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AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 – Crawford, Nebraska

Non-Retrieving Championship: Day 5

It was a cool, clear Wednesday with a west wind of varied in intensity, which at its worst was a vast improvement over yesterday. The running got under way promptly at 7:30 am. The gallery was quite small but grew as the day went on.

Brace 33: FC Suka’s Smooth (Steve Bailey) and FC Eshod’s Arkansas Lady (Joe Inderman for Ray Dohse) opened the day’s running. Ray Dohse was suffering from the altitude and asthma so he bowed out of handling and acted as scout instead. Jenny drew first blood at 7, just off the plains at the water diversion trough. She had high style on both ends; she turned to mark. Jenny ran the edges with animation. Lady showed speed and applied herself well. Jenny was standing at in the ditch to the right at 12, all in order. Lady gave tongue in hot pursuit of deer as we rode out of the creek. Jenny’s third find came at 18, on the ditch below the big hill. Her fourth find at 26 in bottom it was very nice all around. Lady was to the front consistently. She pointed in the bowl at 32 but no birds were produced. Jenny backed stylishly. At the lake road crossing, Jenny pointed at 38; Lady backed with extreme style. Flushing for sharptail, Steve rode out in front of Jenny. He asked her to relocate and she pointed a few feet further up, Steve flushed a quail with all in order. Both dogs were released and headed toward the water. The previously expected sharptail lay in wait, flushing near the dogs. Lady threw on the brakes but Jenny gave it a ride and was finished at 41. Lady had a stop to flush at 55 in the bottom; she was sent on, pointed at the trees then corrected. While sitting on the hill viewing all this action, Steve Bailey was hit by a flying quail which then landed down the slope. As Lady came up the steep slope she pointed that bird and the work was all good and completed at time.

Brace 34: Joan’s Dark Molly Brown (Ernie Peters) with Loknlode Black Bitty (Mary Devos for Ray Dohse) Molly’s scout called point for Bitty who was quite attractive. Mary located a dead bird and took her on. Bitty scored a good find at 23, the pointer was extremely stylish and behaved well for the youthful handler. Molly came up from behind after a lengthy absence and was cautioned to back. All was in order here for both dogs. Bitty’s third find was at 27 at the road near the lake; the Brittany backed with style and intensity. Molly carded a nice find at 37. They crossed the creek heading for the big hill, Bitty pointed on the left before the gate with Molly backing. Both dogs looked and performed very well. They continued with nice forward races until time was called.

Brace 35: Slick’s Cuttin Wild (Jim West) and Uodibar’s Little Lena (Dennis Brath for John Rabidou) John Rabidou was ill so Dennis Brath was called upon to handle for him. Brian Hill stepped up to the plate to scout. Lena was under a bird at 9 and was up. Cuttin pointed at 11 on the right; he displayed excellent style and superb manners. Collared away from that he was released toward the creek; he went several strides and locked up. Again he showed great eye appeal. West rode in front of him, incredulous that a bird would be sitting there in the open. He dismounted and flushed a single; the dog was perfect. Cuttin flew to the front with an effortless stride, across the creek and beyond the big hill. When the handler made the second creek crossing the dog was missing. A few minutes later, at 26, point was called. Cuttin was forward on the left, buried up in cover with birds well pinned. Again his manner and style were all one could want. By 29, he was on point at the plum thicket; again he was high and tight on both ends. He went past the lake, past the lower end of the cross fence into the bottom. He was never behind; every time he was out of sight he reappeared forward. Ben Garcia scouted for Cuttin and got his horse mired in Soldier’s Creek late in the hour. With the aid of Gary Sadler he was able to get it out and horse and rider returned to the front soaking wet. In the meantime Dennis Brath assisted Jim. In that period of time Cuttin pointed in a steep draw but the only game that moved were rabbits. He was showing well forward when the hour expired. It is so good to see professionals and amateurs alike, stepping in to aid fellow competitors. This puts the sport in sportsmanship!

Following this brace, Mary Devos stepped into spell the scribe who is suffering flu like symptoms. For the remainder of the day Mary covered reporting duties, except when scouting, she handed it to Tom Maneely. Comments were also added by David Heller. Thank you all for your assistance!

Brace 36: NAFC Brophy’s Unleashed (Greg Dixon) and MPK’s Fabulous Freddie (Jim West) Freddie was gone for 7 from the breakaway. Leah was forward. Freddie carded a find at 15 with all in order; Leah was picked up for failure to back. Freddie scored again at 46; his style and demeanor were very good. He was pointing again at 55, handling this nicely. Freddie hunted the lines with good purpose throughout his hour and finished to the front.

Brace 37: AFC Uodibar’s Lolita (Eldon Hongo) with DeCan Point of Interest (Ben Garcia) Lolita was not pleasing her handler and he elected to pick up early. Interest pointed at 28, pushed the bird out on relocation and was picked up.

Brace 38: FC Uodibar’s Fly High Freebird (Eldon Hongo) and After Further Review (Ben Garcia) showed animated gaits and forward patterns. No birds were found on the way to the lake. At 38 on the side hill, Freebird was pointing with Review backing from 100 yards. Good manners throughout were shown by each of them. At 47 they were involved in mishap with quail and the brace was over.

Brace 39: Cobb’s Golden Kernel (Greg Dixon) with FC/AFC Foxglove’s Take it to the Limit (Brian Hill) Kernel pointed at 6, the Gordon showed pretty style but it was not productive. He pointed again at 14 but a second blank stand caused Greg to pick him up. Limit notched a good find at 14. Past the lake, at 34 he scored another class find with good behavior. A point at 53 did not see any birds produced. Limit ran a steadily forward, thorough hunting race.

Brace 40: FC Duke Von Hillfire (Greg Dixon) and DC Heller’s Fiddlin Jack (David Heller) Duke was gone early. Jack had three finds in a nice forward, edge hunting race. She handled well but unfortunately suffered two barren stands.

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