Dachshund Field Trials

Dachshund Club of Metropolitan Atlanta

Dachshund Club of Metropolitan Atlanta Field Trial

The first day of the Dachshund Club of Metropolitan Atlanta field trial was Weds. March 29, 2006 at the Lookout Beagle Club. The Open stakes and FC Dogs ran the first day and FC Bitches and the non-regular Veterans Stake ran on Thurs. March 30th. The sun was shining, the rabbits were plentiful and the dogs and exhibitors had a great time.

The Open All Age Dog Stake took to the field with judges Michael Nothstein and Sandi Myers presiding over 30 dogs. After the dust cleared the standard longhair, Owl, owned by Patt Nance came through on top. He had some dynamite runs on his way to the top and the win was well deserved.

Next was the Open All Age Bitch Stake with an entry of 48 under judges Gerald Price and Kenneth Hagmueller. The standard longhair, Smooch, came out on top. Another noteworthy performance was put in by Tessie, a standard smooth owned by Scott Ronan and handled by his 16 year old daughter, Caitlan. This pair ended in third place with some nice runs. It is always nice to see the juniors in the field and to know that the future of our sport is assured through them.

M.A. Klein and Vicki Spencer presided over the entry of 38 in the Field Champion Dog Stake. Another of Patt Nance's standard longhairs, Nexus, came out on top.

In the stake of 41 Field Champion Bitches judges Scott Woodall and Ray Parrish had their work cut out for them. After 6 series the mini smooth, Muffin, left no doubt that she was the winner. She had some lovely judges on her way to this win and it was well deserved.

It was Thursday morning that the highlight of the trial came for me. The Dachshund Club of Metropolitan Atlanta held a Veterans Stake for dogs and bitches over 10 years old. The first brace of Tazzie, a standard smooth owned by Sian Kwa and Whitney, a mini smooth owned by Pam Giles started the stake with a bang. This pair of old girls did a wonderful job and it was a joy to watch them. Next came 12 year old Bonnie, a standard smooth owned by Judy Williams and 14 year old Hershey, a standard wire owned by Gerald and Pat Price. They had a nice run with both old dogs working well despite their ages. When the stake of 22 was over, I was thrilled to see Apple Hills Chili Willagaye MS owned by Carrie Hamilton in the top spot. Chili goes back to some old dogs of mine and it was a treat to see her work a rabbit in and out of cover and through the checks despite her grey face.

At the end of the day Absolute went to Owl owned by Patt Nance. Best from the Field Champion classes was Muffin, the mini smooth.

Many thanks go to the Lookout Beagle Club for the use of their wonderful grounds. And a personal thank you to Jack Wood who, after the trial, came out with his 15" male beagle, Six Pack, and reminded me how much I miss hearing a great hound voice on the rabbit line. Thanks, Jack!

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