf)
A non-productive was taken by Ritha at 15, after a long relocation attempt. Mariah was forward at that time. Mariah pointed at 30, but it was barren. A second unproductive for Ritha came at 42 and she was picked up. Mariah continued forward but uneventfully until she was picked up at 51.

(11) Cedar Creek Karma (Ed Liermann) with Lynturk's Runnymeade Ranger (Brian Wagner)
Karma ran a very nice race but found no birds. Ranger pointed at 22, starting toward the back loop of course 2. I turned out to be unproductive and he was taken on at 27. Ranger carded a good find at 31 at the T in the road. Along old 109, at 54 he pointed a large covey. Ranger carried his tail well when he ran and was of medium range. He impressed enough to garner the third place honor in this Championship.

(12) Brophy's Run Around Sue (Vickie Tompkins) with Brophy's Queen Buckaroo (Shoaf)
They ran nice races. Katie had a mannerly stop to flush before Gas Well hill. Suzie found no birds. Katie was awarded a JAM for her effort.

(13) Rogan The Red (Hidalgo) as a bye dog.
Rogan ran the entire hour but was unrewarded in his quest for game.

(14) FC Brophy's Brianne (Geddeis) and Brownhaven Shining Symmetry (Ebert)
Brie pointed nicely at 22 but was taken on with no game produced at 24. Just into the big field before old 109 she pointed again but carded a second unproductive at 48. Emily ran a very attractive race but found no game.

(15) Burnished Copper Bright Star JH (Cardwell) and Cedar Creek Trixie (Liermann)
Copper was not suiting her handler and was up early. Trixie ran with eye appeal and good application. She notched a stop to flush at 32. At 51, she was under a covey and was picked up. That concluded the running of the National Championship stake.


The National Futurity

None of the Futurity dogs found game on course which seemed to be typical of the trial in general. Very few dogs were finding birds. Judges Gene Moseley and Mark Johnson called back five to be shown on game.

First place went to Brophy's Shenanigans owned and bred by Bob Geddeis and Ken Ruff and handled by Bob. Her sire is Brophy's Lets Play Two and her dam is Brophy's Brianne.

Brophy's Lil Paprika, bred by Ken and Phil Ruff and owned by Phil and Corinne Ruff and handled by Corinne was second. Like the winner and in fact like all placed dogs she is sired by Brophy's Lets Play Two. Lily's dam is Brophy's Layla of Pauncefoot.

Brophy's Red Raider, a littermate to first place, Shenanigans was third for owner Alex Shearouse. He was handled by Betty Shearouse.

Brophy's Frequent Flyer, Lily's littermate was fourth for owners Stan and Susan Noble and Charlie Blackbourn. Robin was handled by Stan Noble.

The Futurity Performances:

Brophy's Shenanigans (Geddeis) with Screamin' Mimi Bright Star (Cardwell)
Shauna ran a creditable race in the first series. In the second series, she pointed her game with high style and excellent manners. This sewed up the Futurity win for her and her owner-handler.

Mimi hunted hard and did a good job during her brace. Although she was brought back for the second series, she did not point her game well enough to be placed.

Brophy's Lil Paprika (Corinne Ruff) with Brophy's Red Raider (Shearouse)
This pair was very nice on the ground. They hunted and handled well; Lily was more forward in application. Lily pointed her birds very nicely in the second series but not with the finished manner of the winner and this placed her in second. Raider also pointed his birds in a very acceptable manner.

Brophy's Frequent Flyer (Noble) and Flamin Maymee Bright Star (Czarnecki)
Robin ran a nice race. Maymee was not up to the game and was picked up early. Robin pointed birds attractively in the second series and was placed fourth.


The National Amateur Championship

When the decision was announced it was FC/AFC Iskote Ani-Mosh (Fred) named Champion for the second time in this week of ISCA Nationals. Fred performed in brace thirteen, the final one of this stake and of the trial. He was handled by his owner, Spero Manson. Maybe thirteen isn't an unlucky number after all?

Runner-up honors went to Brophy's Aretha Buckaroo owned and handled by Lee Shoaf. Ritha appeared in brace ten.

Read about the winners' performances and others in the brace accounts that are listed below.

Third and Fourth places were withheld due to lack of dogs with adequate bird work.

The judges did feel compelled to mention a few dogs that impressed them on the ground but could not be used because they found no game. Those dogs were: Iskote Waagos, Brownhaven Gabe's Ranger, Cedar Creek Karma, Brophy's Queen Buckaroo, and Brownhaven Shining Symmetry. Had the judges not found their eventual Champion in Iskote Ani-Mosh in the final brace, they would have called on these dogs for a second series to search for second, third and fourth place worthy dogs. If that had been the case Brophy's Aretha Buckaroo would have been named Champion. Since the judges had two dogs they were proud to name to the top spots they felt no need to have a second series for third and fourth place, a wise decision on their part.


The National Amateur Running

(1) Iskote Waagos (Spero Manson) with Brownhaven Gabe's Ranger (Bill Rhodes)
This stake's opening brace was first thing on Friday morning. These two ran extremely impressive races! Unfortunately neither found birds. Even so the judges gave them an honorable mention at the conclusion of the stake.

(2) Brophy's Erin Go Braugh (Lucas Ruff) with Lachlanmoor's Countess of Sherluck (Alex McLachlan)
These two were forward for the majority of their hour and handled kindly.

(3) Lynturk's Runnymeade Ranger (Brian Wagner) as a bye
Ranger's bracemate was scratched. He pointed at 12 but seemed uncertain. No birds were produced there; nor were they found the entire hour.

(4) Brownhaven Shining Symmetry (Bill Rhodes) and DC Kulana X Quizit Bright Star (Matt Czarnecki)
The afternoon sky was menacing and there were reports of bad weather in the Fort Smith area. Emily ran a pretty race which gained favorable mention from the judges. Neither dog had bird contact. At the completion of this brace, the running was called off for remainder of the afternoon due to thunderstorms.

(5) FC Brophy's Let's Play Too (Ken Ruff) and Karrycourt's Cactus Cidor (Brian Wagner)
Saturday's running began with the fifth brace of the stake. Ernie was forward in application but his hour ended early when he pointed and then pushed out a covey at 40. Sedona ran the entire hour. She was cautioned to a stop to flush on "Ernie's" birds and did so politely.

(6) Lachlanmoor's Raising Cain (Alex McLachlan) with Brophy's Unleashed (Phil Ruff)
"Bruiser" pointed at 36, but a lengthy attempt to flush netted no birds and he was taken on at 41. He finished his hour forward. Lea was nicely forward and also went with out game contact.

(7) Harry O'Floin (Jack Flynn) with Brophy's Independence (Dave Tompkins)
Harry took his handler's direction to hunt specific areas but found no quail in any of them. He pointed at 51 but it was not productive. Inde ran a good race, but was absent as the course approached the pavilion and she was not recovered under judgment.

(8) Brophy's Shenanigans (Bob Geddeis) and Sharky's Rheo (Tim Keohane)
"Shauna" made good moves early but shortened before the half. Rheo was consistent in his range and pattern. It was another brace devoid of bird work.

(9) Brophy's Mariah of Ballycroy (Ken Ruff) and Brophy's Hammerin' Buckaroo (Lee Shoaf)
The warm afternoon took its toll on these two. Mariah was picked up at 52; Hank finished the hour forward but close working.

(10) FC Brophy's Brianne (Ken Ruff) and Brophy's Aretha Buckaroo (Lee Shoaf)
They were released on course three. Just beyond Mario's Hill at 21, Brie pointed with Ritha backing stylishly. Ritha was taken on when Brie was sent to relocate. Brie's work was unproductive. Ritha gave a nice, consistent gun dog performance. She stayed in tune with her handler with nicely guided application throughout the hour. She scored a gorgeous find at 52 on a tree line; her manners were perfect. After Ritha's work had concluded, Brie came into the area and pointed at 54. She had found a single but unfortunately went with the flush to end her bid. Ritha finished her hour hunting forward.

(11) Brophy's Queen Buckaroo (Lee Shoaf) with Cedar Creek Karma (Ed Liermann)
Katie ran a very pleasant gun dog race, hunting forward for the hour. Karma put down a big race and dug into the cover in her quest for game. Neither dog came up with any birds.

(12) Brownhaven Burning Bright (Bill Rhodes) and Rogan The Red (Doug Boone)
Burnie made some fantastic moves and really impressed with his speed and application. A misunderstanding had the gallery believing that the scout had called point and in the mass confusion Burnie managed to fade out of sight. The tracker was out before his time was up. Rogan handled well and carried a steady forward pattern.

(13) FC/AFC Iskote Ani-Mosh (Spero Manson with Cedar Creek Trixie (Ed Liermann)
The final hour of the 2008 National field trial turned loose on course 3 on Sunday, November 2. Before this brace was released it was announced that if no worthy performances occurred there would be dogs called back for a second series.

Fred and Trixie were quick to raise the judges' hopes. Trixie was fleet of foot and ran with youthful exuberance. Fred was strong and steady; each very appealing to the eye in unique ways. Point was called for Trixie at 18, before Mario's Hill; it was high quality bird work. She continued with snap and pop, obviously enjoying her outing. At 53 she encountered a covey on the edge of a large grove and went with them to dash hopes of a placement. Just as it was looking like Fred's excellent, wide hunting race would go unrewarded he struck point at 55. His handler put up a covey from the tree line while he stood high and tight. In his hour, Fred showed considerable independence while handling well and coupled that with superior style and power throughout the hour.

The judges' stated that there would be no second series, as they now had two dogs worthy of the top placements and we all rode to the clubhouse to await the winners' announcement. The 30th Anniversary of the Irish Setter Club of America National Field Trial was concluded.



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