Beagle Field Trials

The 2011 AKC SPO National Championship

April 15 & 16 – Morgantown, KY

by Beverley Cross,

It was a beautiful sunny drive from Indianapolis to Beaver Dam KY on Thursday morning, April 14th, but rain was forecasted for most of the trial, and gas was hovering at $4 per gallon, so I was prepared to see a diminished crowd compared to previous years.  I arrived in the early afternoon; and surprisingly many beaglers were already there. The Nationals Committee members were having their business meeting, and the beaglers kept trickling in. Before dark, all of the area hotel parking lots were full of trucks with dog boxes and trailers attached.

The trial got underway under a rainy sky on Friday morning at the UBGF running grounds in Morgantown, Kentucky. It was lousy weather for a handler, but the dogs didn’t mind it at all. Neither did the ticks. They were in full force this year, and people had jugs of permanone tick repellent with pumps and nozzles, hosing down their clothing before heading to the field. AKC Reps Mel Stewart and Robert Oliver were on hand. Anthony Wiley and his merry band of cooks kept the steam tables filled with good, hot food all day long. The large outdoor shelter kept rain off the dog supply vendors and provided a good outdoor place for folks to chat.

With 91 little females and 72 big females, the trial ran until dark. The big females finished up first with Jason Leake’s 15” female, Jakes Southern Blossom, as the winner. Young Grant Leake handled her to the win. When the 13” female winners pack went to the field promptly at 7 pm, they were followed by one of the largest galleries I’d seen in a long time. They returned at dark with a winner. It was a really tight race, but
Parrish’s Crybaby owned by Glenn Schexnayder came back with the blue ribbon.

The weather didn’t break much on Saturday for the running of the male classes. Still rainy, cold, and windy, there were 61 big males and 87 little males entered. Marj Roach, the FTS, had started taking entries the day
before. Marj is one busy lady at this trial. The rain finally let up for the afternoon’s second and third series, but the sun never did come out. There were a lot of kids at the trial this year and they really enjoyed themselves, whether it was handling a dog or just playing around the clubhouse.

They did manage to finish the big male class, congrats to Gordon Cox with his Cox’s Rapid Fire Bullet for the win, but finishing the little males on Saturday wasn’t going to happen. The judges took the 87 dogs down to 6 packs of 6, and then to 3 packs of 6, to end up with a winners pack of 8 that would finish on Sunday morning. Sunday morning turned out to be a beautiful day weather-wise, and after serious consideration, Rufus Carter’s Wizard Wash DY hound emerged as the winner.

With 3 of the 4 wins, the Deep South dogs had a grand showing this year. It’s a 13-hour drive for many of them so it was good to see that the high gas prices didn’t keep them away from the trial. All said and done it was a good crowd of people, an excellent group of judges and marshals, 311 top dogs, and a well-run field trial at a location where game is as plentiful as the fellowship! The trial committee would like to thank Purina, Tritronics, Okie Dog Supply, and all who so generously sponsor or volunteer their time for this most prestigious AKC trial. We appreciate everything you do!

The results are as follows:

15” Females – 72 Entries
FIELD JUDGES: Tim Kasmarzik & Steve Poirier

2011 National Champion
Name: FC Jake's Southern Blossom

Owner: Jason Leake
Sire: FC Reinike's T Bone
Dam: Weedens Blossom

2nd - FC E.R. Mundy 2
Owner: Dawson Morris
Sire: FC Coleman & Manley Line Drive
Dam: East VA 2sweet Sugar

3rd -  FC Wilham's Isabella
Owner: Diane Hammon & Michael Manning
Sire: FC Wienhorst's Dark Line Sailor
Dam: Roy Boy's Rabbit Sweeper

4th -  Big Nug's Shadow
Owner: Bruce Snow
Sire: FC Coleman's Controller Again
Dam: FC Wck's Becky

NBQ FC Taylor's Pat It Out Patsy
Owner: Ronnie Grass
Sire: FC Choptalk Little Cooter
Dam: FC Ted's On-Line Shania

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

13” Females – 91 Entries
FIELD JUDGES: Garry Blevins, Jr. & Blaine Grove

2011 National Champion
Name: Parish's Crybaby

Owner: Glenn Schexnayder
Sire: FC Postoak Little Nip Otis
Dam: Saline Creek Run Em Down Tracy

2nd - Choptalk Silver Selena
Owner: Rita Butler
Sire: FC Dan's H and H Batman
Dam: Woodhaven's Runnin Late Kate

3rd - FC Random Farms Nikki
Owner: Adam Keith
Sire: FC Timber Chopper Clyde
Dam: Random Farms Lena

4th - Madison County Ruby
Owner: Steve Shallenberger & Richard Sawyer
Sire: FC In Line Black Axle
Dam: Madison County Pat

NBQ - FC Primetimes Tuff E Nuff Super Star
Owner: Brandon Johnson
Sire: FC Reinike's T-Bone
Dam: Hoods Dixie II

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

15” Males – 61 Entries
FIELD JUDGE: Scott Douglas & Rick McDonald

2011 National Champion
Name: Cox's Rapid Fire Bullet

Owner: Gordon Cox
Sire: Trinity Mtn Yankee Bo
Dam: Hagan's Lock-on Sister

2nd - FC Yellow Rock Grady
Owner: Joe & Tim Kasmarzik
Sire: FC Yellow Rock Sid
Dam: Happy Corner Yapper

3rd - Name: FC TCS Copper
Owner: Tommy Pollard
Sire: FC Reinicke's T-Bone
Dam: Levis Tuff-E-Nuff Cloie

4th - FC Horse Creek CC Calico
Owner: Bill Emerson
Sire: FC RS and DS Big Mac
Dam: FC Frances Creek Candy

NBQ - FC C and S's Big Dog El Deablo
Owner: Nicky Pinson & Bud Parton
Sire: FC RNR Buckshot Jones
Dam: FC Bold Creek Mindy

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

13” Males – 87 Entries
FIELD JUDGES: Jason Leake & Bill Petteruti

2011 National Champion
Name: Wizard Wash DY

Owner: Rufus Carter
Sire: NSPC FC Reinicke's Blaze
Dam: FC Tham's Wildwood Ida

2nd - FC Templets Rio
Owner: Harvey Templet
Sire: Double Creek Bo Bo II
Dam: Henrys Wendy II

3rd - FC Cotton Country Paco
Owner: Wayne Martin
Sire: Cherry Creek Little Mike
Dam: Honeysuckle Run Polly

4th -  FC Northsides Boy Howdy
Owner: Dan McGee
Sire: FC Bessie's Blackjack
Dam: Woodhavens Runnin Late Kate

NBQ - Bens Mississippi Scooter
Owner: Jack Brown & Bubba Seger
Sire: FC Cotton Country Bo-D
Dam: FC M & M Fiddlin Lil Ruby

2011 Nestle Purina Awards Banquet

Nestle Purina honored their High Point winners for Outstanding Field Trial Beagle for 2010. These awards are given yearly in the four classes, 13" & 15" males and females, and then an overall winner is determined from those four. The awards are presented at the dinner banquet provided by Purina for the beaglers attending the AKC SPO National
Championship Trial.

The banquet was held on Thursday night for the first time; backed up a night (from it’s normal Friday evening slot) so the running of the classes wouldn’t have to be stopped short on Friday. Eddie Wiley with Purina voiced his concern that by moving the dinner back a day from its normal Friday night slot, he wasn’t sure if there would be 20 or 200 in attendance. It turned out that Moonlight BBQ fed 211 people a delicious meal of beef brisket, pork, barbecued chicken and mutton with all the trimmings. Moving the banquet to the night before the trial was a good move. The four Purina Award class winners and overall winner went to the following hounds:

13" Male - FC J-Line's Bulldozer
Owner, Jay Long (accepted for Jay in picture by Louis Berger)

15" Male - FC C & R Mag's Dunce
Owner, Charles Kehres

15" Female - FC Lone Willow Tiarae Hannah
Owner, Josh Herring

13" Female & Overall Winner - FC Valley View Lori
Owner, Josh Herring

FC Valley View Lori scored a whopping 79 points with 11 wins in the Purina race this year, making her the overall winner!  Purina gives a check for $1,500.00 to each winner, and they double that amount if the dog is also registered in the Purina Pro-Plan. Josh Herring received a portrait of Lori (presented by Purina Reps Mike Lucetta and Rod Carter) and a check totaling $4,500.00 from Nestle Purina for his participation and success in the program.

Congratulations Josh and all the winners, and many thanks to Purina for their sponsorship and promotion of the sport of AKC Beagle Field Trialing!

After dinner and the Purina Awards, we got to meet and hear from one of the new owners of Hounds and Hunting, Tom DePriest. Art Slike was Tom’s wingman with the camera for this year’s SPO Hall of Fame inductions. As in previous years, the 2011 inductions went to very worthy AKC SPO beaglers and hounds. This year’s inductees were:

Art Clay
Wayne Martin
FC Inline Black Jack
FC Short’s Kate II

All SPO Hall of Fame members present at the banquet posed for their group photo, and the trial judges were recognized as well.

Click on image for larger view.