Gordon Setter Club of America National Championship

by Tom Maneely, Executive Field Representative

October 16 - 22, 2009, the Gordon Setter Club of America hosted their 15th National Championship event at Branched Oak Lake near Raymond NE. Competitors came from throughout the country to show their fine animals with the title of National Champion on their minds. When the dust had settled one dog, FC Milomix Roy, had shown his metal and garnered both the Open and Amateur Championships.

Running a trial of the importance of a National Championship is a trying experience. Months of ground work and preparation are required to assure all the necessary pieces are in place. Heading up this event was chairwoman, Cindy Findely. Cindy is a master of organization, she had laid the plan, and along with her able committee did a first rate job of providing a show case for these fine animals. Sandra Clock did a wonderful job with the Secretary duties and Jack Cooper, Treasurer, handled the monetary responsibility. The remainder of the committee, Pat Sanborn, Lynn Barnett, Anne Boyd, Charles Clock, Brenda Harms, Dano Morf, Marianne Morf, and Dan Voss, busied themselves handling the bird planting, marshalling, and all the other duties that are required to host a championship stake. This group should be complimented on the professional manner in which they handled themselves.

The new National and National Amateur Champion FC Milomix Roy is proudly owned by James D’Amico who handled him to the Amateur title. During the Open Championship he was handled by Jesse Chapman. Five year old Roy handled the course at Branched Oak like ran there all his life. During his time on the ground, Roy took a forward tour of the cover that lead him to multiple finds. On every find Roy displayed the style and manners of a Champion. His ground coverage was fast and forward, as he filled the country in his search for game. He set the bar high with this performance in the Open Championship only to repeat it in the Amateur stake.

Judges for both Championships commented on the high level of training and manners that the placed dogs displayed. Throughout the events, very few dogs finished their bid for the title on a rope. All the placed dogs were shown on game multiple times. The Gordon Setter breed is a breed on the rise as far as field performance is concerned.

An interesting side note is that all of the Puppy placements and 3 of the 4 Derby placements were littermates. A very nice litter indeed! The judges for the Derby and Puppy stakes commented on the dogs’ ability to stay forward and their ground speed.

National Championship; 32 Starters
Judges Gene Moseley & Stan Truksa

  1. FC Milomix Roy, owner james D’Amico, handler Jesse Chapman
  2. NAFC/FC Cobb’s Golden Kernal, owner Paul Jaeger and Linda Sanders, handler Greg Dixon
  3. Shadowfax Fraser Macfarlane, owner Lynne Brnett, handler John Rabidou
  4. FC Wyndancer Tenasscity, owner Becky and Dan Voss, handler Trena Cardwell

National Amateur Championship; 34 Starters
Judges Jack Higgins & Dr. Roger Boser

  1. FC Milomix Roy, owner/handler James D’Amico
  2. NFC/NAFC/FC/AFC Par’s Falcon on the Prowl, owner Jerry and Sandra Churton, handler Jerry Churton
  3. FC/AFC Countdowns Duncan Macfarlane, Owner/Handler Lynn Barnett
  4. FC Gunsmoke Highplains Drifter, owner Sandra Chapman &Richard Trimmer, handler Dano Morf

Open Puppy; 8 Starters
Judges Claudia Truksa & David Taylor

  1. Par’s El Duderino, owner/handler Caleb Stroh
  2. Par’s Light My Fire, owners Janet Grunbok & Chris Bury, handler Janet Grunbok
  3. Par’s Falcons On The Wing, owner Patricia Sanborn & Denis McCrossin, handler Jesse Chapman
  4. Par’s Rider Cup, owner/handler Jerry Churton

Open Derby; 14 Starters
Judges Jack Higgins

  1. Par’s Falcon On The Wing, owners Patricia Sanborn & Denise McCrossin, handler Jesse Chapman
  2. Par’s Rider Cup, owners Jerry & Sandra Churton, handler Jerry Churton
  3. Carolina’s Highwayman, owner Jan Holloway, handler Jesse Chapman
  4. Par’s Queen Of The Green, owners Jerry & Sandra Churton, handler Jerry Churton

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