Beagle Field Trials

Beagle Field Trials in Pennsylvania

May 10 - 13, 2006

The International Beagle Federation held its sanctioned Beagle field trial in Clinton, Pennsylvania just outside of Pittsburgh from May 10 to May 13, 2006 hosted by the Coraopolis Beagle Club.

In the shadows of the ample and cheerful clubhouse, the traditional brace trial commenced under damp and cloudy skies. The hounds put their noses to the ground in search of the rabbits, which were plentiful and active in the cool weather. The Beagles relentlessly pursued the scent with determined accuracy through the brush in their steadfast and methodical manner.

The 13" derby females took off in one direction, while the 15" derby females went off in another. The 13" females were judged by Bob Kimber and Kim Schrotenboer, while the big females were being judged by Dan Collins and Neil Roberts. On hand were AKC Assistant Vice President Bill Speck, Field Director of Hounds Mel Stewart, Field Representative Michael Sergio, Manager of Performance Event Operations Karen Reuter, and Performance Events Representative Lisa King.

On Friday evening, the Federation held its annual banquet at 'The Fez' in Hopewell Township and inducted the newest members to its Hall of Fame. The federation provided guests with a delicious buffet and an enjoyable evening, most notable mention being for the hysterically funny Doby Gray who acted as M.C. and introduced each of the speakers, which included incoming and outgoing officers of the Federation, as well as the new Hall of Fame inductees Mike Mock and Mike Rowe. In addition to those awards, a very special award was presented by Hounds and Hunting Magazine to Lisa King for her outstanding service and support to beaglers and to the sport.

On Saturday morning, the representatives of the AKC visited the nearby site of the Imperial Beagle Club for its Gun Dog brace event, where this time we watched the 15" males take to their game. A hearty breakfast was served in the comfortable club house during roll call. There was a moment of silence to honor the recent passing of the clubs President Carl Wolcutt.

Again, the weather was cool and cloudy and the Beagles darted through the fields in pursuit of the game which were bountiful and active in the seasonable conditions under judges Doug Ellenberger and Larry Kumnick.

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