Event Coverage

AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship

Sunday, May 9, 2010 – Crawford, Nebraska

Retrieving Championship: Day 3

Mother’s Day was a pretty day; starting out sunny and pleasant with light winds from the south. The course was dry and dust was a problem. No doubt those conditions had an adverse effect on scenting.

Brace 29: Tommy's Dixie Chick (Jerry Jordan) and FC Prairie Wind's Teton Sage (Don Lee) A nice dug up find for Dixie came at 14 with a good retrieve completed. Her race which had been fast and forward had slowed down by 24 and she was taken up. Sage was lost.

Brace 30: Tetons Million Dollar Baby (Don Lee) and O'Rowdy Boy (G F Henry) were forward in pattern searching many likely places but found no game.

Brace 31: Prairie Wind Eat Mya Dust (Dennis Brath) and Tjust Lucky Three Spot (Kevin Waide) A classy find was made by Lucky at 15 on the side of a hill. Lucky’s bird was dropped and he made a successful retrieve. Mya notched a find at 19 on the big hill with high style and manners but failed to retrieve and was up. A second stylish point, just before time, was struck by Lucky but it was bird remains. Lucky moved attractively and ranged nicely in a predominantly forward pattern.

Brace 32: Rebel Rouser Wimp E.T. (Jack Bender) and NFC/NAFC/DC/AFC Rudolph's Blitzen Von Duffin (John Williams) Blitz pointed intently at 6; Wimp failed to back and was ordered up. Blitz’s bird was flushed with all in order. Blitz had another find at 21, this involved a long flush and relocation but the bird was flushed and shot. Blitz made an excellent retrieve. His third find came at 26. He pointed where birds had left near the pines on the hill as he was directed toward camp just before time was called. He put down an attractive forward race throughout.

Brace 33: Déjà of the Clan Buchanan (Dennis Brath) and Gabbe’s High Plains Jax or Better (Kevin Wade), Jax was found pointing with good style at 6 minutes as we entered bird alley. This resulted in a nonproductive. Déjà pointed a single quail at 13 minutes. Her manners on her game were very good. Jax ran a superb, always forward race. Both dogs finished with lots of drive.

Brace 34: FC/AFC Foxgloves Reason To Believe (Brian Hill) and Uodibar's Blue Gold (Eldon Hongo) Believe ran a good forward race with nice application. Believe scored a flawless find at 8 but no kill was made. On his second find he was again stylish and intense but a breach of manners ended his bid. Blue ran a forward race, hitting the likely places. Blue scored one find with top style and manners. At 19, Blue brought back a live bird and was picked up.

Brace 35: FC Eshod's Revolution (Ray Dohse) and FC J&C's Reba of Greased Litnin (Dan Hoke) Revolution ran a forward race with good application and kind handling. Revolution was found pointing just after the first water crossing; his handler found the evidence of a hawk kill, and took the dog on. Revolution scored one find, which occurred after the second creek crossing. He showed good style and manners including a prompt to hand retrieve. Reba ran a wide and forward race. She pointed nicely on the big hill between the gates but broke at the shot and was up. With the field to himself, Revolution did a good job of “filling the country”. He finished strongly.

Brace 36: Uodibar Dunfur's Elly May (Eldon Hongo) and DC/AFC Remek's Red Storm Rising (Skip Wonnell) broke away strongly to the front. Elly ran a medium, forward race with one good find, and one nonproductive. Red had a nonproductive at 3. He scored a nice find at 8 but broke at the shot and was up.

Brace 37: FC/AFC Foxgloves Making A Buck (Brian Hill) and FC BDK's Break the Bank (Dennis Brath) were first after lunch on Saturday. Buck kept nicely forward from breakaway to the big hill where he was seen under a bird. Bank was absent and not recovered under judgment.

Brace 38: FC Prairie Wind's Just a Flirt (Keith Richardson) and FC/AFC Straightaway’s Georgia Peach MH (Randall Berry) A find was made at 13 by Peach; she demonstrated good style and manners. She made the retrieve. Flirt scored a find at 15.

Brace 39: FC/AFC Foxgloves Night on the Town (Brian Hill) and NFC/FC Berry's Bad Boy (Jerry Jordan) Town was absent for some time but was found forward on point at second creek crossing. It was an excellent find and the retrieve was completed with all in order. Boy showed forward at the creek. Both continued dogs forward to the finish.

Brace 40: FC/AFC MachOne's Haulin' Fanny (Eric Cook) and FC/AFC Countdowns Duncan MacFarlane (John Rabidou) Duncan pointed on top of the big hill but it did not produce a bird. Fanny had good find at 21. Both dogs were forward in pattern.

Brace 41: FC Uodibar's Smart Albert (Eldon Hongo) and FC/AFC Thunderbutte Zaltana Tonkaha (Gary Metzler) Albert was in fast forward from the get-go. Tonka was slower paced and kind handling. The tracker was out by 16 for Albert. Eldon commented about bringing a gun to a knife fight.

Brace 42: FC/AFC Foxgloves Uptown Girl (Brian Hill) was in season and running as a bye on the last brace of Sunday afternoon. She had a find at 13; she was quite stylish on point. The shot was blanked. Her second find was at 28 in the far end of bird alley. Relocation was necessary and Brian flushed her birds.