The 2012 American Pointer Club National Field Trial

By Bonnie Hidalgo, AKC Executive Field Representative

Beautiful, historic Fort Robinson State Park near Crawford, Nebraska was the setting for the APC Nationals.  Trees were decked out in gold foliage in honor of the occasion (or maybe because it was late September?).  This park honors the Army Remount that once graced this 20,000+ acre reserve.  Several gorgeous horse barns have been restored and are maintained for park visitors’ horses.   The facility where the field trial was headquartered is known as “The Mare Barn Complex”, what once housed many of the remount’s broodmare band provided more than enough stalls for the field trial horses.  In the center of the complex is “the Annex” where all meals were served to the field trial crowd by park personnel.  Officers’ homes and troop barracks have been converted to rental units and a lodge so that everyone could stay at the State park while they enjoyed the Nationals.

The courses here are run as an “out and back” with the breakaway just five minutes from the Mare Barn.  The first hour winds west by northwest, crossing a creek and climbing a hill before coming back down to the creek.  From there it continues on a plateau overlooking the creek bottom as it winds its way west to Carter P Johnson Lake at the 30 minute mark.  The terrain is similar in the final half hour, giving dogs the choice of working the creek bottom with its brushy cover or to stay high and hunt the prairie land where the native sharptail dwell.  The return course follows the same pattern, only heading southeast toward park headquarters.

Participants at this event enjoyed pleasantly cool mornings which gave way to warm afternoons.  Birds were plentiful with the club releasing ample quail and an apparent abundant population of native sharptail grouse which caused the demise of some performances and provided enhancement to others!

This event began with the National Open Puppy Classic on Saturday September 29 at 2 pm.  This was a half hour stake and the warm afternoon made them work hard for their placements.  The event continued with the National Field Championship beginning on Sunday morning and concluding on Monday morning, October 1.  The Derby Classic, another half hour juvenile stake completed the morning.  The National Amateur Championship began with its first two braces running on Monday afternoon.  A full day of running on October 2 saw the event come to a successful conclusion.

APC National Field trial Secretary, Tracy Haines and Chairman Jack Haines put a lot of effort into the planning and execution of this event.  They took care of the details and made decisions they felt were in the best interest of the event.  Other Committee members that were helpful were Deb Freidus, Angela Schillereff and Jamie O’Donnell.  Lending a huge helping hand was Steve Bailey who among other things took charge of the early morning bird planting efforts.  Bridget Bailey and Mary Devos also assisted with marshalling, bird planting and conducting the fund raising auction.  All of these people working together kept the stakes running smoothly.

The winners of the various stakes are listed below in the order of running.

Open Puppy: (Saturday afternoon; 5 starters; Judges John Malone & Lenny Morales)
1st: Just Jumping Jim, H Tracy Haines, O: Jack & Tracy Haines
2nd: Double Rebel Mayhem H: Tracy Haines, O&H: Jack & Tracy Haines
3rd: Borg’s Fistful of Dollars O&H: Dave Borg
4th: Remark’s Known As Nancy O&H Mark Smith

NFC Results: (Sunday & Monday; 16 starters; Judges John Malone & Lenny Morales)
1st:  NFC/NAFC/FC/AFC Flying Dutchman, H: Steve Bailey O: Steve Bailey & Spero Manson
2nd: NFC/NAFC/FC/AFC Just Big, O&H Scott Wilson
3rd:  FC/AFC Just Wait Bess, O&H Tracy Haines
4th:   FC After Further Review, H: Ben Garcia O: Jack Haines

Open Derby Results: (Monday late am; 4 starters; Judges Mark Smith & Mark Keegan)
1st: DD O& H Marc Devos
JAM: Lampe’s Chip Douglas O& H Jared Lampe

NAFC Results: (Monday pm & Tuesday; 16 starters, Judges Mark Smith & Ben Garcia)
1st: AFC Ringafire’s Sweetwater O&H Dave Taylor
2nd: Virgil Cain H: John Moreland O: John Moreland & Scott Wilson
3rd: Pride’s Southern Attitude, O&H: Scott Wilson
4th: NFC/NAFC/FC/AFC Just Big, O&H: Scott Wilson
JAM: Dash Away, H: Scott Wilson, O: Spero Manson
JAM: FC MachOne’s White Lightning, H: John Moreland; O: Eric Cook
JAM: FC/AFC Just Wait Bess O&H: Tracy Haines