Pointing Breed Field Trials

The Weimaraner Club of America National Championship
Dec. 2, 2006 (Ardmore, Oklahoma)

By Tim Carwile, president of the Weimaraner Club of America

Most of the usual suspects convened at the Lake Murray Field Trial Grounds on Saturday, Dec. 2 for the annual renewal of the Weimaraner Club of America National Field Championships. The arrival of many was hampered or postponed due to a severe winter rain, ice and snow storm that blew through Oklahoma on Thursday afternoon and evening, sending temperatures plummeting from unseasonable mid-70s to low-30s in just a few hours. Fortunately, the ice left almost as soon as it came and, other than muddy roads that had to be navigated by the dog wagons, the weather did not delay the event.

The premier National Open Championship saw its first brace break away a few minutes after 8 a.m. under clear skies with a temperature hovering around 25�. Frank Long, stake manager, introduced the West Coast judging tandem of Jim Kermott of Jamul, California, and Doug Ljungren of Roy, Washington, who would over the next three days look at 38 of the best gray dogs in the country competing in one-hour heats over grounds winding lazily around scenic Lake Murray. Though many deer were sighted (and a few briefly chased!), there were very few armadillo encounters, a welcome relief from recent years.

Kermott and Ljungren found their champion, Gina Bosio's Chular, (FC/AFC Gould's GRB's Little Chular) in the first brace of the final day's running. Chular was braced with Reno, who was handled by Gorden Hansen and retired midway through the hour for not pleasing her handler. Chular ranged far and wide on course 1, scoring her two finds out of sight of the gallery. Scout David Gould found his charge several times, dug in deep. The judges were impressed by Chular's independence and range, despite one unproductive and her apparent reluctance to handle kindly for her owner-handler.

Second was the venerable and much-decorated Gus, (NFC/NAFC/FC/AFC Grau Geist's Lil's Gust V Westend), handled by Myron Meifert (and now owned by Cathy and David Gould). Running in Brace 12, midday of day 2, Gus put on a textbook gun dog performance, always to the front, handling kindly, producing a covey early (at 8) with style, and finishing strong, scoring a find at 55, honored by his bracemate, Maverick, handled by Dan Long.

Merle Fountain's young Futurity bitch, Leatherneck's Chesty Puller, garnered third place honors. Handled by Diane Vater, Chesty demonstrated composure well beyond her years at 30 when she remained staunch despite her bracemate's declination to honor; this despite this writer's repeated "requests." For his momentary lapse in judgment, Rogue was retired early, thereby allowing resumption of my too-briefly interrupted reporting duties.

Dan Long's charge, Scout (Grayshadows Field Laureate), rounded out the placements. This 5-year-old dog, owned by Dale and Jacqlyn Schaller and bred by Dave Carriveau, all Michiganders, held on from brace 4 on day one. Braced with Jade, handled by Diane Vater, who was up at 15' after advancing too close to a bird that flushed in front of her as she made game, had mannerly bird work at 31, a nice covey find at 55 and a stop to flush at 52, rendered more notable by the fact that an additional two birds lifted after Dan dismounted and fired.

Much to the relief of everyone, all four dogs made successful retrieves, thereby mooting the need for the judges' two reserves, Izzy and Pi, both of whom delivered respectable hours on the ground. Izzy was handled by Mike Mullineaux and is owned by Jay and Dubose Fleming. Kevin and Vicki Jahr's Pi was handled by Diane Vater. Despite this retrieving success, many were heard renewing the annual call for dispensing with callbacks at the National Championships in favor of a qualifying retrieving win instead. The debate continues.


Saturday, Dec. 2, 2006

Brace 1:
  Penny- Mary Brown
  Jazzy- Myron Meifert
Jazzy pointed at 15, backed by Penny both displaying excellent manners but less than perfect style. At 34, Jazzy pointed again, in order, but Penny was picked up for declining to honor. At 50, Jazzy had nice covey find, with good style. The brace was hampered by at least three deer sightings.

Brace 2:
  Rev- Diane Vater
  Bailey- Gorden Hansen
Rev scored first at 10 all in order. At 20 Bailey got hung up on deer. Rev's second find came at 25; he then found a pair at 35 but style was lacking. At 45, he had another double, turning to mark the flush but showing broke.

Brace 3:
  Leatherneck's Chesty Puller - Diane Vater
  Rogue - Tim Carwile
This brace was described earlier.

Brace 4:
  Grayshadow's Field Laureate - Dan Long
  Jade - Diane Vater
This pair's performance was reported above.

Brace 5:
  Gypsy- Myron Meifert
  Solo- Tim Hidalgo
Solo pointed at 20, backed by Gypsy, with all in order. At 35 Gypsy pointed; Tim cautioned Solo to an honor. After the birdwork, Myron picked up as Gypsy's first half had not pleased him.

Brace 6:
  Indy- Dan Long
  Chap- Mike Mullineuax
Chap was retired early at 15 for not pleasing his handler. At 16, Indy had a find, in order, but was up at 26 for knocking a bird.

Brace 7:
  Molly- Tim Hidalgo
Molly, in heat, ran in place as the last dog of the first day's running. Tyler, her original bracemate, moved down to run later. The brace ended early when, at 5, Molly pointed and took steps during the flush attempt. Relocation was necessary but ended with Molly pushing the bird up.

Brace 8: (Day 2)

  Raleigh- Tim Hidalgo
  Dustin- Diane Vater
At 30, Diane roped Dustin for bumping a bird and, at 35, Tim picked up for the same reason.

Brace 9:
  Sirius- Dave Borg
  Scooby- Diane Vater
At 5, Dave called point too quickly as Sirius stopped momentarily; Dave remounted and continued down course. Diane called point at 10 with Scooby maintaining his composure nicely as the bird flushed back and over his head. Scooby had a stop to flush at 18. At 32 Sirius scored a mannerly covey find and was backed by Scooby. After another stop to flush at 47, Scooby suffered an unproductive at 50. His second unproductive, despite a valiant and lengthy flushing attempt came as time was called. If not for the second unproductive, Scooby would surely have been a contender. Sirius was credited for honoring Scooby's on this final work of the hour.

Brace 10:
  Tyler- Diane Vater
  Zoom- Tim Hidalgo
Tyler was up for bumping a covey at 5. At 13 and 20, Zoom scored on small coveys. She suffered an unproductive at 21; Tim picked her up at 30 when she stopped tentatively on the road ahead. As Tim rode up to rope her, a covey flushed.

Brace 11:
This brace was removed due to scratches.

Brace 12:
  NFC/NAFC/FC/AFC Grau Geist's Lil's Gust V Westend - Myron Meifert
  Maverick - Dan Long
This performance was previously described.

Brace 13:
  Sport- Ronnie Sale
  Mongo-Diane Vater
Mongo had stylish finds at 10, 30 and 56, and stop to flushes at 22 and 31. Ronnie collected Sport at 30 after he had been absent for a considerable length of time.

Brace 14:
  Chevy- Nikolaus Scharpf
  Tilly- Diane Vater
At 5, Chevy pointed with great style; relocated but came up empty. He pointed game stylishly at 20, 21, 31, 38 and 55; an award-winning performance perhaps but for steps taken on the fourth find.
Tilly had a stop to flush at 15, moved up scarcely 50 yards and stopped again, the flush and shot were in good order. At 38, Tilly scored another find, her bracemate pointing ahead about 50 yards. Diane flushed and fired over Tilly before Nikolaus arrived at Chevy's find. Chevy maintained his composure until his handler arrived and flushed his game. Tilly was narrowly granted a back at 55.

Brace 15:
  Remy- Gordon Hansen
  Blue- Tim Hidalgo
Remy found birds in the path at 10; and handled them with fine manners. Remy pointed again at 20, backed by Blue; but it was unproductive.

Brace 16: (8 a.m., Monday)
  Reno- Gordon Hansen
  Chular- Gina Bosio (1st)
Reno was not getting the job done and was picked up at 30.
The Scout found Chular on point at 37, where the dog had cut the course. Chular's bird work was very nice. At 55 the Scout called point again for Chular; a quarter mile back and to the left; only feathers were found. Chular had one final piece of birdwork, on a covey while on the way to the front at time.

Brace 17:
  Holly- Tom Ingalla
  Izzy- Mike Mullineaux
At 1, Holly was up for chasing. Izzy continued for the full hour with mannerly finds at 10, 50 and 51. She had a nice covey find at 52.

Brace 18:
  Dust- Dave Borg
  Pi- Diane Vater
Pi pointed in orderly fashion at 12, 17 and 43. Dust honored at 43 and had a stop to flush at 47.

Brace 19: (11:15 a.m.)
  Jota- Dave Pomfret
  Riley- Shirley Hansen
Riley was up at 15, Shirley feeling that this was not his day. Dave retired Jota at 30 after coming up empty in the first half hour and the dog wagon was close.

Brace 20:
  Sammy- Myron Meifert; temp. in low 50s
At 26, Myron picked up when Sammy bumped a covey.

Brace 21:
  Luna- Ross Nott
  Rio- Myron Myfert
At 5, Rio suffered a nonproductive on a pile of feathers; Luna was hacked off an armadillo. Both dogs advance 50 yards and Rio points, backed by Luna though Ross picks up when Luna fails to maintain her position on the honor. Myron moved Rio up and she had another unproductive on a feather pile. At 7, Rio had a nice covey find, in order, with her final bird contact being a covey at 17, handled mannerly.

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