Event Coverage

AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship

Sunday, May 2, 2010 – Crawford, Nebraska

Sunday started out a little warmer with less wind. Unfortunately the wind came up during the first brace and blew for the remainder of the day. Temperatures stayed cool.

Brace 9: FC BDK’s Break the Bank (Dennis Brath) and FC Uodibar’s Smart Albert (Eldon Hongo) Bank was fleet of foot, and was seen forward a couple times before going absent. He was spotted on the far right at 13 but vanished again and the tracker came out at 23. Albert was running a classy gun dog race. He notched an excellent find at 16. Another nice find was scored at 26 for Albert, down in the bottom along the creek. Albert slowed briefly after the lake. At 40, he pointed again but Eldon could not produce for him and an unsuccessful relocation followed. With an unproductive taken and the dog collared away from the scene, birds were found up the hill, by the scout. Albert pointed again at 51, a quail find with all in order. Albert had good stop to flush on a sharptail at time.

Brace 10: FC Prairie Winds Just a Flirt (Keith Richardson) and Uodibar Dunfur’s Elly Mae (Eldon Hongo) Flirt was absent early. When she returned at 12 with a quail in her mouth she was picked up. Elly pointed in heavy brush at 14; the work ended as a non-productive since the cover was much too heavy to find the birds. She locked up, showing fine style at 21 by the cross fence, her manners were very nice through the flush and shot. Elly point again at 39, but things did not go right here and Eldon picked her up.

Brace 11: FC/AFC Countdown’s Duncan MacFarlane (John Rabidou) and River Sand Zeb (Rex Nolan) They maintained forward patterns. Zeb pointed at 25 with Duncan backing. The dogs were taken on with the pointer having a non-productive added to his card. Just released from that and heading into the wind they put birds up and stopped. It was too much for the judges and both were up at 27.

Brace 12: FC Shadowfax Fraser MacFarlane (John Rabidou) and Light Em-Up Luke (Ben Garcia) Lynn Barnett, Fraser’s owner was riding. Luke is owned by Liz and Dave Klein and Liz was in the gallery to watch him perform. Point was called for Fraser at 20. He was standing below the ridge near a large log; his style was high on both ends. Flushing was difficult and it took considerable effort before the bird could be located. The dog was mannerly throughout. Find at 34, horse walked up to dog. Find at creek at 53 with all in good order. Fraser ran a nice forward race, hunting intelligently through the entire hour. The two dogs were separated at Fraser’s first find and were not together again until very late in the hour. Upon catching the front with the Gordon setter it was reported that Luke, the Brittany had scored one perfect find and was running a strong forward race.

Brace 13: Lundy’s Red Bull (Ray Dohse) and NFC/NAFC/FC/AFC Ishkote Ani-Mosh (Steve Bailey) This was the first brace after lunch on Sunday. Fred scored a find on the right edge at 9 for Bailey. He showed high style, intensity and manners. His second find was at 12, just before the first creek crossing. He was high and tight throughout. Point was called again at 17; Fred was standing on the side of the big hill. His birds were put up with all in order. Bull carded a find at 20, standing in the grass with pretty style. He displayed good intensity and manners. A fourth find for Fred came at 29, on the lower left, before lake. It was another good one. Bull was not driving into the head wind and was picked up at the lake. Fred suffered a barren stand at the lake at 37. Fred’s fifth find at 44 showed all in good order. He pointed again at 48; birds were well located here just as they had been on all of his previous finds and he handled them correctly. Taken on he made a nice move along the bottom and at 51 he was on point again. This turned out to be a dead bird and he was taken on. Fred had second non-productive at time. Fred wasted no time on the ground; he hunted fast and forward and was extremely thorough.

Brace 14: FC Stella Artois JH RN (Ray Dohse) and FC Flying Dutchman (Steve Bailey) Dutch was on point at 3 on the right side. Great style and manners were displayed as his birds were put to flight. Stella pointed on the left at 9 but she took steps and was picked up. Point was called by the scout for Dutch at 38 again his style was high; it was a dead bird. Dutch ended his hour with a non-productive. He ran a medium gun dog race.

Brace 15: FC/AFC Texas Practical Magic (Sherrie Moseley) and Prairie Wind Eat Mya Dust (Dennis Brath) Mya flushed a sharptail at 2 and gave it a ride. Hermione scored a very pretty find on the right edge at 9. At 11 she encountered birds and stopped to flush but it looked suspect to the judges and she was ordered up.

Brace 16: Texas Hoosier Girl (Terry Bomer) and FC Prairie Winds Queen of Jazz (Dennis Brath) Queen was lost to the front and timed out before the lake. Indy pointed at 32 with nice style and intensity. A second find for Indy came at 36, just before the creek crossing. She had her birds well located and handled them flawlessly. The pace was a bit fast so the course was directed in an arc to the left and then into the hills. Near the pines on the hillside, Indy pointed again at 58 but this was a dead bird find. She ran a medium gun dog race and handled kindly.