2016 AKC Gun Dog Championship Day 3


Brace 10:

DC/AFC Rushcreek Semper Fi High Style (aka Macy) Vizsla female, owned by Clint and Valerie Sails and handled by Clint was braced with Piney Run Lily (aka Lily) Brittany female, owned by Martha Greenlee, handled by Ben Lorenson.  It was a beautiful morning for running bird dogs; the wind was light, the sun was shining and the temperature was in the upper 30”s at breakaway.  Macy was not having her best day so her handler opted to pick her up at 38.  Lily was hunting deep into the course but handled kindly.  Point was called by her scout at 50; she was standing high and tight.  A covey of quail was flushed, lifting all around her but her manners were right.  She ended her hour nicely forward.

Brace 11:

FC/AFC Duke of Monroes Boomvang Wynfield (aka Boomer) GSP male, Bob Felins owner and handler and DC Gamble’s Benny The Jet SH (aka Benny) Rick Hopkins owner and handler.  Benny was the stronger of the two on the ground but he did not want to handle well and Rick opted to pick him up at the half. Boomer continued on and at 52 he pointed along the edge of a woods.  Unfortunately, he self- relocated while his handler was flushing and was ordered up.

Brace 12:

FC Wild Mtn’s All That (aka Tucker) Brittany male, owned by Helen & Brian Riggle and handled by Brian was paired with FC/AFC Piney Run Rex (aka Rex) Brittany male owned by Art & Judy Cohen and handled by Ben Lorenson.  This pair showed promise as they powered away from the starting line.  At 19 point was called for Tucker; he stood buried up in a thicket displaying high intensity.  The flush was lengthy and he moved in to help and was picked up.  Rex pointed nicely at 28 but it was not productive.  He continued with a forward race but dropped out of sight at 46.  His scout was soon heard calling point, the dog looked good but this turned out to be a second barren stand and he was put in harness.

Brace 13:

Southpaw’s Otter Creek Bailee Belle JH (aka Bailee) Wiemaraner female, owner Brandon Sims, handler Brandon Sims was braced with FC AFC Wynfield’s Redneck Woman MX MXJ OF (aka Greta) GSP female, owners Greg and Patricia Nicholson, handler Greg Nickelson.  The afternoon braces began under very nice conditions.  The temperature had risen into the mid 50’s under clear skies, the breeze was light.  Everyone was expecting a good afternoon to find birds.  Both dogs started out punching to the front.  It became evident that Bailee was not herself today.  She was picked up by her handler at about 20 minutes.  Greta continued on but by 35 minutes she had shortened enough that her handler decided to end her bid.

Brace 14:

Jewel’s Tire Swing (aka Juno) Pointer female, owner Christopher and Stephanie Meyer, handler Diane Vater and brace mate Equinox Gus’ Nickel (aka Nickel) Vizsla female, owners Tom And Cindy Pescot were quickly out of the gate.  At 25 minutes Juno was found pointing along the edge of a stand on native grasses.  Her handler was unable to flush birds, she was allowed to relocate but could not find the birds.  At 34 minutes Nickel was pointing into a grassy area.  Her handler was not able to produce any birds despite a relocation attempt.  Nickel’s day ended at about 48 minutes when her handler elected to end her bid.  Juno finished the hour without additional bird work.

Brace 15:

FC Wynfields Windswept Jerz Devil (aka Diva) GSP female, owners Greg and Patti Nicholson, handler Greg Nickolson was paired with Pine Straw Magpie (aka Maggie) English setter female, owner Michael Reeves and Amber Duff, handler Jamie Fountain.  Both dogs were using the course wisely, hunting well.  At 25 minutes Maggie was pointing into a grassy area.  Her handler was able to flush a nice sized covey for the mannerly dog.  After Maggie had moved on, just short of the thirty minute mark, Diva came in to the same area and pointed a pair of straggler quail.  She took a large step at the flush and was put in the harness.  Maggie would finish her hour.

Lily from the first brace of the day was posted as the day dog.