2016 AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship


Braces 1-3 Monday Morning February 29


Brace 1:

St Jude’s Champaign Fenway (aka Pesky) ES male, owned by Bob, Tracy & Patrick Doran; handled by Ray Dohse and FC Duke’s Blaze Wynfield (aka Blaze) GSP male owned and handled by Eddie Abraham were released promptly at 8 am from the first course starting line which is just across Buford Ellington Road from the Ames Plantation Field Trial stables.  It was a pretty morning with abundant sunshine and a light breeze.  The temperature was about 45 degrees but in the air was promise of warmer temperatures to come.  The setter broke to the right showing to the front at the next edge.  Both dogs were forward but handy at the start.  Pesky applied himself well; showing on forward edges and handling kindly.   Blaze hunted nicely and at 24 he was pointing with high style and intensity in a wooded area.  No birds were produced.  Pesky scored a nice covey find at 30 near the Turner Road crossing; all in order.  Both dogs continued forward hunting and handling well.  At 53, Pesky was on point again; standing high on both ends.  A covey was produced for the mannerly setter.  He completed his hour forward at good range.  Blaze put in a good effort but found no game.  At the end of the day Pesky was posted to the Dog(s) of the Day board.

Brace 2:

FC Eshod’s Uprising (aka Ryder) GSP male owned by Ed & Trudy Moody, handled by Ray Dohse was paired with Ben Shadow (Ben) Pointer male owned by Clint & Valerie Sails and handled by Clint.   Ryder ran a handsome, forward race; going places that made sense for a bird dog to go all the while handling respectably.  Unfortunately Ryder went the hour without bird contact.  Ben was strong and applied himself well but put himself in the middle of a covey at 27 to end his bid.

Brace 3:

Upwinds Tonka Geode (aka Rocko) Vizsla male, owned by Stella Lang, handled by Jamie Fountain was braced with Zansett Simply Red (Red) IS male owned by Stan Zdanczewicz and handled by Tom Waite.  Red ran a predominantly forward race at good range.  He mainly hunted the edges and thickets.  This paid off for him with a covey find at 54 minutes.  He showed fine style and excellent manners.  As a point of interest, this was the location of the covey that was the 8th find for the winner of the recent American Field National Championship.  Rocko handled well and hunted the edges.  At 59 he encountered a covey stopping politely while they were lifting; the judges credited him with a stop to flush.   At the end of the day Simply Red was posted to the board along with Pesky and one other.

Brace 4:

Wayback’s Jewel Up Up And Away (aka Clark) Wiemaraner male, owned by Christopher and Stephanie Meyer, handled by Diane Vater and brace mate GFC AFC Finn MacCuhal (aka Mac) Brittany male, owned by William Gorman and handled by Ben Lorenson were the first brace of the afternoon.  The temperature had risen into the low 60’s at breakaway, the skies were nearly cloudless and any breeze was very light.  Both dogs were away quickly.  Both also seemed to like the edges.  At 45 minutes point was called by a scout and both dogs were observed pointing in a group of tall weeds.  Each dog displayed good style a good manners.  Sent on both dogs continued to tour the country.  At 53 minutes Clark was last seen under judgment.  Mac finished the hour and his effort impressed enough to be posted.

Brace 5:

TIbercreek’s Billy the Kid (aka Pete) Vizsla male, owner Mark Clader, handler Jamie Fountain and brace mate FC Piney Run Hank (aka Hank) Brittany male, owner Robert Donohue, handler Ben Lorenson began their hour by quickly going to the front.  Both dogs applied themselves to the available cover.  At 25 minutes both dogs were standing in a small area of native grasses.  Both looked sure of their game but no birds could be produced.  Both finished the hour.

Brace 6:

FC Saginaw Redneck Cowboy (aka Tex) Vizsla male, owner Mark Johnson, handler Mark Johnson was paired with FC/AFC B.Dock’s Duke of Monroe MH (aka Duke) GSP male, Owner Bob Felins, handler Bob Felins were the final brace of the day.  The skies had begun to cloud over, the temperature had reached the day’s high, in the mid 60’s, the wind was still very light.  Released at 3:35 Tex began his wide tour of the country and Duke settled into a hard hunting pattern.  Duke would score a good covey at 25 minutes, a non-prductive at 35, and another small covey at 48 minutes.  Tex used the tree lines well, covering lots of ground but was without bird contact.  Both dogs finished the hour.