Braces 16, 17 & 18: Thursday Morning March 3


Brace 16:

Waybac’s Captain America (aka Captain) Weimaraner male owned by John J Bonner, handled by Diane Vater and Seabank’s Dancing Pirate (aka Jake) Pointer male owned and handled by Andrew Campbell were the first to run on Thursday morning. Early morning thunderstorms had rolled through saturating already muddy ground. Clouds loomed to the north; portents of weather to come but the sun was shining. Captain applied himself well, working the edges. He went the hour without game contact. Jake made some big moves that took him deep. Point was called from afar at 28 just beyond Turner Road. Something could be seen leaving the area but not by wing. He was on his way to the front when he pointed the second time; this was not productive. Jake pointed again at 49. This in a wooly thicket next to LaGrange Road but nothing was found and he was picked up.

Brace 17:

Erin’s Saint Louis Jimmy (aka Jimmy) Pointer male owned by Brian Wayson and handled by Dave Pomfret was paired with Rusty Nail of Coos (Rusty) Brittany male handled by Ben Lorenson for owner Thomas Wood. These too were strong on the ground and took turns being out of pocket. Rusty was eventually lost. Point was called for Jimmy at 26 but he was taken on as deer had left the vicinity. He pointed again at 32 but a lengthy search did not reveal his quarry. The scout could be heard calling point in the distance at 39 but when the handler arrived he opted to move him on. At 59 Jimmy pointed as the course came out of a draw, this time a covey was produced. Jimmy was both stylish and mannerly throughout.

Brace 18:

Rushcreek Semper Fi A Cut Above (aka CJ) Vizsla male, handled by Clint Sails for Clinton & Valerie Sails broke away in a light rain with FC Jake’s Royal Legacy (aka Gabe) Brittany male owned by Sebastian Ventura and handled by Ben Lorenson. These dogs looked good on the ground from the starting line. CJ was a bit of a handful in the middle of the hour but caught the front at 42 and settled in. CJ scored a nice covey find at 46 near the field trial barns. Gabe ran the hour, predominantly forward but with no bird contact.

Braces 19, 20 & 21: Thursday Afternoon


Brace 19:

Millstar’s The Boss of the Plains (aka Boss) Vizsla male, owned by Melissa Thomas, handled by Jamie Fountain

FC Crandal’s Hideaway Hank (aka Hank) Pointer male owned and handled by Dave Pomfret

Both dogs, when released, raced quickly to the front. Hank went to the outside of the brush line on the left side of the course. He was seen a couple of times to the front but was eventually lost to judgment. Boss had a nice find at 8 minutes in a feed strip. The dog was mannerly, with good style for the small covey. He continued to apply himself to the lines and was ale to maintain the front throughout the turns on the course. He finished the hour still moving well.

Brace 20:

FC Rainbow’s Chicken Nugget (aka Nugget) Brittany female owned by Art & Judy Cohen and handled by Ben Lorenson

Equinox Gus’ Dime (aka Dime) Vizsla female owned by Tom & Cindy Pescod and handled by Jamie Fountain

This pair of dogs was enjoyable to watch. Both dogs ran good gun dog races. Nugget was fast and forward throughout the hour. She would finish her time without pointing birds. Dime also toured the country well. She had a nice find at 53 minutes in a feed strip, she displayed good style and was mannerly for the flush and shot. She would also card a non-productive stand at the 58 minute mark. She also finished the hour.

Brace 21:

FC/AFC Bill’s Last Chance (aka Luke) English Setter male owned by Judith Hamilton and handled by Dave Pomfret

Piney Run Jake (aka Jake) Brittany male owned by Kent Patterson; handled by Ben Lorenson

Both dogs were fast and forward from the opening whistle. Scout called point for Luke at 10 minutes to the right side of the course in an area of heavy grasses and briars. His handler was unable to produce birds despite a careful relocation. At 20 minutes, Jake was pointing into an area of high grasses, no game could be produced. Luke would also suffer a non-productive at the same location at 24 minutes. Luke’s effort was ended at 45 minutes after another barren stand. Jake continued to do a great job of hunting the cover. He applied himself well and was a joy to watch. He would finish his hour as fresh as when he started.