Event Coverage

AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship

Saturday, May 1, 2010 – Crawford, Nebraska

It was blustery and partly cloudy, changing to cloudy with a few sprinkles and then back to sunshine later in the day. The Championship began just after 7:30 am after an informatory speech by Chairman Steve Bailey.

Brace 1 FC/AFC Foxgloves Fist Full of Dollars (Brian Hill) with Las Animas Salsa (Ben Garcia). Karen Niffenegger was riding to scout for her dog, Dollar. Unfortunately, Dollar encountered a sharptail at 2 minutes and went in pursuit. Salsa’s owner, Dave Higgins was riding to cheer her on. Scout Andi Christensen called “Point” but Salsa corrected on; turkeys were seen fleeing the scene and Ben sent her on. She carded a nice find at 13 in the bottom along the creek all in order with pretty style. Her next find came at 17 just after crossing the creek. Her third find was at 24, near the bottom of the big hill. Salsa pointed convincingly at the lake but relocation was unsuccessful at 43. She ran a predominantly forward race, making some fine moves, hunting the country correctly. She had a mannerly stop to flush at time.

Brace2: FC /AFC Foxgloves Night on the Town (Brian Hill) with Windtuck the Rowdy One (Ben Garcia) Rowdy was a no show. Night was fast and forward from the get go but was soon out of sight and the tracker was called for. He was found forward on point.

Brace 3: Uodibar’s Wood Man (Eldon Hongo) with Texas Little Bit of Dixie (Terry Bomer) Hayley Killam was in the gallery to see her Woodman perform. Both dogs were in fast forward at the start. Dixie showed on the flat off the first hill along the creek. When we neared the crossing at 11 Woodman was on point on the bank showing excellent style; Dixie backed nicely. The bird flushed and Woodman released himself and was picked up. Dixie was mannerly. She continued through the hour but the head wind was affecting her range. She had good stop to flush after second creek crossing. At 35, she pointed but no birds were produced. Dixie scored another find at 58,on quail and was then sent on to a forward finish.

Brace 4: Uodibar’s Blue Gold (Eldon Hongo) with Texas Bushwacking Bud (Terry Bomer) Blue was lost early and the tracker out. Her owner, Hayley Killam was mounted. Bud showed a nice forward hunting pattern but came back with a quail at the lake at 27 and was ordered up.

Brace 5: Prairie Winds Teton Sage (Don Lee) and BLGD Elhew Express (Ben Garcia) The first brace after lunch turned loose promptly at 1:30. The pointer made nice moves forward. He was on point with excellent style before the first water crossing. The bird went over his head and he went with it at 11. Sage pointed at 13 at the edge to the right. Relocation was not productive. He carded a good find, in the grass at 24. His second find occurred at 46, near the lake with all in order. At time, he went on point again and looked very nice on it. He hunted methodically for the entire hour.

Brace 6: FC PR’s Gustopher of Rock Point (Tom Pescod) was injured and scratched. FC Timberline Strait to the Point (Ben Garcia) ran in place as a bye. Owner Andi Christensen was scouting. He wanted to hunt into the wind which caused him to circle back too much to please his handler and he was picked up at the lake at 30.

Brace 7: FC/AFC Sherlock’s Thief of Hearts (Steve Bailey) and FC/AFC MTB CaboRita de Scipio (Tom White) Rita is owned by Tom White and Margaret Horstmeyer, who scouted. Rita had beautiful find at 9. Bandit was commanded to back. Rita scored a second very intense perfectly mannered find at 16. Catching the front at 19, she went past Bandit on point and was soon under a bird. Bandit released herself and both dogs were picked up.

Brace 8: NAFC/FC/AFC Lightning Strike (Mary Devos) and DC/AFC MTB Emme’s Cabo de Scipio (Tom White) Marc Devos scouted for daughter Mary who trains and handles her pointer. Ike pointed at 90 seconds next to a log but no birds were home. Cabo scored a nice find at 13 on the steep bank. His intensity was attractive through the flush. Taken on from that he pointed again at 17 but this was a non-productive. The dogs and their handlers continued forward; the pointer and the Brittany doing commendably on race. They crossed the road at the lake at 26; into the grass on the other side they moved a sharptail and neither stopped to flush and the day’s running was done.

The evening cocktail party began at 6:30 and was sponsored by Dogs Unlimited and owner Alan Davison.