2011 American Brittany Club Amateur Gun Dog Championship

Foster’s Buddy II is crowned Champion

By Bonnie Hidalgo

The 2011 National Amateur Gun Dog Championship held by the American Brittany Club was hotly contested over the beautiful Ionia, Michigan venue. Thirty dogs came to the line; every one of them deserved to be there. Judges for this renewal were Francis Clasen of Garden Plain, KS; Cliff Mesnard of Solon, Ohio and Art Cohen of Glenrock, PA. The stake began the morning of Saturday October 29 and concluded early in the afternoon on Halloween. Judge Clasen remarked that it was a fun stake to judge because there were so many great performances; he added that it made the judge panel work harder in order to sort them out.

The Field Trial Committee is to be commended for a job well done. Jim Carter served as Trial Chairman and did a fine job. Darlene Dow handled the duties as Trial Secretary with expertise. Jeff Currier served as the stake manager for the National Amateur Gun Dog Championship. Chuck Langstaff drove the dog wagon which also served as the gallery wagon. Mike Blondin and Tommy Thomas rounded out the committee serving cheerfully anywhere they were needed. Bob Burchett planted birds for the entire Amateur stake and they were found in all the right places. The affable Iowa professional started his planting day in the dark of early morning and his efforts were appreciated by the trial committee and the participants alike.

Even the weather cooperated. The mornings were pretty chilly and the overcast sky often looked threatening but it remained dry and the coolness was to the liking of the foot handlers and their canine hopefuls.

The winners were:
NAGDC: FC/AFC Foster’s Buddy II owned and handled by Gordon Foster
2nd: High Hope’s Little Ann owned and handled by Dan Riedl
3rd: Derailed owned by Cindy & Al Cropek and handled by Cindy Cropek
4th: Ginjac’s Heatin It Up owned and handled by Jeff Currier

Front row left to right, Gordon Foster w/Foster's Buddy II, Dan Riedel w/ High Hopes Little Ann, Cindy Cropek w/ Derailed and Jeff Currier w/ Ginjac's Heatin It Up.
Back row left to right, Tommy Thomas, scout for Buddy; Judges Francis Clasen & Cliff Mesnard; Mrs. Riedel w/Michael; Al Cropek; Judge Art Cohen and trial Chairman Jim Carter.

"To the victor go the spoils" Gordon Foster and Buddy w/ their prizes and the three judges.

The New Champion appears bored with it all as he gets a hug from his owner.