Braces 34-39: Monday March 7


Brace 34:

DC/AFC BroadRuns Tornado at WindDance JH (aka Tori) Vizsla female owned by Phil & Carole Stout; handled by Jamie Fountain and FC/AFC WFK Palm Glades Coasting Along (aka Sandy) GSP female owned and handled by Jeff Craven were the first to run on Monday morning. These two hunted hard. Tori pointed in a likely spot at 15 with Sandy backing stylishly. When Jamie indicated he would relocate her, the bracemate was permitted to go on. The dog was released into the area of Tori’s hunt and the commotion caused Tori to move on as well with the result being no birds produced. Along the woods edge at 32, Tori pointed again; this too was barren and she was picked up. Sandy pointed near the big pond at 33 but self-relocated and was up.

Brace 35:

NAFC/AFC Snowy River’s Full Strut (aka Strut) GSP male owned by Mark Verdoorn and handled by Chase Verdoorn was braced with Vitesse RCE Lovingly Remembered (aka Reece) Vizsla male owned by Robert & Stephanie Estes and handled by Jamie Fountain. Strut pointed with high style along the pine row but the birds weren’t home today. They both made some good moves and stayed nicely forward for the hour. They carded a divided find just above the ditch crossing with all in order at 53. Reece was found on point at time but no birds were moved.

Brace 36:

2xNFC/NAFC/FC/AFC Flying Dutchman (aka Dutch) Pointer male owned by Spero Manson and handled by Steve Bailey and FC Snowy River’s Tip of the Berg (aka Ice) GSP male owned by Chase Verdoorn & Mark Verdoorn and handled by Chase were the final morning brace. Ice was off to a good start. After a slow beginning Dutch ran a medium gun dog race. Ice pointed stylishly at 33 but took too many steps at the flush. Dutch had slowed by 40 and with no bird contact the judges indicated to his handler that Dutch’s performance wasn’t changing things.

Brace 37:

Pursuit’s Swhizzlechik (aka Penny) Brittany female owned by Jay & Jean Hallaron handled by Kim Trafton and FC/Snowy River’s Ivy Itch (aka Ivy) GSP female owned and handled by Chase Verdoorn . Penny had a short day. Her handler realized that she was not right today and picked her up early in the brace. Ivy was hunting hard, staying to the front but unproductives at 14 and 36 minutes caused her to be retired for the day.

Brace 38:

NAFC/FC Iskote Animikee (aka Boomer) Irish setter male owned by Spero Manson and handled by Steve Bailey and FC/AFC Snowy River’s Cutting Country (aka Dozer) GSP male owned and handled by Chase Verdoorn. These dogs did a good job of covering the course. They were covering a lot of ground and were pleasing to watch. At 19 minutes both dogs were standing along an island of trees and briars. Dozer was pointing with Boomer backing nicely. A woodcock was produced for the mannerly pair. At 37 minutes point was called for Boomer. His handler was inable to produce any birds and a non-productive was put in the books. Dozer was pointing at 43 in an area of high grasses, this also would result in a non-productive. These dogs covered a good amount of ground. Boomer was impressive on his lines and Dozer went to places that other dogs had not covered. Both finished the hour.

Brace 39:

FC Pursuit’s Flashy Chick (aka Bonnie) Brittany female owned by Jay & Jean Halloran and handled by Kim Trafton. Running as a bye, Bonnie covered the course well, handling easy. She was pointing at 12 minutes in an area that other dogs in this stake had suffered non-productive. Bonnie’s handler was able to produce a single quail in front of the mannerly dog. She would spend the remainder of her hour displaying a forward pattern. She and her handler seemed to work well together. At 47 minutes her handler felt she was not challenging the leaders and was picked up.

Winner – Piney Run Lily (AKA Lily), Owner Martha Greenlee, handler Ben Lorenson

2nd place – NFC/NAFC/FC Westweim Get Your Gun Ms. Oakley (aka Annie) Weimaraner female owned by Cydney Hanson & Frank Sommer; handled by Diane Vater

3rd place – NAFC/AFC Snowy River’s Full Strut (aka Strut) GSP male owned by Mark Verdoorn and handled by Chase Verdoorn

4th place - 2xNFC/FC Erbenhof SNS Boogie Woogie Bo (aka Bo) Weimaraner male owned by Duane & Kate Yoder and handled by Diane Vater.