Beagle Field Trials

2014 AKC National SPO National Championship

By Robert Oliver, AKC Field Representative

The AKC National Championship was held on April 11th and 12th, a Friday and Saturday. Attendees were from as far north as Maine and Wisconsin, south as far as Louisiana and Texas, east and west from Virginia to Oklahoma.

The weekend once again was kicked off by the Purina Awards dinner on Thursday night April 10th and was held at the local high school in Beaverdam, Kentucky with three hundred beaglers attending. Awards were given out to the Purina points winners. Next all the junior handlers present were presented with a certificate, sixteen were in attendance. The Junior Handler Program is sponsored by AKC and Purina. Next Hounds and Hunting presented plaques to the Hall of Fame inductees, two deceased beagles and two living beaglers. Please see Hounds and Hunting for a complete listing. Thanks also to Tom Depriest of Hounds and Hunting for providing the picture.

The Championship trial was held on the grounds of the UBGF. With three enclosures totaling over two hundred acres and a five thousand square foot modern clubhouse the UBGF has the premiere trialing grounds in the sport. Thanks to the local club, Butler County, everything was ready for a great trial.

Females ran the first day and with eighty seven entered in the 15” class and one hundred and seventeen in the 13” class it was a full day with both classes finishing the next morning. The classes were sent to the far end of their respective enclosures on the second day to finish and did not interfere with the male classes starting on time.

The male classes ran on the second day, Saturday. Both classes had eighty one entries. The total for the trial was three hundred and seventy two. The trial again ran all day with the winner in the 13” male class being called at dark.

Both days rabbits were easy to find.  Good hound work and knowledgeable judges from different parts of the country made for outstanding winner’s packs in all four classes. If you are interested in the sport of AKC beagle field trialing you would do well to attend the next Championship in April 2015.