2011 American Brittany Club National Field Championship

By Bonnie Hidalgo, AKC Field Representative

The American Brittany Club held its 2011 National Open All Age Championship at the Blue Mountain Wildlife Demonstration Area near Booneville, AR. The NFC commenced on Monday morning November 28. There were 74 entries vying for the title. Judges for this prestigious event were Rick Smith, John Rabidou and Ken Chenoweth. The event concluded with the naming of the Winners on Saturday December 3, 2011.

Much of the grounds were under water so an abbreviated course was used. In times of difficulty a club must make the best use of what ground it has and this was no exception. The course adopted used parts of the original number one and number three courses. Was it an ideal course? No, but it was an acceptable course. There were a couple turns that were a bit sharp or lacked flow but for the most part it was a good course to show a big running dog; a handler just had to be on his toes when approaching one of the rough corners. The great thing about the course was the abundance of quail. There were many large covey finds where the birds took off with a whirr of their wings, these birds were pre-released coveys that were successfully going wild; they were found in general areas rather than in exact locations. There were also the finds on the "for sure" birds, those that stick tight to their cover behaving in typical pen raised fashion. Most dogs had the opportunity for multiple contacts with game.

During the course of the trial the judges named "Day dogs" to the board. These were dogs with performances deemed worthy of placement. On the first day only one dog made the list, that dog was Black Creek Deacon handled by Chad Holman. Tuesday was a more promising day and three names went up on the board in the clubhouse. Those dogs were Ru-Jem’s A Touch of Bourbon (last year’s winner) owned and handled by Jerry McGee; MVP Redline’s High Octane, handled by Paul Doiron and Cedar Valley Bandit handled by Tom Tracy, Jr. Wednesday’s running saw one more dog posted; Piney Run Hank, handled by Ben Lorenson made the board. Piney Run Art, handled by Ben Lorenson was Thursday’s solitary addition to the elite list. On Friday, one very nice brace saw both dogs posted to the board; Jack’s Tequila Jake handled by Jim John and TM’s Tennessee Twister, handled by Lisa Pollock. The final day’s running added one more to the board, Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper, handled by Scott Johnson.

The winners of the 2011 ABC National Field Championship are:

  • NFC: FC Piney Run Art, owner Martha Greenlee, handler Ben Lorenson.
  • 2nd: FC Cedar Valley Bandit, owner David Webb, handler Tom Tracy Jr.
  • 3rd: Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper, owner Vern Brunen, handler Scott Johnson.
  • 4th: Jacks Tequila Jake, owners Pedro & Susan Rodriguez, handler Jim John.

Congratulations to all!

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