Event Coverage

AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship

Friday, May 7, 2010 – Crawford, Nebraska

Retrieving Championship: Day 1

Friday saw the start of this stake; the windy, cold weather continued. Jim Schultz and Mike Aldrich are the judges. Gunners on the first day of the stake were Scott Wilson, John Moreland, Gary Sadler, Keith Bryant and Steve Bailey. Bird planters were Tom Maneely and Tracy Haines. The first series is being run with fourteen braces per day; with scratches it should be completed on Monday morning.

Brace 1: FC Quests Top of the Marc (Randall Berry) and Ariel’s S'Shot Justa One Hot Mama (Jim West) Marc carded an impressively steady and stylish find at 13, his birds were pushed out by Mama and she was picked up. He pointed again on the side of big hill with high style and nice manners. His bird was shot and Marc retrieved to hand at 23. His application was good, he hunted the cover forward.

Brace 2: Oak Creek Grand Slamming Mickey (Jerry Jordan) and FC/AFC Foxgloves Take it to the Limit (Brian Hill) Limit pointed at 9 with nice style, the bird was winged and the dog sent for the retrieve. Limit didn’t bring it back and the handler picked the bird up. He explained to the judge that he did not let his dogs pick up live birds. The judge considered this for a short time but eventually asked that the dog be picked up for failure to retrieve. Mickey ran fast and forward but found no birds.

Brace 3: DC/AFC Jaegerhof’s Bar E Hot Flash MH (Ben Garcia) and DC Semper Fi Top Brass (Mark Smith) Brass was on point at 9 on the left creek bank well to the front. Flash pointed at 11, further back on the right and Smith worked his bird first. The bird was not hit but Flash was mannerly. Brass’ find was nice and his retrieve was very good. Brass pointed in the bottom along the ditch at 16 with excellent style. He went in on the birds, flushed them and was picked up. Flash was attracted to the action below but was stopped from that involvement by the scent of a bird. She had a good find on the top side of the big hill at 17; the quail was flushed, shot and retrieved with all in order. Flash Pointed again at 21 near the pine on the far end of the big hill. Flash was having trouble making headway in the high wind but finished forward.

Brace 4: Foster's Buddy II (Gordon Foster) and Burr Oak's Quarterback (Brian Gingrich) Point and retrieve for Buddy pointed at 8; the bird was shot over the steady dog. After being coaxed a bit to pick it up, he brought it directly to hand. A nonproductive went on the judge’s card for Buddy at 14 on the side of the big hill. He scored a second find at 19 just after the second creek crossing. He gained intensity when his handler arrived. Quarterback had a very nice find at 24 but the bird was not hit. Both dogs ran attractive races. A call back was set up for Quarterback. The call back bird was found, pointed ,shot and retrieved successfully.

Brace 5: AFC Yepa Eyota Zaltana Shawnee (Gary Metzler) and FC/AFC Oakleaf's Runnin’ Down a Dream MH (Mark Smith) NP for Shawnee pointed at 10 but took a nonproductive at 15. A find at 23 on the right below the big hill was well handled by Dream. She showed good style but the bird was not shot. Dream pointed again at 26, it was a good one and this time she had the opportunity to retrieve. She did so successfully. Shawnee pointed nicely at 27, before the creek.

Brace 6: Rawhides Ramblin' Tish (Art Armburst) and Uodibar's Little Lena (John Rabidou) Nice find for Lena at 6, Tish was picked up for failure to back. Lena scored a very nice find with a successful retrieve below the big hill. She pointed a dead bird at 23. Point was called for Lena at 28, at the end of bird alley. Lena’s manners on her game were flawless, her style was high and her intensity on game was superb. She turned in an attractive and intelligent forward race.

Brace 7: FC/AFC Keg Creek Deuce Coupe (Keith Bryant) Jim West and DC/NGDC/AFC Up N'Adam's Super Sioux CDX SH (Dennis Brath) Sioux suffered a barren stand at 12. Deuce pointed at the water crossing; Sioux in the act of catching the front, failed to back and was up at 17. A second find for Deuce was at 19 along the creek. Deuce scored his third find at the gate at 21; nice bird work for Deuce. Deuce came to the second water crossing at 26 where he pointed but nothing was produced.

Brace 8: Uodibar's Waiting For Daylight (Eldon Hongo) and HBV Dunfur's Plan B (Dan Hoke) Plan B pointed at 14 but only feathers were found. Daylight was lost and tracker out at 14.

Brace 9: Oakridge's Sport (Jim West) and FC Uodibar’s Fly High Freebird (Eldon Hongo) Sport ran a good race with two finds. Freebird ran a good race and hunted the cover but found no birds.

Brace 10: Radbach's Forward Motion (Dan Hoke) and Happy Hollow's Uodibar Tex (Dennis Brath) were lost early.

Brace 11: FC AO Wildfire's Solo Express (Alan Davison) and FC Rayfield’s Perfect Maggie Mae (Art Armburst) Solo ran a nice race with good application but found no game. Maggie showed good range. She carded a stop to flush, one nonproductive and one dead bird find between the first creek crossing and the big hill. She had no other bird work.

Brace 12: Slicks Cuttin Wild (Michael Patrick) with Drycreek's Tommy By Tommy (Randall Berry) Cuttin ran a strong and attractive race from start to finish. He scored one find with superb style at 23. Tommy was off to a strong start and continued with a good race. Tommy had one find at 8. He pointed a dead bird at 17, along the creek. He also suffered a barren stand.

Brace 13: Ricky's Running Ransom (GF Henry) and Llano's Powdered Sugar (Chad Inderman) had a good looking, divided find at 10 near the end of bird alley. Then Ransom had another find, showing good style and a successful retrieve, this was on the side of the big hill at 19. Sugar ran a very nice race. She scored a good find at 13 at the broken tree before the creek crossing. At the second creek crossing she appeared with a bleeding wound and was picked up immediately. She had been running a really pretty race.

Brace 14: FC/AFC Burr Oak's Old Number Seven (Jim Gingrich) and FC Llano's Tails Aflame (Joe Inderman) Seven was absent several times. He had nonproductive at 13 below the hill. Aflame was forward. He scored a good find at 22. Seven scored one nice find and finished forward.