Event Coverage

AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship

Thursday, May 6, 2010 – Crawford, Nebraska

Non-Retrieving Championship: Day 6

Breakaway on Thursday morning was at 7:38. It was cool and overcast with a light wind. The wind increased as the day progressed and the temperatures plummeted in the early afternoon. The sun came out late but even it could not take away the biting cold wind chill.

Brace 41: FC Keg Creek Rising Cooper (Jim West) with No Limit Belle (Jim Schultz) ran big from the word go. Cooper had an error at 14 and was picked up. Belle scored a find at that time. She was high on both ends with good manners. She ran the cover and hunted the tree lines. She scored a gorgeous find at 27 on the side of a hill. Belle had another good find at 44. She pointed again at 47 but it was not productive. She carded a classy quail find at 53. Belle was absent at time but showed a few moments later.

Brace 42: Foster’s Buddy (Gordon Foster) and FC Ike’s Eshod Delight (Ray Dohse) Delight was gone to the front and at 15 was found standing; Buddy came in to point close by rather than backing. Both dogs were mannerly for the flush. Buddy was picked up for failure to back. Delight was also up early and the next brace was called in for the return to camp.

Brace 43: Paz Dakota Frostbite (Ben Garcia) and No Limit Rebuy (Jim Schultz) Paz pointed at 10; relocation showed a porcupine. Rebuy scored a find at 17 near the airplane hangar displaying classic style. He had been running the front nicely and was found standing on this find. Rebuy’s next find came at 21, almost to the lake. All was in good order. Both dogs were running well to the front. At the lake Paz encountered the dreaded sharptail but unlike many before him, stopped to flush in a mannerly fashion. Rebuy pointed in the bottom at 33 with good style and manners. Paz had a non-productive near the water. He pointed again near the second creek crossing, looking good, but it was a hawk’s kill.

Brace 44: Riley’s Runnin Hideaway (Ben Garcia) and No Limit Deuce (Jim Schultz) were released at 10:35 am. Riley pointed at 6 in bird alley buried up along the creek; birds were flushed with all in order. Riley had second find at 11. Deuce was pointing at 12 and handled his birds well. Past the lake at 32, Riley scored with Deuce backing, both dogs behaved admirably. At 40, Riley had a stop to flush. At 48 near the hangar, Deuce carded another good find. Riley had a find on the bottom, all in order on a covey of birds. Both dogs finished the hour forward.

Brace 45: Moreland’s Outlaw Bell Star (John Moreland) and Old School Attitude (Greg Dixon) Find at 6 for Attitude, with good style and all in order. At 15, Bell was found standing near hangar after a lengthy absence. Attitude was pointing in the vicinity at nearly the same time. Both were flushed and fired over with all in order. Going thru the gate at 29, Bell pointed, she was mannerly and stylish for flush and shot. At 35 Bell was on point again, Attitude failed to back. It was a nonproductive for Bell. She was lost late in the hour.

Brace 46: FC/AFC Kurzhaars Moreland’s Rock (John Moreland) and FC Final Approach (Greg Dixon) were the first brace after lunch. In the early part of the hour not much was seen of either dog. They both ran strong and large and were absent from time to time. No birds were found this hour. Approach was out of pocket at the end of the hour.

Brace 47: Oakridge’s Sport (Jim West) and FC Just Big (Scott Wilson) This pair sped away from the breakaway and were lost early in the hour.

Brace 48: FC/AFC AO Wildfire’s Express (Alan Davison) and Full Force Buck (Scott Wilson) at 11 Buck had find in bird alley, and did a nice job. Across the creek at 13, Solo returned from a brief absence. Buck was an attractively gaited dog. At 16, he failed to stop to flush at the big hill and was ordered up. At 36 Solo had find on a bank, after a relocation of 50 yards birds were produced and Solo was mannerly. At 42 he scored another find, hitting it hard. In the creek bottom at 46, it was another good one for Solo, with nice style and manners. Near the hangar at 48 he pointed a dead bird. At 58, Solo pointed in the willow thickets, his bird was flushed with all in order.

Brace 49: Brophy’s Shenanigans (Greg Dixon) The final brace of the stake ran with the wind on the return to camp. Almost to hangar at 15 Shauna pointed stylishly. She was well mannered and intent on her game. Her gait was attractive. Shauna was not always responsive to her handler’s direction to cover and she was picked up before the hour expired.

The AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship and the host club, the Colorado Pointer Club are thankful for many generous sponsors. The major sponsor was Nestle-Purina, represented here by Terry Trzcinski. Significant contributions also came from Tri-tronics, Dogs Unlimited, Ross Reels, B& B Tack, Huntsmith and The Tazza Group at Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney.

It took a lot of volunteers to make this Championship stake a quality event. Trial Chairman Steve Bailey and Secretary Tracy Haines are to be commended for a fabulous job. Stake manager Jack Haines kept things moving along and drove the dog wagon for much of the stake. He was assisted at times by Steve Bailey, Dave Klein, Dave Higgins, Ernie Peters and probably a few more to whom I apologize for the omission. Bird planters were Steve Bailey, Tom Maneely, Gary Sadler, Tracy Haines, Doug Ljungren and Marc Devos. Mark Keegan was official photographer and he got some excellent shots! Marshals were Steve Bailey, Bonnie Hidalgo, Tom Maneely, Mary Devos and Ben Garcia. Apologies are extended to anyone I have forgotten. Everyone on the committee pitched in wherever and whenever they were needed to make the stake run efficiently.

The conclusion of the Non Retrieving Championship came late in the day on Thursday. Of the one hundred dogs that were entered, ninety-six competed. Judges John Malone from Connecticut and Stan Truksa of Nebraska dedicated six days to this event. They observed eight braces per day; that is a long time to sit in the saddle! They paid close attention to all competitors and knew what they were looking for.

They named Slick’s Cuttin Wild the 2010 National Gun Dog Champion. “Joker” is owned by Mike Patrick of Aurora, CO and handled by Jim West. He is a German Shorthaired Pointer male and was of course, the top dog of his breed in the stake. He appeared in the 35th brace of the stake.

In second place and Top German Wirehaired Pointer, was NAFC/DC Ariel’s Justa Gotta Go Now. He is owned by M. Ezzo and Bernee Brawn and was handled by Jim West. This dog was in brace 18.

Las Animas Salsa, a pointer female was third. She was handled by Ben Garcia for owner Dave Higgins of Sierra Vista, AZ. She appeared in the first brace of the Championship. She received the award for being the Top Pointer in the stake.

Fourth place was awarded to Light- Em- Up Luke, owned by Dave and Liz Klein of Conifer, CO and handled by Ben Garcia. He was the Top Brittany and appeared in brace 12.

Additionally the Judges gave out three awards of Merit. These went to FC/AFC Megasmoke Limited Edition, a Brittany that is owned by Tom White and Margaret Horstmeyer and was handled by Tom. The next went to FC Flying Dutchman, a Pointer, owned by Steve Bailey and Spero Manson and handled by Steve. The final JAM went to FC Shadowfax Fraser MacFarlane, owned by Lynn Barnett and handled by John Rabidou. Fraser was also named Top Gordon Setter.

Rounding out the Top Breed Awards was Top Irish Setter, NFC/NAFC/FC/AFC Ishkote Ani-Mosh owned by Spero Manson and handled by Steve Bailey. Top English Setter went to FC/AFC Riley’s Runnin Hideaway owned by Ben and Amanda Garcia and handled by Ben.

Click on image for larger view. The following images are from the last couple of days.