Dachshund Field Trials

Wolverine Dachshund Club Hosts Field Trials At Detroit Beagle Club
April 29-30, 2006
by Karla Diethorn

On April 29 and 30, the Wolverine Dachshund Club hosted a pair of Dachshund field trials at the Detroit Beagle Club. The weather threatened rain a number of times through both days but we were spared any downpours with just a few sprinkles dampening the spring grass.  Spring was in evidence with lush grass; lots of baby rabbits sneaking through the cover; trees in soft, spring green leaves and a few white butterflies that caused more than one beater to stifle a ‘Tally-ho” when they flitted just on the edge of their peripheral vision. 

On Saturday Open All Age Dog Stake judges, David Faust and Ray Parrish, took to the field with 14 dogs to judge.  After some shuffling through four series, they awarded first to the mini wire, Buddy, owned by Charles Gibson.  Cindy Niles’ standard wire, Billy, finished in second with Peanut, a mini wire owned by Corinne and Dave Simpson in third, and Cobi, a mini long owned by William Boler in fourth. 

Open All Age Bitch stake judges, Mary Macklin and David Faust, took on 28 bitches and they did a good job of sorting through them. There were some nice runs by the bitches as well and Cindy Niles’ standard wire, Ruby, ended up on top for the first place win which put her well on her way to her Field Championship.  The mini longhair, Ruby, owned by Paul Thomas finished in second.  Craig and Carol Smith’s mini smooth, Peepers, did a beautiful job on her way to third place.  And Daryl Couturier’s standard wire, Paige finished in fourth.

Field Champion stake judges, Connie Fischer and Ann Parrish, did a quick job of sorting through the 14 Field Champions.  In first place was Oscar, a standard smooth, handled by David Faust and who went on to win Absolute.  Second place was Paul Thomas’ mini long, Roman, who had some nice work on the line. Barbara Koch’s Rosie, a standard longhair, placed third and Gail Sanitate and Carol Smith’s mini long, Bru, ended up in fourth with Carol handling.

Sunday promised a little better weather and at times the sun came out.  Open All Age Bitch stake judges, Ray and Ann Parrish, sorted through 23 bitches to end with Daryl Couturier’s standard wire, Paige, on top.  She had some lovely runs.  Carol Smith’s mini long, Foxy, was in second place with Hal and Linda Greis’ standard longhair, Scarlett right behind in third place.  Beverly and Art Morgan’s standard longhair, Destiny, finished in fourth.

Open All Age Dog Stake Judges, Ray Parrish and Connie Fischer, took 11 dogs to the field and after withholding third and fourth, placed Cobi, the mini longhair, in first place and the standard smooth, Andre, owned by Marne Kerley and handled by Jeff Kerley in second place.  They awarded NBQ to the mini wire Buddy.

The Field Champion judges, David Faust and Mary Macklin, took 14 Field Champions to the field and awarded first to Stanzi, a standard wire, and second to Lutra, also a standard wire and both are owned by Laurel Whinstance-Smith of Canada.  Third, fourth and NBQ were withheld. 

The run for Absolute was between the three winners as a trio.  Paige won it hands down with a lovely run that saw her going through two brush piles and across varied terrain.  She did a beautiful job and used her voice well to earn a well deserved Absolute ribbon.

The Wolverine Dachshund Club also hosted a ham dinner open to all exhibitors on Saturday night and held their raffle after the dinner.  This club does a great job of providing good meals throughout the weekend and looking after the exhibitors.  The weather held out; there was a great final run for Absolute on Sunday and the food was outstanding.  Be sure to put the Wolverine Dachshund Club field trial on your schedule for next year!

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