Event Coverage

AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship

Monday, May 10, 2010 – Crawford, Nebraska

Retrieving Championship: Day 4

Three braces of the half-hour first series remained for Monday morning. It was cold and misty with periods of light rain.

Brace 43: FC Shadowfax Fraser MacFarlane (John Rabidou) and NAFC/CH Ariel's Justa Gotta Go Now (Jim West) were the first brace Monday morning. Fraser’s owner Lynn Barnett was riding to see her Gordon setter perform. Justa had a find at 16 but broke on the shot and was up. He had been running well. A lengthy nonproductive was taken by Fraser at 22. A find was credited to Fraser at 29, the bird was flushed while the dog stood stylishly. The bird was downed and Fraser completed his retrieve nicely as time was called.

Brace 44: FC Ike's Eshod Delight (Ray Dohse) and Dunfur's Opa Charlie Otto (Dan Hoke) Delight was lost before first creek crossing and the tracker eventually came out. Charlie was pointing near the second creek crossing.

Brace 45: Uodibar’s Woodman (Eldon Hongo) and FC Dunfur's Bovill Run (Dan Hoke) Bovill ran beautifully; she was found standing on the side of a hill. She showed high style and had her bird well located. Her bird was flushed, shot and retrieved with all in order. She completed nice forward casts. Woodman ran an excellent forward race, but went birdless.

This concluded the first series of the AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Retrieving Championship. Trailers were sent to pick up the riders of the final brace of the 30 minute series to avoid the need for a dead head ride to camp in the cold rain. The field trial party gathered in the Mare Barn Annex to await the announcement of dogs being brought back for the 45 minute second series.

Retrieving Championship: The Second Series – Monday May 10 & Tuesday May 11

One hundred dogs were drawn to run in the AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Retrieving Championship; eleven scratches reduced the starters to eighty-nine in the first series of this stake. Sixteen dogs were brought back for the second series of the Championship. The judges, Mike Aldrich and Jim Schultz announced the dogs’ names and instructed the handlers to come up and draw a number that corresponded with the brace and position in which they would run. Three handlers had two dogs each called back, Ray Dohse with FC Eshod’s Arkansas Lady and FC Eshod’s Revolution, Dan Hoke with Dunfur’s MoonDoggie Rocky and FC Dunfur’s Bovill Run and Jim West with Ruger’s Clown AKA Leo and Slick’s Cuttin Wild. The remaining ten handlers in the second series and the dogs they ran were Randy Berry with FC Quest’s Top of the Marc, Gordon Foster with Foster’s Buddy II, Brian Gingrich with Burr Oak’s Quarterback , Dave Heller with DC Heller’s Fiddlin Jack, GF Henry with FC/AFC Henry’s Monster I Am Karl, Brian Hill with FC/AFC Foxglove’s Night on the Town, Eldon Hongo with FC Uodibar’s Angelina, John Rabidou with Uodibar’s Little Lena, Kevin Waide with Tjust Lucky Three Spot, and John Williams with NFC/NAFC/DC/AFC Rudolph’s Blitzen Von Duffin.

The second series started at 11 am on Monday. The first two 45 minute braces were run before lunch with braces three and four being run afterwards. The remaining four braces were left for Tuesday morning.

Brace 1: Tjust Lucky Three Spot (Kevin Waide) and Dunfur’s MoonDoggie Rocky (Dan Hoke) This pair showed promise early with attractive forward moves. Hoke called point for both dogs at 9 but it was a porcupine and the dogs were taken on. Rocky had a find with relocation, but self-released. He was allowed to complete his retrieve before being picked up. Lucky was forward consistently, showing a great gait and excellent range. He used the wind in his hunt but found no birds.

Brace 2: Ruger’s Clown AKA Leo (Jim West) and FC Quest’s Top of the Marc (Randy Berry) Leo pointed at the end of the lake, the bird ran back under dog and he grabbed for it, ending his chances at 8. Marc hunted the bottom, fast and forward making attractive hunting casts. He was absent as we crossed the road at the lake and was not returned under judgment.

Brace 3: DC Heller’s Fiddlin Jack (Dave Heller) and Slick’s Cuttin Wild (Jim West) were the first brace after lunch on Monday. Moments before this brace went to the line a sharptail flew in from the course and landed on Jim West’s trailer. It walked about the hay rack before flying back out on course. It was an omen, Jim thought, but was it a good one or a bad one? Jim would soon find out! Mike Patrick, proud owner of Slick’s Cuttin Wild (AKA Joker) was in the gallery as West took the German Shorthair to the line. Joker had won the Non-Retrieving Championship just days before. Mary Devos was Joker’s scout. John Moreland was scouting for Heller’s Fiddlin Jack, the lone pointer in the second series. Jack started the action with a find and retrieve at 8, she took a few steps at the shot, but made an adequate retrieve when sent. Joker added to the action with his first find at 9 in bird alley. He made a prompt, tender and to- hand retrieve. Joker notched a second find in the bottom near the creek at 13, showing style and intensity. Joker’s third find was at 16 on top of the big hill, class was again evident. Both dogs were running beautiful forward races with plenty of range and good application. Jack answered Joker’s challenge at 19 with her second find, in the bottom, this was flawless. West called point for Joker further down the line at 23, birds were flushed with all in order and they caught the front at 25. A Fifth good find for Joker came at 30 at the lake. It was the same bird that took West’s Leo out in the brace before but Joker was not the least bit tempted, his intensity was extreme. Jack had her third find at the brush on the cliff at 32. She was high and tight on both ends. Jack scored her fourth find in the bottom at 36 this again was perfection. She was on point again before catching the front, carding another nice one at 42. Joker was well forward late in the brace and was seen standing, deep in the bottom by Tom Maneely. It was the sixth find for Joker and it was spectacular at 45. These two bird dogs put on a performance that kept everyone on the edge of their saddles. They were well matched and exciting on the ground and appeared to be trading punches as first one then the other would point game. This is the “stuff” from which legends are made. It is braces like this one that make great memories and keep us all enthused about the sport of Field Trials!

Brace 4: Foster’s Buddy II (Gordon Foster) and NFC/NAFC/DC/AFC Rudolph’s Blitzen Von Duffin (John Williams) Blitz showed forward as we headed toward the lake. Buddy took a bird out at 6 at the lake. He had been running well. Blitz was absent to the front as we passed the lake. Scout Randy Berry found him buried up in the cover beyond the plum thicket. It was an excellent piece of work at 18 but the cover made gunning impossible. Two minutes further he had another find, got the retrieve completed easily and was going on at 22. A third find for Blitz came at 26 just before the creek crossing, all in good order. Blitz connected again at 29, just below the pine tree on the big hill; again his manners were above reproach. On point again before his scout could remount, this on the top of the big hill, his fifth clean find was carded at 32. Traversing the hill above the second creek crossing, Blitz pointed at 35. The bird was in the short grass but Blitz handled it admirably. His seventh and final find occurred at 41 near the end of Bird alley. Blitz ran an impressive hunting race with great results, showing strong moves and a good finish.

Brace 5: FC/AFC Foxglove’s Night on the Town (Brian Hill) and FC Eshod’s Arkansas Lady (Ray Dohse) were first up on this cold and damp Tuesday morning. Gunners on this morning were John Moreland, John Bailey, Gary Sadler and Steve Bailey. Dan Hoke was scouting for Brian. A much-in-demand Mary Devos scouted for Ray. Just over the crest of the hill from camp, Town was found on point at 7. He showed good style and intensity, but broke at the second shot and was picked up. Lady had a good find on the right beyond the creek crossing at 13. Her bird was shot and retrieved very promptly to hand, nice work! Her next find nice was on the left just after the second creek crossing at 20. Her style, intensity and manners were impeccable. She pointed a rabbit just before the gate at the lake. Lady’s third find came at 33, just beyond the lake. Just below the turn- around near the hangar, Lady notched her fourth class find. Lady was on point on the steep hillside at time; her fifth find was very nice. Lady ran a fast and snappy race that saw her going to all the right places. Her handler was severely out of breath at the completion of her brace, enough so that he was unable to handle in the following brace.

Brace 6: FC Eshod’s Revolution (Ed Moody for Ray Dohse) and Uodibar’s Little Lena (John Rabidou) Ed, Revolution’s owner stepped in for the breathless Dohse. Lena wasted no time finding game, she headed down the hill and was pointing in the bottom, with good style at 1. Revolution honored her. A lengthy relocation followed during which Revolution was asked to wait. Just after it was decided to take Revolution on, the bird was found. It would not fly so it was tossed and the shot fired in the air. Lena made a good retrieve. Revolution was missing before the lake was reached and Ed pulled the plug at 24. Lena pointing at 24, had birds flushed and was fired over at 27. She hit scent hard for her third find at 35, just before the creek crossing, all in good order with top style and intensity. Moments later she carded her fourth find at the bottom of the big hill. Lena pointed again at 40, a lengthy flush and brief relocation pinpointed a dead bird. She was sent on again at 43 and finished heading away.

Brace 7: FC Dunfur’s Bovill Run (Dan Hoke) and Burr Oak’s Quarterback (Brian Gingrich) turned loose heading out from camp. Bovill notched a good find just off the shelf by pine trees at 5. Birds were pointed and retrieved with panache. A second nice find was to her credit at 12, to the right before the creek crossing, all in great shape. Bovill scored again at 20, to the right of the big hill; she showed excellent style and manners. Her fifth find was just before the red gate at 23 and was just as stellar as the rest. Find number six came for Bovill at 27, in the brushy area to the left. The dogs were separated for much of the brace. It was reported by Judge Schultz that Quarterback had carded two stops to flush during our absence. Bovill‘s seventh and final find occurred at the brush pile on the cliff edge at 38. She was intensely stylish. Bovill’s race was forward and attractively applied at good range. Quarterback was on point just before time expired but no birds were produced. Quarterback ran with a good gait and looked classy on point.

Brace 8: FC Uodibar’s Angelina (Eldon Hongo) and FC/AFC Henry’s Monster I Am Karl (GF Henry) Karl pointed and retrieved his bird correctly before the lake. Angelina and Karl shared a lengthy non productive beginning at 17; Henry collared out of it at 21, Angelina was collared out at 22. Karl backed Angelina on point just before the creek crossing at 24. Angelina changed position and was picked up. At 27, Karl pointed at the pine on the big hill. His third find was at 30 with all in good order. Another stylish find for Karl was on the far end of the big hill. Karl’s fifth find was recorded just before the second crossing, again all was well. Karl turned in a forward hunting race and showed good rapport with his handler.

The parking lot had thinned considerably by the time the last brace was run but those still on hand were anxious to know the results. Judges Mike Aldrich of Nogal, NM and Jim Schultz of Flagstaff, AZ had observed carefully and weighed all pros and cons of each dog in the second series. They named the following dogs:

Champion: Slick’s Cuttin Wild, GSP male, owned by Mike Patrick of Aurora, CO and handled by Jim West. He also received the Top German Shorthaired Pointer award.

2nd place: Eshod’s Arkansas Lady, GSP female, owned by Orville Williams of Asheville, NC and handled by Ray Dohse

3rd place: Dunfur’s Bovill Run, GSP female, owned and handled by Dan Hoke of Cheney, WA.

4th place: DC Heller’s Fiddlin Jack, pointer female owned and handled by Dave Heller of Denver, CO. She also received the Top Pointer award.

Judges Award of Merit: FC/AFC Henry’s Monster I Am Karl, GSP male, owned by George Turner of Visalia, CA and handled by GF Henry.

Judges Award of Merit: NFC/NAFC/DC/AFC Rudolph’s Blitzen Von Duffin, GWP male, owned and handled by John Williams of Bend, OR. He also received the Top German Wirehaired Pointer award.

Judges Award of Merit: FC Uodibar’s Little Lena, GSP female, owned and handled by John Rabidou of Hondo, TX.

Top Brittany: Foster’s Buddy II owned and handled by Gordon Foster of Parker, CO.

Top Vizsla: Burr Oak’s Quarterback, owned by Jim Gingrich, Winnebago, IL and handled by Brian Gingrich.

Top Gordon Setter: Shadowfax Fraser MacFarlane owned by Lynne Barnett of Banera, TX and handled by John Rabidou.

The venue for this grand event was Fort Robinson State Park at Crawford, Nebraska. The terrain varies from level grassy prairie, to steep hills, rolling hills, draws and creek bottoms. There are large open expanses as well as tree lines and brush. In short, there are many places for a dog to hunt. The Colorado Pointer Club hosted this event and they chose to plant quail but there were also native sharptail grouse on course.

The event was hosted by the Colorado Pointer Club and was completed efficiently due to the committee’s conscientious efforts. Thank you Chairman Steve Bailey, Secretary Tracy Haines, Gun Captain John Moreland and the crew of gunners which at various times included Scott Wilson, John Bailey, Steve Bailey, Keith Bryant, Gary Sadler, Jerry Mann, Tom Maneely and Alan Davison. Jack Haines was king of the dog wagon and did a fantastic job of keeping the event on track. Mary Devos helped wherever she was needed, cheerfully pitching in between scouting obligations. Mary and her Mom, Sandy Devos were responsible for the catalog. They did a terrific job on all the ads and are to be commended for a huge job well done! Bird planting for the Retrieving Championship was done by Tom Maneely, Steve Bailey, Tracy Haines and Gary Sadler. Marshal’s duties were covered by Steve Bailey, Bonnie Hidalgo, and Tom Maneely. A special “Thank you” goes to Ken Marden, President of the AKC Gun Dog Championship Association for behind the scenes assistance both before and during the field trial.

The winner of the Tucker Trooper Saddle Raffle was Doug Reisner of Wisconsin. His name was drawn from the jar during dinner festivities on Monday evening at the Fort Robinson Lodge. Congratulations Doug! Thanks to all who helped support this event by purchasing tickets.

Purina was the major sponsor of this event and they were represented by Terry Trzcinski and his wife Cathy. Nestle-Purina sponsored a steak dinner on Saturday night that was well attended. Purina also donated dog food to all participants and supplied gift coupons to the handlers of the winning dogs.

Tri-Tronics donated collars to the winners and Jim Morehouse was on hand to represent the company. The Tazza Group at Morgan Stanley- Smith Barney generously sponsored a dinner on the eve of the Retrieving Championship. Sponsoring Friday night’s dinner of Prime rib was the AKC Gun Dog Championship Association. On Mother’s Day a fajita dinner of Elk, pheasant and chicken was prepared and donated by Team DU a group of Colorado Field Trial enthusiasts which includes, Alan Davison, John Vincze, Dennis Hidalgo, Eric Cook, John Moreland and Scott Wilson. Various evening social hours were sponsored by Dogs Unlimited and owner Alan Davison, DKH Designs and artist Dennis Hidalgo, Clint and Valerie Sails, and Colorado Bird Dog Clubs.

Fund raising items were donated by the following sponsors: B & B Buckles, B & B Tack, Collar Clinic, Dogs Unlimited, Gun Dog Supply, Huntsmith, Jack & Tracy Haines, Lazy Liz’s Horse Picket System, Quick Track and Ross Reels.

Trophy and Ribbon Fund sponsors were Up N’Adam Kennels LLC, American Brittany Club, American Pointer Club, English Setter Association of America, German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America, German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America, Tracy Black, Vizsla Club of Colorado and Weimaraner Club of Northern Illinois.

Thanks to everyone who purchased catalog ads, donated items, time and/or money to make this event such a success. Your generous contributions are very much appreciated by the Field Trial Committee, the Colorado Pointer Club, the AKC Gun Dog Championship Association, and by AKC.

I sincerely hope that you have all enjoyed this report of the event and the pictures that accompany it. I have tried to be accurate and complete; my apologies for any errors or omissions.

Stay tuned to AKC.org for updates on the 2011 AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championships to be held at Mile Post Nine near Marsing, ID in late April 2011. It is sponsored by the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Idaho. Y’all come!

The time is now at hand for clubs in the Eastern Time zone to consider hosting the 2012 renewal. Any interested clubs should contact me, Bonnie Hidalgo, AKC Field Representative at BXH@akc.org.

Click on image for larger view. The following images are from the last couple of days.