Event Coverage

AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 – Crawford, Nebraska

Non-Retrieving Championship: Day 4

At starting time on Tuesday morning skies were sunny but ominous clouds were looming in the west. They were pushed by a strong, cold wind. The wind blew all day, letting up briefly in mid morning, thankfully it blew the clouds out and sunshine prevailed. By afternoon it had become gale force and worsened with each passing hour.

The good news of the day was that Sherrie Moseley was back in camp, her usual cheerful self in spite of her aches and pains. She suffered severe contusions and muscle damage to her upper rib cage. Her asthma, the altitude and trauma were the cause of her loss of consciousness following yesterday’s accident and not concussion as many of us feared. It was great to see her back in camp.

Brace 25: DC/AFC Jaegerhof’s Bar E Hot Flash MH (Ben Garcia) and Uodibar’s Chocolate Wonder (Eldon Hongo) Chocolate’s owners, David and Hayley Killam were in the gallery. Chocolate got too close to a Sharptail at 3 and was on the hook. Flash connected nicely at 9, on the right edge. Ben called point at 16; Flash was over the crest of the big hill. Then Ben cautioned him, the dog was stopped with the birds gone. The third point for Flash was at 28, down in the bottom before the lake. He pointed again at 32 above the bowl. After Ben’s lengthy but failed attempt to produce a bird, Flash was taken on at 38. Flash had made a valiant effort but the head wind had sapped his strength and he was in harness at 45.

Brace 26: NFC Nauvoo Valley’s Cash Money (Ben Garcia) and Uodibar’s Waiting for Daylight (Eldon Hongo) Daylight is owned by David and Hayley Killam. A good find went in the book for Daylight at 8. A second was credited to Daylight at 15 on the ridge. Cash was on point below the ridge at the same time. Both dogs were appealing in their class and deportment. A third stylish find came at 23 on the cliff before the lake for Daylight. Cash scored his second find at the lake at 26. Daylight pointed at the lake at 30 but it was not productive. Daylight’s fourth find was below big hill, along the ditch at 42. This was in excellent order. Cash was lost and clocked out late in the hour. Another very nice find for Daylight at 52 was the fifth display of his bird finding excellence. Daylight was forward consistently for the hour.

Brace 27: DC/AFC Terra’s Cabo Wabo (Tom White) and Uodibar’s Ain’t No Fool (John Rabidou) Find at 32 for Wabo on the cliff edge to the west of the lake. Fool was forward at this time. Find for fool in the bottom at 36, near the cross fence. Wabo backed him at incredible distance. All was in order for both dogs. Nice find for Fool at 42; Wabo came in for a back. Both dogs were looking sharp!

Brace 28: DC/NGDC/AFC Up N’ Adams Super Sioux CDX SH (Dennis Brath) with Uodibar’s Moon Pie (John Rabidou) Sioux’s owner, Katie Tazza was on hand to watch her. Pie scored at 17, evidencing great style and manners. Pie was again successful on point at 27. Pie’s third find was carded at the lake; once again he showed intensity and style. Sioux was out of pocket enough to hurt her chances and her handler opted to pick up at the lake. A fourth piece for Pie was at 40, buried in the trees at the bottom of a steep hill, all in order. At 56, Pie came out of the ditch with a bird. When he realized the error of his ways he opened his mouth and the bird flew back to the ditch, talk about a soft mouth! Pie had put in a fine race, hunting diligently with speed, and animation.

Brace 29: Rosco’s Shameless Booker (Jim West) and FC Eshod’s Revolution (Ray Dohse) were the first brace of the afternoon. Booker was wild and wooly and was harnessed before the grain field. Revolution pointed nicely but took steps at the flush and was finished.

Brace 30: FC Oakridge’s Smokin Cracker (Jim West) with FC/AFC Trinity’s Razzle Dazzle (Ray Dohse) Dazzle notched a clean find at 37 on the side of the big hill. She ran a forward pattern. Cracker was fast and wide, tracker use became necessary.

Brace 31: Sandhill’s B.A. Bonnie (Greg Dixon) and Armburst’s Deuce (Art Armburst) Deuce pointed near the trail at 8, Bonnie failed to back. Deuce took steps and the bird took to the wing. The brace was over and the long ride to the "come back" end of the course was made.

Brace 32: FC Llano’s Tails Aflame (Joe Inderman) and FC Rayfield’s Perfect Maggie Mae (Art Armburst) Aflame was out of the starting gate quickly and was lost early in the hour. Maggie pointed at 20 and again at 27 but no bird was produced either time. Maggie scored a good find at 51. She was predominantly forward for the hour.