Event Coverage

AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship

Monday, May 3, 2010 – Crawford, Nebraska

Non-Retrieving Championship: Day 3

Early Monday morning rain cleared by 7 am and the day was quite pleasant. The winds were light all morning but increased for the afternoon. Temperatures were at that rare happy medium where it’s comfortable for a person on a horse but still reasonable for a dog on the ground.

Brace 17: BBB’s Flashy Rose JH (Ray Dohse) and NFC/FC Brillow’s Wild West Show (Jim West) Rose was under a bird on the right edge at 9. Show’s owner, Rhonda Haukoos was scouting. Show pointed stylishly in the grass on the left at 9 but only a dead bird was found. Below the big hill at 18, he scored again. Nice work here through flush and shot. He drew a blank at 35 in the bottom before the lake. He carded another clean find at 42 just beyond the lake. Show turned in a respectable race and was picked up forward at time.

Brace 18: Barben’s Ella Enchanted (Ray Dohse) and NAFC/FC Ariel’s Justa Gotta Go Now (Jim West) Justa’s owner, Bernee Brawn was mounted to witness his appealing performance. Ella started the action with a classy find at 6. She stood with excellent style, only turning to mark flight. A very pretty find came at 15 for Justa, just past the cross fence. Another nice find at 21 for Justa near the corner of the lake was reached after some bold forward moves. Ella was seen several times, running well to the front and then she disappeared. Dohse had tracker out at 36, on the big hill. Beyond the creek crossings Justa went up the rise on the left and had a classy, intense find at 42 on the hillside. Justa finished wide and strong after crossing the hills and dropping into the bottom below the pine ridge. This wirehair was consistently forward at a fast pace for the hour, searching the course intelligently.

Brace 19: Uodibar’s Texas Shadywood (Eldon Hongo) and FC/AFC Texas Flying Wizard (Sherrie Moseley) Hayley and David Killam were riding to see Shadywood perform. First action came for Shady with a find at 14 on the creek line below the big hill. He stood with high style and intensity. Harry pointed a moment later, high on the side of the steep hill. Sherrie made a difficult flush on the steep slope for the attractively styled Shorthair. He scored another nice find at 25 in the bottom, displaying good high style and manners, Shady came toward the pointing dog but stopped at a safe distance. Shady pointed at the plum thicket at 27, Harry came in for the back. Shady corrected on and Harry was moved. Then he pointed in the plum thicket but feathers were all that could be found. They divided a find at 37, both dogs showed high style. Another good find was notched for Shady at 45 at the water below the cross fence. Harry backed politely. Harry pointed on the hilltop at 49. He showed excellent style and manners as Shady came in and stole point. The fourth find for Harry occurred at 58, on a small hill. The bird lifted early but at a good, safe distance from the dog. Harry ran a pleasant, consistent forward race and handled kindly.

Brace 20: FC Uodibar’s Angelina with NAFC Chukarhill Rimrock Ridge (Cindy Findley) The Killam’s, Angelina’s proud owners were in the gallery. Ridge was handled by his owner. Gina scored at 7 with good style and manners, buried up in cover. Ridge pointed feathers at the cross fence at 20. He suffered a barren stand at 25 on the cliff before the lake. Gina pointed the hawk kill in the plum thicket at 32. Ridge backed naturally and with style. A successful find was handled with class at 50 by Ridge; this was on the left after the second creek crossing. Gina pointed at 54 at creek side, Ridge coming up from his find, backed naturally but started to move off and had to be cautioned to stay. Gina carded a non-productive here and was taken on. Both dogs finished well.

Brace 21: Happy Hollow’s Uodibar Tex (Dennis Brath) and DC/AFC TJ’s Single Shot of Scipio (Tom White) This was the first brace on Monday afternoon. TJ was handled and scouted by his owners, Tom White and Margaret Horstmeyer. A good find on a single came for him at 24, before the lake. Tex came into the area after the Brittany was taken on. He went lower in the basin and pointed a covey. Both finds were mannerly and both dogs showed excellent intensity on their game. TJ pointed with good style in the bottom beyond the cross fence at 43. Tex came in and took a sharptail out in front of him, causing TJ to change position. Both dogs were picked up.

Brace 22: FC Caden’s Bandit (Dennis Brath) with FC/AFC Megasmoke Limited Edition (Tom White) this was a return to camp brace, running with the wind. Ted pointed up on the grassy knoll at 7. His second find came at the lake with Bandit backing at 26. Ted pointed again at 31 along planted field, looking back into the wind at 31, very nice! He ran a strong race but hunted intelligently. His speed and pattern were consistent throughout the hour and all birds were handled with extreme intensity. Bandit scored his find at 39 just before the first creek crossing. He had his bird well located and stood with perfect manners and style. Bandit’s race was strong and attractive.

Brace 23: Rawhide’s Ramblin Tish (Art Armburst) and FC/AFC Foxglove’s Reason to Believe (Brian Hill) Tish encountered a sharptail at 2 and the sharptail won. Reason’s co-owner Karen Niffenegger was in the gallery. Reason made a good move to the front from the breakaway and dropped over the hill, showing again in the bottom. A nice find was scored by him at 11. He ran an attractive race until a Sharptail took him out at 46.

Brace 24: FC Rawhide’s Windy City (Art Armburst) with FC/AFC Foxglove’s Making a Buck (Brian Hill) Windy was seen a couple times early but was eventually gone too long. Buck is Co-owned by Karen Niffenegger and Brian Hill. He hunted hard and had a good, dug up find at 20 below the cliff. His stand at 24 in the thicket at the cross fence drew a blank. He scored a second pretty find at 49 on the bottom to the right. The hour ended at the top of the big hill with him forward. Buck hunted the cover carefully and handled kindly.

Sherrie Moseley was injured during the last brace when the horse she was riding bolted and threw her. She complained of shoulder and chest pain and showed signs of concussion. She was being cheerful and joking as the ambulance took her to the hospital. An update on her condition will be added when more information becomes available.