Dachshund Field Trials

Golden Gate Dachshund Club Field Trials February 4th and 5th, 2006

By Karla Deithorn, AKC Executive Field Rep

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February 4/5 was the weekend for the Golden Gate Dachshund Club field trials at Lagoon Valley Park in Vacaville, CA.

I have always enjoyed watching Dachshunds run jackrabbits. At this park, the varied terrain with steep hills, gullies and flat fields tested the dogs physical stamina and endurance as well as their ability to follow the big running jacks. The weather was ideal. There was rain early Saturday that gave us damp ground and lush grass. The temperatures stayed cool but it was sunny.

As I climbed up and down the hills I was fortunate to see wildlife other than the jackrabbits. At one point we watched five mule deer come out of a draw and go across high on a hill. They jumped a wire fence and then disappeared over the hill. On Sunday morning as I stood on a hill watching the dogs, a large red shouldered hawk left his perch on a big black oak to coast over my head as he went in search of ground squirrels that had their burrows nearby.

None of this disturbed the dogs as they concentrated on their scent work. On Saturday morning judges, Steve Schultz and Nicole Cooper made quick work of the eight dogs in the Open All Age dog stake. After second series where one brace flipped, they called it with the standard smooth, Cash, owned by Sharon Carr winning the stake.

Fifteen Open All Age Bitches took to the field next under judges Pat and Gerald Price. After third series, they announced their winner was the standard smooth, Willow, owned by Miki Perry.

After a break for lunch, Sharon Carr and Robin Welter judged the seventeen Field Champions. After third series, Poppy, a standard wire, owned by Jean Dieden came away with the top spot. She went on to win the Absolute trio with a very nice run.

Sunday again gave us good weather for the dogs to work, although at times. The wind kicked up and caused some dogs problems.

Fourteen Open All Age Bitches went first on Sunday under judges Nicole Cooper and Pat Price. Again, after third series, they announced the standard smooth, Promise, owned by Sharon Carr as the winner and a new Field Champion. Promis had a beautiful run on the flat by the lake. She took the line across to the edge of the road and made the check into some open woods. As she worked her way to the woods, a jack bolted out and ran across the flat into some brush. Promise worked her way to the spot in the woods; made the check and went all the way to the cover when she was picked up. This is the kind of work I would like to see more often in Dachshund field trials.

Sheila Paske and Steve Schultz presided over nine Open All Age dogs. When the dust cleared, Barnabas, an 8 month old standard wire, owned by Pat and Gerald Price walked away with the win.

Again on Sunday, Sharon Carr and Robin Welter presided over seventeen Field Champions. After some runs up the hills and down on the flat, Lilli, a standard smooth, owned by Nicole Cooper came away with the win. Lilli had a beautiful run to take the win. She meticulously worked the line and opened consistently to announce the tracks. Another pretty run that was rewarded.

The Absolute trio went down and the girls could not seem to take the line. Barnabas, the baby boy showed them how it was done. He took Absolute, a first for Pat Price.

There were some very nice runs both days. A few stand out in my mind. Venture, a standard longhair, took a jackrabbit straight up a steep hill, voicing, even as he had to work his way across some clay exposed by a slide. Then there was the mini wire, Darcy, owned by Chris Schulke, who showed me some track sense and a great sense of direction that I have not seen in a long time. Two standard smooths, Willow and Leo, owned by Miki Perry, showed some beautiful check work. Ouzo, a mini long handled by Steve Schultz, marked a jack that ran across the face of a hill as we stood on the flat. Unfortunately, he can mark like a retriever and when released on another jack on the flat minutes later, Ouzo made a beeline for the jackrabbit he had marked. That does not win you a field trial, but I bed he would be a dynamite dog on quail!

Only four dogs can get placings in each stake, but there were many others who showed some wonderful work.

The Golden Gate Dachshund Club has found a great site at Lagoon Valley Park in Vacaville, CA. We owe many thanks to the county for permitting the rental of these great grounds for the use of field trials. GGDC was a delightful host and the pot luck lunches were a treat. Be sure to put the GGDC field trial on your calendar for next year.

And next month you can enjoy the grounds, as Northern California Dachshund Club holds their field trials at the park as well.

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