Pointing Breed Field Trials

2006 GWPCA Nationals
Kistler Ranch, near Jamestown, Calif. (October 2006)

by Ray and Lynn Calkins, GWPCA board members

The Kistler Ranch near Jamestown, Calif., provided the site for the 2006 GWPC Nationals. The course was rolling hills covered with California oak, occasional dead falls, many outcroppings of rock and prehistoric slabs of rock thrusting out of the ground.

The cast off showed an open valley lined with tree-covered hills. At 5 minutes a fence crossed the course. The course bent to the left with a moderate incline. After a large deadfall, which usually held birds, the course dropped to a grove of trees and a water trough at the base of a small hill. At the 15-minute mark was an old windmill next to a rock fence. A gate led the course into heavy cover of trees and rocks.

At this point the juvenile stakes split from the championship course. The Derby and Futurity headed back through the valley with small draws and trees. The championships continued straight ahead through a large open flat that allowed the dogs to reach the second windmill which filled a large water trough. From this point, trees, rocks and hills provided many objectives to hunt. The course finally dropped to an open valley and ended at a bluff of rock topped with oaks.

Derby Classic
Judges Kevin Wade and David Gould

Brace 1
Aspendel's I Dream of Jeanie (Ears) O: Kirsten Fulk & Sean Ferraro H: Kirsten Fulk
Von Duffin's Devil in Disquise (Dirk) O: Terry & Ann Duffin H: Terry Duffin
The first brace of the Derby cast off at 1:48 p.m. on Monday, October 30. Both dogs hunted at a medium gun dog pace. At 7 minutes, both dogs pointed beside a large deadfall. After the flush they both picked up their range. Both had a second find at the large dead fall above the water barrel. Ears and Dirk finished their 30 min. with good gun dog performances.

Brace 2
Sure Shot's Pretty Penny JH (Penny) O: John & Serena Sorenson H: Doug Ljungren
Ch Idawire American Pie (Apple) O: Jodi & Tom Quesnell H: Jodi Quesnell
Penny started to the left with a big cast to the trees. She continued along the top of the ridge. At 11 min. she was spotted under a bird, which she retrieved. Penny finished with a big shooting dog race. Apple worked at a medium gun dog range carding a stylish find at 4 min. and another at the 20-min. mark.

Brace 3
Backwood's Almost Famous (Geena) O: Helen Shelley & Greg & Liz Dixon H: Greg Dixon
Geena ran as a bye working hard at a gun dog pace and carding a stylish find at 29-min.

Brace 4
Funtorun Jane (Jane) O: Kelly & Tammi Hanson H: Mike Hemphill
Cascade Honest Abe (Abe) O: Ray & Lynn Calkins H: Ray Calkins
Jane started off strong to the front then moved to the left working through the timber reaching for the large dead fall above the water and then through the grove to the side of the hill. At 15 min., Jane had a find 100 yards above the first windmill. She continued through the second half of the course at a fast forward race and finished strong. Abe ran a medium gun dog course hunting hard but ended birdless.

Brace 5
Piemonte Idawire Annabel v Chisola (Annie) O: Aloysia Hard H: Aloysia Hard
Von Duffin's Traveler (Trav) O: Terry & Ann Duffin H: Terry Duffin
Annie and Trav left the cast off line at 4:30 for the last brace of the day. Annie started with big casts to the trees and continued to work forward. At 10 min. she had a find in the dead fall above the water and made a nice retrieve. Annie worked the second half of the course as a shooting dog, reaching to the rocks high on the right and had a second find which she also retrieved at time. Trav worked hard but ended birdless.

Brace 6
Von Duffin's Mister Stubbs (Stubbs) O: Terry & Ann Duffin H: Terry Duffin
Aspendel's Happy Days (Fonzy) O: Robert Perry & Sean Ferraro H: Kirsten Fulk
Cast off at 8:15 a.m.on Halloween, Stubbs started with wide sweeping casts working forward to the objectives on the hill. Fonzy worked at a medium gun dog pace. He had a stylish find at 28 min. Stubbs joined in the pointing, and both dogs ended with good gun dog performances.

Brace 7
Cascade Tumalo Tess (Tess) O: John & Sandy Williams H: John Williams
Scotian Full Force Gale (Gale) O: Laura Reeves/Jack & Stephanie Rainwater H: Tom Lococo
Both dogs immediately went to work. Tess struck first with a stylish find at 7 min. She worked at a big gun dog pace with a fast attractive gait and carded additional finds at 21 and 28 min. A classic high head and tail and John was able to dismount and flush all three birds. Gale ran a slightly bigger race and was rewarded with a stylish find at 19 min. in the trees to the left of the first windmill. Gale ended strong and to the front.

Penny and Jane were called back to establish a point and placements were:

1 Funtorun Jane
2 Sure Shot's Pretty Penny
3 Cascade Tumalo Tess
4 Ch Idawire's American Pie

Oct. 31-Nov. 1, 2006
By Liz Barrett-Dixon, GWPCA member

Von Duffin's Coffee Nudge (Nudge)
FC St. Croix's Double Diamonds (Diamond)

Nudge and Diamond broke away to the left side of the valley at 10:15 a.m. under sunny skies and warm temps. Nudge stood at 5 above left side of valley. Bird is shot, and all is in order. Nudge carded finds at 15, 25, 36 and 44 with good style and manners throughout. Medium gun dog with nice casts to birds. Diamond is found standing at 10 min.. Good style, but no opportunity to shoot bird. Diamond makes big move to the left thru the first gate and disappears. Gallery goes thru the gap and Diamond comes up. Find at 15, good style; bird is missed; and Diamond is sent on. Nice move by Diamond after the windmill and has find at 35, good style and manners. Diamond hunted hard until time low in the valley.

DC Flintlock's Go Boy V Rahnhaus (Josh)
2 X NAFC DC AFC Cascade Jagd Freund (Jaeger)

Breakaway at 11:15. Jaeger found standing at 5 high on the left side of valley, with Josh coming in to back. Bird is shot, nice retrieve, with all in order by both dogs. Both dogs hunted hard and big thru the valley and past the first water barrel. Both dogs go thru the second gate and take a hard left into the rocks. Josh is seen far left going across the wash, but no Jaeger. Josh hunted hard thru the valley and was rewarded at 41. Good style and manners, but no retrieve. Josh finished his bid shortening a little, but still running hard. Called back for a retrieve - good style and manners and nice retrieve. Jaeger's scout called point at 11:45 and handler, judge and gallery galloped back to the dry wash where Jaeger was on point on a covey of valley quail. Style and manners good. Jaeger caught up with Josh at 41, where he back stylishly. Medium gun dog thru the valley until time was called.

Tumalo Joe (Joey)
St. Croix's White Diamonds (Nell)

First brace after lunch - weather is sunny with a light breeze and warm. Joey and Nell break away well and head up the left side of the valley, both hunting hard. Joey goes on point above the first water barrel at the deadfall. Good style and manners. Joey carded finds at 12 and 20, with the first find missing the bird, second find shooting bird, with a good retrieve. Joey had great running style up the hills and across - lots of power. Had a find at 40 on the last hill before camp, with good style and manners, then another find at 44 below the hill. Good style and manners, and time was called. Great race by Joey. Nell has a find at 13 just thru the second gate, no bird produced. Hunted low in the valley below the windmill and was picked up at 35 for not listening.

AFC Ch. Showdown's Peacemaker (Colt)
Ch. Proulx's Hot Shot Pepper (Pepper)

Breakaway at 2:30 pm. Both dogs breakaway well and go up the left side of the valley. Colt has find at 10 above first water barrel. Great style and manners, bird shot and good retrieve. Find at 20 with good style and manners. Shortened up after the rock crossing, but nice move to bird at 35. Good style and manners. Nice gun dog race with good speed. Last find at 38 across valley, good style and manners. Finished strong. Pepper had a find at the deadfall above first water barrel at 7. Moved up on bird and bird flushed. Pepper did not stand and was up.

Ch. St. Croix's Diamond Jim (Jim)
FC AFC Rader's One Over Par (Bogey)

Last brace of the day. Both dogs hunt thru valley to the left. Jim has find at 12 in rocks just past first water barrel on the hill. Bogey comes in takes a look, then stops. Bird is flushed and shot for Jim, good style, manners and retrieve. Bogey is up. Jim has another find at 30 in hills after windmill. Good style and manners. Medium gun dog race thru valley. Jim has another find at 43 high in valley, with good style and manners. Finishes well.

FC/AFC Sure Shot's White Shadow (Shades)
Griffith's Willy Be Mine? (Willy)

8:30 a.m. Wednesday morning. Shades breaks away well, with Willy following. Both dogs hunted up high to the left in the valley. Willy is seen on point at 7 at deadfall before first water barrel. The bird leaves, Willy stands for a while, then goes on hunting, when another bird leaves, with Willy chasing. Shades comes in from above and goes on point where birds just left. Doug blanked and went on. Barely in the saddle, Shades goes on point at lone tree below deadfall. Bird wild flushed, with Shades standing thru out. Bird is blanked and Shades sent on. Shades hunts fast and hard thru the second gate and down the dry wash. Find at 17 above barrel - bird wouldn't fly, so no shot. Good style and manners. Shades has another find after the windmill at 32 high in the hills. Bird flies over gallery, so no shot at bird. Shades has very similar course to Joey, hunting high thru the hills at a very fast pace. Has another find at 42 in the valley, where a bird is shot and makes a nice retrieve. Going away at time.

DC Wildwings Shameless (Gus)
Ch. Northern Light JH NA NAJ (Hannah)

Breakaway at 9:20. Both dogs breakaway fast. Gus found standing at 3 high on the left before first gate. Great style, but just a hawk kill on deadfall. Gus is sent on and is on point at 9 with great style. Bird is shot and Gus makes retrieve. Hunts hard thru Jaeger rock area and across dry wash. Has find after windmill in the hills, good style and manners. Has find at 26 in rocks above valley, again with good style and manners. Another find at 31 lower in valley, bird flushes and flies over Hannah who is higher above and lands. Hannah can't resist and chases bird and is up. Gus has another find at 40 on left side of valley, still looking great. Another find at 42 across valley towards camp. All is well and Gus finishes strong. A really great gun dog course for Gus. Hannah is shorter gun dog thru out brace. Found standing at 26, but no bird produced. Coyote kill at 28 past windmill. Hunting hard at 31 when mugged by Gus' bird and is up.

Ch. Backwoods Sure Shot Mario (Mario)
Von Duffin's Shock and Awe (Andy)

Both dogs break away fast and go to the trees on left side of valley. Andy goes thru first gate and goes on point at down tree. He is moving up, Mario comes in points momentarily, then goes in and takes out bird. Both dogs chase and are up at 5.

DC/AFC RLB's Milo Kidd (Milo)
FC AFC Cascade Maria (Mari)

Both dogs break away well, with Milo trailing Mari. Milo has find at 7 high in valley before first gate. No shot, but style and manners good. Standing at 16 before gate, Mari comes in and backs. No bird is produced, both dogs sent on. Milo has non productive on hawk kill above windmill. Hunts hard thru valley, medium gun dog. Crosses valley, and goes on point in rocks. Ellis flushes bird; it flew straight up and over the trees, with no shot. Ellis points out second bird, flushes it and gunner shoots. Milo is sent for retrieve, good manners and retrieve. Finishes with medium gun dog race and sore pads. Mari is on point below Milo at 7, nothing but big feather pile found. Hunts hard thru valley, comes over hill and backs Milo before second gate. Mari goes into the trees/rocks after windmill and goes on point, with Milo coming in and backing. Ray can't find bird, so Milo is sent on so he can relocate Mari. Finds bird, flushes and gunner shoots. Good style and manners as bird is shot with a good retrieve. Medium gun dog race, but strong at time.

NAFC DC AFC Rudolph's Blitzen von Duffin (Blitz)
(Bye Dog)

11:45 - final brace -- Blitz starts out slow, but gains momentum by first gate. Hunts hard and high in hills in the valley to the left and after second gate up and past Jaeger's rock. Shortens into the wind before windmill, but after water at windmill goes up into the rocks and is rewarded with a find at 25. Good style and manners, but no retrieve. Find at 29 further down the valley with good style and manners, but bird flies over gallery, so no shot again. Find at 32 even higher on the left halfway down valley in the rocks. No kill again. Blitz hunts high and wide thru the valley on the left side and has find at 39. Good style and manners as bird is shot and makes nice retrieve. Blitz bores to the front and finishes his bid strong.

National Amateur Championship Placements

First Place: NAFC/DC/AFC Rudolph's Blitzen von Duffin "Blitz", Owners John and Sandy Williams
Second: DC Wildwings Shameless "Gus", Owner Lynn Sandor
Third: Tumalo Joe "Joey", Owners John and Sandy Williams
Fourth: FC Sure Shot's White Shadow "Shades", Owner Penny Ljungren

GWPCA National Championship
Judges Ed Dixon Bruce Hale

Brace 1
DC RLB's Milo Kidd (Milo) O: Greg & Liz Dixon H: Greg Dixon
Von Duffin's Coffee Nudge (Nudge) O: Terry & Ann Duffin H: Terry Duffin
Both dogs kicked off the National Championship with a big cast straight up the valley. Nudge put up a chukar at the deadfall and was up. Milo had sloughed a pad and was picked up by his handler at the 12 min. mark.

Brace 2
AFC Flintlock's Slick Shot Saddie (Saddie) O: Brian Lybeck H: Mike Hemphill
Griffith's Willy Be Mine? (Willy) O: Carolyn & Doug Griffith H: Dave LaChance
Willy started with a big fast move up the middle then into the trees and was found standing above the big deadfall on a dead bird. At 19 min Saddie had a kill and retrieve above the second windmill. She had a second find on a covey of quail high in the timber at 34 and a third at 41. Willy's kill and retrieve were in order at 22 min. He had another find just 50 yards farther, and both dogs finished strong.

Brace 3
AFC Radar's One Over Par MH (Bogey) O: Ken & Suzanne Rader H: Ken Rader
NFC/FC Backwood's Sure Shot Wilson (Wilson) O: Ron Wilson H: Greg Dixon
Bogey moved to the trees and worked as a mature gun dog with a nice find at 11 min. on top of the small hill. He worked the heavy trees and had a find at 29 min. with a kill and retrieve in order. Bogey's third find was at 41 min., and he finished with a good gun dog performance. Wilson opened with a huge forward move and was gone. Greg pulled out the tracker.

Brace 4
Showdowns Peacemaker (Colt) O:Gary & Sandy Wickwire H: Gary Wickwire
Ch Backwood's Sure Shot Mario (Mario) O:J Cheshire/D Ljungren/G Dixon H: Greg Dixon
Both dogs cast straight up the middle of the course and moved high into the trees. At 17 min. Colt had a quality find, but no kill was possible. At 8 min. Mario made an unsolicited retrieve and was up. Colt carded a second find at 19 min. Ellis made a great shot and Colt made the retrieve. After the water tank,he went straight up the hill, had a stylish find at 30 min.and finished well.

Brace 5
DC Wildwing's Shameless (Gus) O: Lynn Sandor H: Dave LaChance
NFC/FC Backwood's Longshot (Lewis) O: Eric Kalmes/Terry Avent/Gary Dixon H: Greg Dixon
Gus quickly went to work and was on point at 5 min. The bird was blanked and Dave took Gus to the front. In the trees between the windmills, Gus had two finds,and all was in order. At 26 min.,Gus was on point on a pair of chukar, but at 36 he pushed a bird and was up. Lewis had a nice find above the first windmill, and all was in order through the retrieve. He made a big move to the water tank and over the top of the hill. Lewis blew a pad and was limping badly at 35 min. and finished short.

Brace 6
Von Duffin's Shock & Awe (Andy) O: Terry & Ann Duffin H: Terry Duffin
FC St Croix's Double Diamonds (Diamond) O: Bruce & Sue Mueller H: Bruce Mueller
Both started big. Andy was on point at the first deadfall but failed to wait for the handler and was up. Diamond was on point at 15 min. but moved with the flush and was also up.

Brace 7
DC Flintlocks Go Boy v Rahnhaus (Josh) O: Rocky Gilleard H: Mike Hemphill
Ch Proulx's Hot Shot Pepper (Pepper) O: Joe & Carrie Proulx H: Joe Proulx
A light rain started to fall as this brace cast off. Pepper had a nice find at 4 min. with a kill and retrieve. In the trees between the two windmills, Pepper pushed a pair of chukar and was up. At 15 min. Josh was found standing on two chukar. One bird was down, but Josh focused on the fly away and was not sent for the retrieve. Josh had a nonproductive at 19 min. and a dead bird at 22. At 32 min., he had a second nonproductive and pushed a bird at 36 min.

Brace 8
St Croix's White Diamonds (Nell) O: Bruce & Sue Mueller H: Bruce Mueller
Tumalo Joe (Joey) O: John & Sandy Williams H: John Williams
Nell moved into the trees on the left while Joey took the right side of the course. Nell had a nice find in the trees before the first windmill, but a kill was not possible. She had a nonproductive in the rocks at 17 min. She worked through the timber with a nice cast to the second windmill, passed the water and made a great move up the hill. Nell continued to work the timber on the second half and finished with a nonproductive at 42 min. Joey was found standing on a fresh hawk kill on the hillside above the first windmill. The move across the hill above the second windmill was strong, fast and forward and ended with a second hawk kill. His next move took him across the canyon near the finish and he was on point at 34 min. Birds were seen but not produced. He was on point on a third dead bird at the end of the ridge at time. A bird was ordered down for him, and kill and retrieve were completed.

Brace 9
Backwoods Hit The Road Runnin' (Miles) O: Ellis & Sarah Herz H: Greg Dixon
FC/AFC Cascade Maria (Mari) O: Ray & Lynn Calkins H: Ray Calkins
Saturday was a bright and sunny morning, and cast off was at 8 a.m. Both dogs immediately went to hunting, Mari in the trees to the left and Miles to the right. At 7 min. Mari had a stylish find at the first deadfall with a kill and retrieve. She was again standing at 12 min at the large deadfall. At 17 she stopped on a hawk kill in the trees to the left of the windmill. In the heavy trees she was found standing by the scout at 30 min. Mari had an additional find in the draw just past the second windmill and finished with a move up the draw and forward into the trees. Miles worked the first half of the course well and moved through the trees into the flat above the second windmill where he had a nice find with a kill and retrieve at 27 min. He worked the objectives high on the back side with a find at 35 min. He moved across the valley and finished strong.

Brace 10
FC/AFC Sure Shot's White Shadow (Shades) O: Penny Ljungren H: Doug Ljungren
DC Backwood's Keystone Holy Moses (Moses) O: Ron & Julia Bonar H: Greg Dixon
Shades and Moses started big and both were gone for 8 minutes. Shades returned with a dead bird and was standing at 11 min in the trees just before the first windmill. The kill and retrieve were in order. She had a nonproductive at 23 min. then worked the hillside thoroughly and was rewarded with a stylish find at 28 min. Shades made a big cast through the open area toward the highway and moved across the valley to the end of the course. Moses had a nice kill and retrieve above the first water barrel. He pushed through the trees and flat to the second windmill and up the hill over the top. Moses was spotted on the ridge running huge. He rejoined his handler at 26 min. and was standing at 28 min. At time he shortened.

Brace 11
Ch St Croix's Diamond Jim (Jim) O: Bruce & Sue Mueller H: Bruce Mueller
2xNAFC/DC/AFC Cascade Jagd Freund (Jaeger) O: Gary & Sandy Wickwire H: G Wickwire
Both dogs started strong to the right then moved to the left. Jaeger powered forward with Jim high in the timber. Jaeger had a nice find at 11 min. but safety prevented the kill. He worked through the trees and open flat into the trees above the second windmill. He worked the hillside wide and was found standing high in the rocks at 32. Kill and retrieve were in order. He continued to run big in the valley then across into the trees but was not found at time. Jim had a nice find at 17 min. in the heavy trees with a kill and retrieve. At 25 min. he stopped to flush on quail. He had a final nice find at 43 min. and finished well.

Brace 12
NAFC/DC/AFC Rudolph's Blitzen von Duffin (Blitz) O: John & Sandy Williams H: J Williams
FC/AFC Backwood's Sure Shot Stoney (Stoney) O: David Benson H: Greg Dixon
Both dogs started with a forward race along the left side. Blitz was found standing at 9 min. above the big deadfall, and safety prevented a kill. At the same time, Stoney was standing above the water tank but nothing was produced. Blitz took the fence line to the far end of the trees near the first windmill. The cast ended with a chukar find at 11 min. The kill and retrieve to hand were in order. Both dogs blew through the thicket shoulder to shoulder and across to the second windmill. Blitz climbed the hill, and Stoney took the lower edge and was standing at 20 min. Quail were seen running but not produced. Blitz was standing above on the hillside at 25 min with all in order. Both dogs moved high on the hillside through the rocks and Stoney had a nonproductive at 32 min. Blitz worked high on the hill and was on point at 36 min. He worked down through the open area to the island of trees toward the highway, then back to finish. Stoney finished with a big move to the right.

Brace 13
NFC/DC/Backwoods Sure Shot Marley (Marley) O: Helen Shelley H: Greg Dixon
Flintlock's Dark Star (Gracie) O/H: Mike Hemphill
Marley made a move to the right along the edge of the course while Gracie worked the trees to the left. Marley was found standing on the hill above the first water tank, and a kill was not possible. Marley worked close through the heavy timber then moved forward to the trees past the second windmill and had another find. The bird was downed but, Marley was unable to locate the bird and was moved on. Gracie was found standing on the rock fence at the edge of the course, but no bird was produced. At 34 min. Gracie was again standing in the rocks. Marley failed to back and was up. A single quail was produced for Gracie, and she finished with a dead bird find at 42 min.

Placements for the National Championship—2006

1 NAFC/DC/AFC Rudoph's Blitzen von Duffin
2 Tumalo Joe
3 Griffith's Willy Be Mine
4 NFC/FC Backwood's Longshot