Beagle Field Trials

2006 International Beagle Hare Futurity

Reported by Beverley Cross Saunders - The American Beagler Magazine

Waterville Beagle Club in North Vasselboro, Maine hosted this year’s running of the International Beagle Hare Futurity (IBHF) On July 1, 2 & 3, 2006. Despite the forecast of heavy rain, the trialers enjoyed bright, sunny days for the event. Attendance was down a bit from previous years, and most likely due to the severe flooding in New York and Pennsylvania, making it difficult for beaglers who would be traveling along those routes.

The International Beagle Hare Futurity is a specialty trial at which American Kennel Club and Canadian Kennel Club IBHF registered litters compete according to AKC Large Pack rules. The first Futurity was held in 1974, and was formed by a small group of New York and Vermont beaglers who felt more recognition needed to be given to the breeders in the sport.  Litters are registered with the Futurity committee before their first birthday, and are then eligible to compete the year they turn two.

AKC Field Rep Mike Sergio Jr., and several of the sponsors, including Nestle Purina and The American Beagler, attended the 2006 Futurity trial. Nestle Purina and Better Beagling Magazine sponsor the Trial of Champions, an event held on Monday after the Futurity. After the Saturday classes, the Futurity holds a banquet at which the breeder awards are given, as well as other awards of recognition and appreciation. This year, the awards were presented to the following individuals for their contributions and achievements in Large Pack Beagling:

2005 Purina Cup High Hound – FC Beavercreek’s Blue Max, Owner Ernest Weir (USA)

2005 Purina Futurity Trial Sire – FC Satsuma Woody, Owner Mel Faust (USA)

2005 Purina Futurity Trial Dam – IFC Awful Bawlin Hoser, Owner John Monkman (Can)

2005 Purina Futurity Trial Breeder – Rosewell Dasno (USA)

2005 North American Beagler – Dan Kane (Can)

The camaraderie at this distinguished breeders’ event is always great, and this year was no exception. The beaglers look forward to meeting up with old friends who make the yearly trek to the Futurity (many with kids and campers in tow). Some traveled from long distances - California, Louisiana, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island in Canada, hoping to see success from the breeding they made two years prior. As this weekend passed, they enjoyed visits over delicious, home-cooked meals and gracious hospitality from the members of Waterville Beagle Club. Each class of hounds had running and after considerable time under judgment, the winners were announced and awarded. Congratulations to the following owners, breeders and hounds:


13” Bitches – 16 starters
Judges:  Craig Stockwell  & Ray Simoneau

1st - Cryon Betsy
Owner/Breeder George & Greg Steeves

2nd - Calisa's Thrashing Thelma
Owner Jim Jones, Jr. - Breeder Carl Garmans

3rd - Beaver Creek Katie III
Owner/Breeder Mike McPherson

4th - Cryon Sugar
Owner/Breeder George & Greg Steeves

NBQ - Car-Bon Willis's Frost Fire
Owner/Breeder Carl Willis

6th - Car-Bon Willis's Fancy Pants
Owner/Breeder Carl Willis

15" Bitches - 26 Starters
Judges:  Terry Williams & Zane Wesley

1st - Hood's Tail-Or
Owner George Hood - Breeder Terry & Cathy Williams

2nd - Katerina Rowdy Raven
Owner/Breeder Manny Dias

3rd - Wild Mts May May Rouge
Owner Rick & Sue Hall - Breeder Bill Scott

4th - Beaver Meadow Sandy
Owner/Breeder Bob Sweet

(No NBQ or 6th place awarded)

13” Dogs – 19 starters
Judges Carl Willis & Wayne Heckley

1st – Dufrain’s Boy From Floyd
Owner Rickey Dufrain - Breeder A. Tourtiliote & Al Wood

3rd – Spruce Swamp Little Joker
Owner Jim Stacy – Breeder Jim stacy & Kevin Cunningham

4th – Rojean Lakota
Owner Ernest Weir - Breeder Billy Petrie

NBQ – Dufrain’s King Jed
Owner/Breeder Ricky Dufrain

6th – Logan Dufrain’s Rabbit Whacker
Owner/Breeder Ricky Dufrain

15" Dogs – 23 starters
Judges Tom Cheney & Chad Parks

1st - Babbitt's Spinner
Owner/Breeder Sandy & Lewis Babbitt

2nd - Sabattus Mountain Boots
Owner Tina Foster - Breeder Robert Foster

3rd - Mannys Midnight Zoro
Owner Manny Dias - Breeder Ed & Deb Brown

4th - PJ'S Spike
Owner Peter Cardillo - Breeder George Becker

NBQ - Hi-Liner Black Bawlin Ringo
Owner James Becker - Breeder George Becker

6th - Hunger MT Hawkshaw Hawkins
Owner/Breeder Ed & Deb Brown

13" Champions
Judges Jim Becker, Richard Petrie, and Bill Dube

1st - FC Satsuma Peaches
Owner Mel Faust Jr. - Breeder Joel Herring

2nd - FTCH Cryon Wally
Owner/Breeder George & Greg Steeves

3rd - FC Beaver Creek's Blue Max
Owner Ernest Weir III - Breeder Roswell Dasno

4th FTCH Hunt-Em-Up Hope's Blazer
Owner Mike McPherson - Breeder Scott Bolio

NBQ NLPC FC Maravic's Blue Barbie
Owner/Breeder Dick Stone

15” Champions – 15 starters
Judges Campbell Haire & Gary Westgate

1st - FC Babbit’s Smoker
Owner/Breeder Sandy & Lewis Babbitt

2nd – FC Greenwell’s Reggie
Owner Kevin Monroe - Breeder Roy Curtsinger

3rd – NLPC FC Nemaskets Big Spring
Owner Joe Gamache - Breeder Dale Larsen

4th – FC Hood’s Jewel
Owner George Hood - Breeder Elois & Pauline O’Connell

NBQ – FTCH Cryon Chief
Owner Greg C. Champion
Breeder George & Gregory Steeves

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