Event Coverage

AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship

Saturday, May 8, 2010 – Crawford, Nebraska

Retrieving Championship: Day 2

Saturday was another windy day but this time it was coming out of the south. Temperatures were cold in the morning but it warmed into a very pleasant day.

Brace 15: FC/AFC Dunfur's See Alice (Dan Hoke) and Uodibar's Ain’t No Fool (John Rabidou) were the first brace of the day. Both dogs ran big races, fast and forward. No birds were found by either dog.

Brace 16: FC PFK Dunfur's Too Sharp (Dan Hoke) and AFC Uodibar's Lolita (Eldon Hongo) It was a barren stand for Sharp at 6. Lolita pointed on the left at 12 in the draw, but no birds were produced. Sharp, catching the front, came in for a nice honor. Point was called for Sharp at 16; Lolita backed. A second non-productive went in the book for Sharp and he was put on the cord. Lolita completed an attractive find with a prompt retrieve at 23 on the side of the big hill. She finished her hour but appeared off in her gait.

Brace 17: FC/AFC Henry's Monster I Am Karl (G F Henry) ran with Uodibar's Moon Pie (John Rabidou) A find was recorded at 9 for Karl, the gunners took a safety. Pie pointed game with intensity at 17, below the big hill. All was in order here except that the gunners were unable to fire. This pair ran appealing forward races displaying good range and application. Each was called back for a retrieve after the brace; both retrieves were delivered promptly to hand.

Brace 18: Uodibar's Chocolate Wonder (Eldon Hongo) and Yepa Eyota Zaltana Pongo PM (G F Henry) pointed simultaneously but separately with 50 yards between them. Wonder self released and was picked up. Pongo suffered a nonproductive beyond the second gate; he had a find at the second crossing and broke at the kill. His race was consistently forward at medium gun dog range.

Brace 19: FC Prairie Wind's Queen of Jazz (Dennis Brath) and DC Heller's Fiddlin Jack (David Heller) Jack had find at 14; Queen was lost by that time. Jack ran a fast paced predominantly forward race. She was called back to retrieve and did so adequately.

Brace 20: FC Rawhides Windy City (Art Armburst) and Eshod's Family Tradition (Ray Dohse) started after a delay for the repair of Mike Aldrich’s bit. They were released at the lake on the return trip to camp. A nonproductive was taken at 6 for Tradition. Windy scored a good find at 14. A second find for Windy was completed at 23. Tradition came in for a back but moved a few steps and was picked up.

Brace 21: FC Eshod's Arkansas Lady (Ray Dohse) and FC Caden’s Bandit (Dennis Brath) Bandit carded a find between the gates on the big hill. Lady came in for a mannerly back. No birds were found and Bandit took a nonproductive. When the dogs were sent on a bird flushed and they both stopped to flush. Lady had a good find just past the first creek crossing. She completed a successful retrieve. Bandit found no birds but ran a consistent gun dog race. Lady ran well and finished going away; showing across the front.

Brace 22: Barben's Ella Enchanted (Steve Bailey for Ray Dohse) and Armburst's Deuce (Art Armburst) Ella ran a really nice course. She scored a find after the second crossing but the bird was not hit. She also had one unproductive. She showed well to finish and was brought back for retrieve. She took a hop at the shot, a dead bird was thrown when the shot was missed and she made a good retrieve. Deuce had one find in a fast paced forward race.

Brace 23: CH Up N'Adam Margarita U.P., JH (Katrin Tazza) and Machone's Smokin' Joe (Eric Cook) were Saturday afternoon’s opening brace. Margarita pointed after the creek crossing at 18. She suffered a second lengthy nonproductive. Joe ran a medium, forward race but found no birds on this dusty afternoon.

Brace 24: FC/AFC Dunfur's Nacho Moon (Dan Hoke) and NFC/FC Brillow’s Wild West Show (Jim West) Nacho scored one nice find and ran an attractive race. Wild West Show ran a medium race. She pointed at 17 but it was a dead bird; this was repeated at 21. She found no live game but hunted for it diligently.

Brace 25: Ruger’s Clown AKA Leo (Jim West) and Huachuca Colorado Otis (Chris Heyden) Leo scored a good find with a successful retrieve. Leo hunted intelligently. Otis was lost early

Brace 26: Dunfur’s MoonDoggie Rocky (Dan Hoke) and CH Up N'Adam Cherokee Firewater, JH (Dennis Brath) At 16, just before the second creek crossing, a find was recorded for Rocky with Firewater backing. Rocky’s second find came at 19, across the creek; he was high on both ends. Firewater ran around him a couple times but Rocky stood perfectly. Firewater was picked up. Rocky completed a successful retrieve.

Brace 27: FC Uodibar's Angelina (Eldon Hongo) and Quests Brandy Wine (Randall Berry) good find for Brandy pointed at 7 with good intensity; the bird was downed and the retrieve was completed easily. Angelina found game along the creek, she pointed it with excellent style. She made a good retrieve to the satisfaction of the judges. Brandy was forward in application, hunting likely cover. Angelina’s race was also forward; she showed good range combined with a kind handle.

Brace 28: JMA's Fire Tail Comet (Randall Berry) and Strider's Generator (Jerry Jordan) headed back to camp as the last brace of Saturday. Comet looked good off the breakaway but made a serious error on game at 3 and was done. Generator had one honest stop to flush but pointed no birds. He ran a medium gun dog race with a good hunting pattern.