Pointing Breed Field Trials

The Weimaraner Club of America National Championship
Bonnie Hidalgo

The Weimaraner Club of America's 2008 National Championship concluded on Monday December 8. This was the lead off stake of the National Field Trial which commenced on Saturday December 6. An entry of 31 Weimaraners was drawn but only 30 competed in the Open Championship. The WCA Nationals runs each December on the Lake Murray Field Trial Grounds outside of Ardmore, OK. The beautiful Lake Murray venue is a great choice of grounds and lends consistency to this important field trial.

The judges, James A. Baker of Howell, MI and Bill Landress of Porterville, CA were polite, attentive and knowledgeable. They chose five dogs for the call back to retrieve, one of which was listed as on standby. The callbacks were well orchestrated with a good bird planter and excellent gunners. The top four dogs completed their retrieves and were placed. The decision was well received.

The winners of the 2008 WCA National championship are as follows:

National Champion: FC Gould's Farwest Lanatic, Ross and Michele Nott owners, Diane Vater handler.

2nd: NFC/DC Sirius Mostly Mongo JH, NRD,VX , Helene and Dick Moore owners, Diane Vater handler.

3rd: Alex's Bleu Bayou of Reiteralm, Stephanie Tsantes and F. Parkoloski owners, Mike Mullineux handler.

4th: Waybac's Ahwawego, Wayne and Beverly Cowgill owners, Diane Vater handler.

The judges had FC Saga's J.P. Getty von Reiteralm on standby. Getty is owned by Tim Smith and Virginia Alexander and was handled by Steve Reynolds.

The entire trial consists of four stakes; the National Championship is followed by the National Futurity, the National Amateur Championship and finally by the National Derby Classic. The total entry of ninety-three dogs was small for this event. It was a very nicely run trial thanks to the efforts of trial chairman, Bjorn Peterson, Stake Manager, Frank Long, Secretaries Esteri Hinman and June Beaven as well as the entire event committee.

James Baker and Bill Landress are the judges for the National Futurity which drew an entry of eighteen young Weimaraners. Duane Yoder is the Stake Manager for the National Futurity.

The National Amateur Championship judges are Will Langley of Attica, MI and John Chokran of Hummelstown, PA. They also will serve as judges for the National Derby Classic which has fifteen entries. There are twenty-nine entries in the Amateur Championship; Steve Reynolds serves as Stake Manager. Lance Fargo is Stake Manager for the Derby.

Tim Carwile will be submitting a complete report on the running of the National Championship; the scribes of the other stakes will report on those as well and they will appear here upon receipt. The event will likely conclude late Friday afternoon December 13.


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