Dachshund Field Trials

Dachshund Fanciers Association of Berks County

Dachshund Fanciers Association of Berks County Visits Maryland Beagle Club for a Trial

The weekend of April 22-23, 2006 found the Dachshund Fanciers Association of Berks County holding a pair of field trials for local Dachshund Fanciers. April showers started the weekend but that didn't deter the dogs from putting on some good runs. In fact, the damp ground and cool weather was just to their liking. And the rolling hills of Maryland were a beautiful backdrop with the dogwoods in bloom and the hardwoods showing spring leaves.

The Saturday judges got a bit wet but there was some good work from the winning dogs to make it all worthwhile. The Open All Age Dog Stake judges, Teddy Moritz and Ted Damron, had 16 entries. The stake finished with Esta Goldin's standard longhair, Sasha in first place. He was closely followed by Joan and Sanford Horskin's standard smooth, Donder, who also had some really nice runs. William Zwick's standard wire, Rooty, was in third and JoAnn Frier-Murza's mini wire, Ping, came in fourth. Bob and Sandy Patterson's standard smooth breed CH, Woody, was named NBQ.

The Open All Age Bitch Stake judges, Alan James and Randy Eltringham, had a nice entry of 29. Their winner was the mini longhair, Haley, owned by Susan Fuller. Nancy Wilsak's, Penny came in second and was followed by Laurel Whinstance-Smith's standard wire, Pagan in third and Kathy Heimer's standard longhair, Darla in fourth. Mike Pistici's standard smooth, Gladys was named NBQ.

The Field Champion Stake went to the field with 26 entries under judges Susan Fuller and Trudy Kawami. When the dust cleared Michael Pitisci' standard smooth, Brook had won the stake and she went on to win Absolute.

Sunday's weather was much better. The sun came out to warm things up after a cloudy start. Open All Age Dog Stake judges, Susan Fuller and Sherry Ruggieri, did a good job of sorting through the 16 dogs. They finished up with Carrie Hamilton's mini smooth, Mambo, in the top spot and he went on to win Best of the Open Stakes winners. Teddy Moritz and Michael Nothstein went to the field with the 25 bitches. Their winner was Ted Damron's mini longhair, April. This is a young dog with just one year of work and she is definitely going to be a dog to watch. Field Champion Stake judges, Sanford Horskin and Esta Goldin sorted through the 22 dogs and came up with the mini longhair, Cutter, owned by Linda Mansfield as their winner. Cutter went on to take the Absolute win from Mambo that day.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention the wonderful grounds the Maryland Beagle club members were kind enough to let us use. They keep the grounds in top condition with an ample supply of rabbits to keep the stakes moving. And the meals they prepared were outstanding! This is definitely a field trial to add to your schedule if you are in the Maryland area.

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For more information on the Dachshund Fanciers Association of Berks County, please visit their website.