2014 AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship


Non Retrieving Stake -- By Bonnie Hidalgo
Photo Coverage

Retrieving Stake -- By Tom Maneely
Photo Coverage


Day 1 -- Non Retrieving Stake

This prestigious all breed Championship kicked off on Tuesday morning, May 6. The site is the Red Rocks BLM field trial area outside of Reno, NV. It is a big, beautiful place that will provide a good challenge for all competitors. The event is hosted by the German Shorthair Pointer Club of Reno. Judges June McConnell of Meridian, ID and Tim Carwile of Waynesboro, VA are officiating. The temperature at starting time was 35 degrees and snow was falling; by the afternoon the temperatures had climbed into the mid 50's and the sun came out. The wind which has been wicked here for the past several days was present but toned down to an acceptable level. Seventy-four dogs were drawn to run in this stake; at present there have been three scratches. If there are no weather delays this will conclude on Sunday May 11.

Trial Chairmen Ellis Herz and Willie Stevens have worked hard to make this event happen. Karla Weber, the field trial secretary has done a great job with the paperwork and is keeping everyone on the ball. Other Committee members are Tom White, Bill Landress, Gary Sadler, Tom Maneely and Bonnie Hidalgo. Ed Dixon was also on the committee but was unable to attend due to injury. We wish him a speedy recovery. Warren Eiseman has stepped up to the plate to fill Ed's position.

The AKC is very fortunate to have great sponsors for this event. Without them this event would not be so successful. Our hats are off to Purina; SportDog, Cabela's, Dog's Unlimited, Garmin/Tri-Tronics and Eukanuba. We urge you all to patronize these great companies. Their products will make you and your dogs more competitive. Thanks also to everyone who purchased ads in the Championship catalog and to Trish James who did a fantastic job of putting it together.

Brace 1
_FC/AFC Foxgloves Mint Edition (Katie) GSP Female owned by Karen Niffenegger & Brian Hill, handled by Brian Hill was braced with NFC/NAFC/FC/AFC Tumalo Timberjack (Jack) GWP male owned by John & Sandy Williams, handled by John Williams. _Jack scored a nice find at 7 with Katie backing politely and with style. They shared a divided find at 12, all in order. Jack pointed again at 25 with Katie honoring. At 41, Jack had game well located but took a couple steps at the flush. He scored a nice find at 52 with Katie honoring. Katie applied herself well with a good forward pattern. Jack stopped to the flush of wild quail at 58. He hunted thoroughly for the hour.

Brace 2
_FC Keyway's Cover Girl (Alexa) GSP female owned by Kathleen Boyd, handled by Randy Berry was paired with NGDC/FC/AFC/ Foxglove's Making a Buck (George) GSP male owned by Karen Niffenegger & Brian Hill, handled by Brian Hill. _Alex carded good finds at 6, 24, 26 and 36; she showed style and manners on all of them. She pointed feathers at 41. George stopped to flush on a wild bird at 5. He scored a good find at 22; the only move he made was a reasonable one to mark. At 25 he pointed birds at a rock pile with excellent style and manners. He honored Alexa at 36. Both dogs were forward in pattern.

Brace 3
_FC K Nine's On The Loose(Lucy) Brittany female owned by Linda McDonald, handled by Paul Doiron ran with Lindley's Mojo (Mojo) Pointer male, owned and handled by Leif Lendrop. _Lucy had a nice find at 13. She had a good race going when she disappeared and was counted out at 30. Mojo cared a find at 15 on a hilltop with superb style and rock steady manners. He notched impressive finds at 27 and again at 37. His race was consistently forward and powered through the hills the entire hour.

Brace 4
_FC Blew By Yet? (Windy) Brittany female owned by Daniel Doiron, handled by Paul Doiron was drawn with Lindley's Rambler (Rambler) pointer male owned and handled by Leif Lendrop. _Windy had finds at 32 and 48; she showed intensity and fine manners on them. She handled kindly in a smart, forward hunting pattern. Rambler ran a big race and found no game.

Brace 5
_NAFC/FC/AFC Dunfur's Tule Moon (Max) GSP female owned by Irene Palmer, handled by Dan Hoke was braced with Ory's Doc Holiday (Doc) Brittany male owned by Tim & Joy Ory, handled by Paul Doiron. _Doc pointed game at 14 with Max honoring nicely. Max ran an attractive, strong forward race but found no birds. Doc's second find was on a huge covey of chukar at 30, nicely done. At 32 he slammed into point and birds were flushed with all in order. His next finds came at 38 and 41; he showed intensity and manners.

Brace 6
CH Copley's Red River (River) Brittany male owned by Mary Brown & Rashelle Sytsma, handled by Paul Doiron was paired with FC Dunfur's Billy Voltarie (Billie) GSP male owned by Mike Jones, handled by Dan Hoke. River scored a good find at 26 with all in order. He was forward but not having his best day and his handler opted to pick up before the hour elapsed. Billie was strong and fast from the get-go. He suffered a lengthy absence and was also up before the hour.


Day 2 -- Non Retrieving Stake


Oh what a beautiful day! The weather was just about perfect with moderate temperatures, plenty of sunshine and a light wind. In the afternoon it was a bit warm on the ground but most of the dogs handled it easily.

Brace 7
_FC/AFC Attaboy Shock-n-Ah (Shock) English setter male owned and handled by Mike Eisen ran with FC/AFC Dunfur's See Alice (Alice) GSP female owned by Jeremy Stoltz, handled by Dan Hoke. _Shock scored on game at 8. At 13 he stopped to the flush of a wild quail. He carded clean finds at 24 and 32. The find at 32 was unusual as the bird was in a hole in the rocks. Shock was insistent and at last he convinced Mike to reach into the hole and produce the bird. At 48 he was on point again; the birds ran up and around the hill and his handler followed them out of sight. Shock released himself and was ordered up. Alice scored an excellent find at 16 but was lost soon afterwards.

Brace 8
Boot's Lit'l Red Streakin Gator (Gator) Vizsla male owned by Richard & Janis Miller, handled by Dan Hoke was braced with FC Over Under's Bodacious Too (Bodie) Brittany male owned by Janet Fullwood, handled by Wayne Down. Gator was fast and snappy with good range at the start, his pace slowed as time went by. He found no birds. Bodie scored a find at 13 with everything in good order. He was an independent thinker and was eventually picked up for not taking his handler's directions.

Brace 9
DC Drycreek's Tommy by Tommy (Tommy) owned by Nancy Colwell, Robert Studer and Kathy Boyd was scratched. NAFC/DC/AFC MTB Caborita de Scipio, Brittany female owned by Tom White & Margaret Horstmeyer was handled as a bye dog by Tom White. Rita started out strong and forward and continued that way until she was out of pocket and out of time.

Brace 10
_FC MTB Can Am Formula Fun (Frani) Brittany female owned by Tom White & Margaret Horstmeyer, handled by Tom White was braced with FC/AFC Tumalo Teddy (Teddy) GWP male owned by John & Sandy Williams, handled by Randy Berry. _These dogs shared a find at 6; all in order. Frani ran faster than her ears and was lost early. Teddy pointed at 19 but bumped the bird on relocation and was up.

Brace 11
_FC Foxglove's for a Few Dollars More (Dusty) GSP male owned by Brian Hill & Karen Niffenegger and handled by Brian Hill was paired with Say Hey's Oklahoma Kid (Mick) GSP male owned by John Derespini, handled by Scott Azevedo. _Dusty was fast off the line and absent a couple times for a short period. He pointed at 22 but it was a large lizard. He pointed dead birds at 27 and 39. At 47 he connected with a very nice find on chukar. Mick had a find at 19. He pointed again near the gap in the fence but this was not productive. He was nicely forward in his ground application.

Brace 12
_Volta's Howlin Ridge Zin (Zin) GSP male, owned by John & Gayle Moynier, handled by Scott Azevedo was braced with Foxgloves Skys the Limit (Sky) GSP female owned by Karen Niffenegger & Brian Hill, handled by Brian Hill. _Zin ran a big strong race which kept him from view a little too much. He found no game. Sky carded a good find at 15 and another at 33. He ran big and suffered a few absences. At 47 he had a close encounter of the wrong kind with a chukar and the day's running was at end.


Day 3 -- Non Retrieving Stake


Wednesday began much like the previous day but the clouds began to build by late morning; the afternoon was windy and chilly. By evening the winds were strong and humidity was on the rise. It proved to be a good day for finding birds.

Brace 13
FC/AFC MV's Sawyer's Wild Child (Wiley) GSP female owned by Michael Vaz, handled by Gina Bosio ran with DC/AFC Megasmoke Grand Finale (Al) Brittany male owned by Myra Dawn Ellis, handled by Paul Doiron. Wiley put on an impressive display of bird finding with finds at 20, 24, 30, 41 and 50. She displayed excellent manners on all finds. She handled kindly and applied herself attractively to the course. Al was lost from the breakaway.

Brace 14
Leona Valley's Annie Get Your Gun (Annie) Brittany female owned by George & Alice Benoit, handled by Paul Doiron was paired with MV's GRB's Wild Deeds (Via) handled by owner Gina Bosio. Annie pointed at 18 with all in good order. At 31 she ran over a bird and was up. Via scored classy finds at 10, 27, 38, 46 and 51. Her manners were above reproach; her style impeccable. Via ran a beautiful race.

Brace 15
_Del Rey Cut the Mustard (Mickey) GSP male owned by Larry Shaw and handled by Warren Eizman was braced with Winter Creek's Manhattan on the Rocks(Rocky) GSP male owned by Al & Pam Brann, handled by Scott Azevedo. _Mickey pointed at 11 but no birds were produced. His handle was difficult and he was eventually picked up because of it.Rocky scored a find at 14 with good manners. He pointed at 23 but it was unproductive. Rocky had more clean finds at 30 and 36. His handling was a little rough at times which disrupted his pattern.

Brace 16
_Breton's Sam I Am (Sam) Brittany male owned by Gordon Thielen, handled by Scott Azevedo and Pintado's Cactus Joe (Joey) GSP male owned and handled by Tim Baranski were the last to run before lunch break. _Sam was seen under a bird at 17. Joey pointed unsuccessfully at 27. He found no game.

Brace 17
_FC Great Notion (Tri) Setter male owned and handled by Tom Griffin ran with FC Seldom Seen Slim (Slim) Brittany male owned by Bill & Cindy Leffingwell, handled by Paul Doiron. _Tri had an excellent find at 12 near the road. His next find came at 16 in the rocks again with stunning style and awesome manners. He scored five more finds which came at 24, 26, 30, 40 and 58. He showed immaculate manners on them all and stood high and tight on both ends. Tri ran fast, carrying his tail at 12 o'clock, applying himself correctly to the course. He turned in an exciting performance and was consistent in range and tempo for the entire hour.

Brace 18
_FC HVK's High Flying Kyte (Kyte) Brittany female owned by Dan Doiron and handled by Paul Doiron ran as a bye. _Kyte's opening cast was rewarded with a nice find at 2. She picked up a dead bird at 24; scored a good find at 26 and again at 37. She suffered a blank stand at 43. She ran a good race and finished nicely.


Day 4 -- Non Retrieving Stake


Friday May 4 dawned partly cloudy; overnight rain had cleared out well before starting time. The wind was up and increased in strength as the day progressed. Conditions were tough for the dogs. The morning start time temperature was 48 but the day warmed to nearly 70 before the afternoon running concluded.

Brace 19
_PVK's Heart of a Rhinestone Cow Girl(Belle)GSP female owned by Bill & Pat Tanner, handled by Craig Smith was drawn to run with FC/AFC Megasmoke Moon Chip (Chip) Brittany male owned by Linda Langford, handled by Tom White. _Belle pointed at 14 but moved on it and was picked up. Chip stopped to flush at 5; he scored a nice find at 7. At 10 he styled up again with nice intensity and manners through flush and shot. He was picked up early as he wasn't handling well in the headwind.

Brace 20
_DC/AFC MTB Scipio's Hot Shot of Whizke (Cali) Brittany female owned by Tom White & Margaret Horstmeyer, handled by Tom White ran with FC/AFC Pintado's High Jack (Jack) GSP male owned and handled by Tim Baranski. _Cali carded a good find at 8. She pointed game again at 18, but took a couple steps at flush. Two more finds came at 24 and 28 with nice style and manners. She ran an attractive race and finished well. Jack had finds at 9, 13, 20 and 41. He left at the flush at 41 and was picked up.

Brace 21
Breton's Golden Heart of Pepper-Sun (Cookie) Brittany female owned by Jim Cullor, handled by Scott Azevedo was paired with Golden West Spot on Dixie (Dixie) GSP female, owned and handled by Steve Pasas. Cookie was under a bird at 14. Dixie was lost early.

Brace 22
_Golden West Zip Cody (Zip) GSP male owned and handled by Steve Pasas was braced with Glenhaven Dragonslayer (Morgan) Setter male owned by Charles & Dale Walker, handled by Scott Azevedo. _This brace turned loose from the parking lot; Zip encountered bobwhite on the path at 2 and didn't handle them properly. Morgan was lost off the breakaway.

Brace 23
_FC/AFC Jam's Blue Tail Comet (Buddy) GSP male owned by Marie & Jim Absmeier, handled by Jim Absmeier released with NAFC Brophy's Riding High (Jerry Jeff) Irish Setter male, owned by David & Vickie Tompkins & Ken Ruff, handled by Dave Tompkins. _Buddy pointed nicely at 6 but took steps after the shot and his handler opted to pick him up. Jerry Jeff pointed at 5 but it was a dead bird. He had a barren stand at 22. Near the gap in the fence, he pointed chukar at 30; he turned slightly to mark it as it ran. He seemed to be struggling in the wind and his handler opted to put him on the wagon at 35.**

Brace 24
FC/AFC Aims High Beetle Juice (Beetle) GSP male owned and handled by Ty Callicotte was paired with DC/AFC Dual Shot's Behind Bars (Sarge) GWP male owned by Wayne & Kim Yamashita & Karla Hawkins. Beetle pointed at 25 but no birds were produced. He pointed game successfully at 35 and 38. At 43, he was on point again; he marked the flush a bit zealously. His find at 49 was extremely nice, both in manners and class. He was athletic and attractive on the ground. Beetle finished the hour with a great sweeping move to the trees on the right and carried it on to the front. Sarge was statuesque on point at 7; style and manners were superb for the flush. He hunted the rock outcroppings smartly and ran well. He vanished in the rocks at 17 and was not seen again under judgment.


Day 5 -- Non Retrieving Stake


Saturday May 10 dawned partly cloudy with a reasonable wind. Willie Stevens and Larry McConnell salted the course. Not far into the morning's running the conditions changed; Mother Nature dealt a mixed hand with periods of sleet and snow. The starting time temperature of 46 degrees rose to 50 before dropping to 40 in mid afternoon. Some scratches caused a shift in the running order; Secretary Karla Weber planned carefully in order to minimize confusion.

Brace 25
_FC/AFC Double Black Diamond Roo (Roo) GSP male owned by Michael & Louise Landgraf, handled by Michael Landgraf was braced with Fredrich's George Jetsson (George) Setter male owned by Paul Fredrich, handled by Dan Hoke. _Roo stopped to flush at 30. He pointed again at 58 but it was not productive. He worked at good hunting range. George ran over bobwhite quail just up the hill from the breakaway at 2.

Brace 26
_Staley's Orange Outlaw Mr. Cooper (Cooper) Brittany male owned and handled by Jason Staley ran with DC/AFC Wireswest Mardi Gras MHA (Stoli) GWP female owned and handled by Meg Eden. _Cooper pointed unsuccessfully at 16 and 25. He had two good finds, one at 31 and the other at 54. Cooper made some nice casts. Stoli pointed with style and intensity at 9, manners were impeccable. On the right side of the course she pointed again at 13, all was perfect. Stoli appeared to have excellent rapport with her handler but even so she was lost and timed out at 40. She had been putting in an attractive, forward effort.

Brace 27
FC/AFC DCR's Rough Justice (Jake) GSP male owned and handled by Don Pool was paired with Equinox's Gus' Dime (Di) Vizsla female owned by Tom & Cindy Pescod, handled by Cindy. Hail and sleet fell during this brace and was driven by strong wind making for miserable conditions for man and man's best friend. Jake scored his first contact on running birds at 7, all in order. At 17 he was standing on a hilltop, when his handler and judge finally arrived, Pool advised that the dog needed to relocate. The relocation was quick and accurate and another great piece of work went to Jake's credit._He _stopped to flush at 33 and notched another find at 41, properly handling running birds. He ran a reaching race, hitting all the likely spots without losing track of his handler. Jake finished well. Di pointed a dead bird at 6; handled a proper stop to flush at 20 at the fence gap. At 40 she got to close to a bird and was picked up.

Brace 28
Kona's Blue Mojo (Zeb) GSP male owned and handled by Don Pool ran with JMA's Whitetail Comet (Winnie) a GSP female owned by Jim & Marie Absmeier, handled by Scott Azevedo. Zeb suffered a 10 minute absence early in the hour but when he showed it was forward. He pointed feathers at 35 and scored a good covey find at 45. He went on to finish well. Winnie pointed at 9 but the birds weren't home. She was athletic and powerful on the ground. She scooped a bird to end her chances.

Brace 29
_Wiedenhugel Kate v Gus (Kate) owned by Cynthia Heiller, handled by Meg Eden was released with Witch Hazel (Hazel) GSP female owned by Frank & Marion Fernandez, handled by Frank Fernandez. Conditions deteriorated just after the start of this brace. Wind and driving snow plagued this and the last brace. _Kate started nicely. At 24 she pointed at the rock pile with excellent intensity and manners. She handled like a dream but by 45 it became obvious that she was not feeling well and she was taken to the dog wagon. Hazel covered some good ground up until she pushed a bird out at 32.

Brace 30
_FC/AFC P and J's Rim Rock (Rim) Brittany male owned by Jim & Pattie Hammett, handled by Jim Hammett was paired with Timbuktu II (Timmy) GSP male owned by Frank & Marion Fernandez, handled by Frank Fernandez. _This pair ran well. They were in the same locale when a bird lifted at 29 but the judges determined that Timmy was in the wrong and that Rim had not seen the bird. Rim pointed a bird at 38 but moved in to flush it and Saturday's running was concluded.Miraculously the weather turned pleasant just as the last brace picked up.

Four braces remain in the Non Retrieving Championship; it will conclude late Sunday morning.


Day 6 -- Non Retrieving Stake


This was a beautiful day! There was frost overnight but the plentiful sunshine chased away the cold. The winds had calmed to a breeze and remained that way until the running was concluded. Following the running of the last four braces ,the announcement of the winners was made.

Brace 31
_FC/AFC Spanish Corral's Sonny Patch (Patch) Brittany male owned and handled by Joe Gower was paired with Sky's Trojan Arrow (Troji) GSP female owned and handled by Larry Metter. _Patch took a right toward the retrieving course and pointed game at 11 in the junipers, all in order. He was lost soon after his birdwork and the tracker was out at 29. Troji pointed in the rocks at 16, showing excellent finish. Her second find came at 38; again she was stylish and mannerly. She had a nonproductive stand at 41 and then pointed feathers at 51. She had a kind handle.

Brace 32
_NAFC/FC/AFC Spanish Corral's Sundance Kid (Sonny) Brittany male owned and handled by Joe Gower ran with Big Rock Von Kobe (Kobe) GSP male owned by Kevin Prescott, handled by Dan Hoke. _Sonny was strong from the breakaway. At 14 he pointed and a quail, unseen by the judge, was flushed behind him by the approaching gallery; his handler opted to take him on without working it and another bird was seen that was likely the one pointed. At 24 he scored a good find in the rocks. He was pointing again at 39 but it proved to be barren. Sonny scored a nice find at 46. He was independent but handled well for the most part. Kobe had a nonproductive at 6. He carded mannerly and attractive finds at 29, 36 and 56.

Brace 33
_Tonelli's Sky Walker (Sky) GSP male owned by Lou Tonelli, handled by Randy Berry was drawn to run with Del Rey Steppin on the Edge (Stepper) GSP male owned by Larry Shaw, handled by Warren Eisman. _Sky scored a good find at 11. Her next contact came at 37 and she failed to handle it properly and was picked up. Stepper was gone soon after the release and not found under judgment.

Brace 34
DC MB's Make Mine a Double (Mac) Brittany male owned by Robert & Christine Landerholm-Miller, handled by Paul Doiron ran with FC Foxglove's California Edition (Tyson) GSP male owned by Mike Hewett, handled by Randy Berry. Mac ran a good race; he was bigger at the start than at the end but still a very respectable ground effort. He pointed a rabbit at 23 but scored excellent finds at 41 and 50. He showed a wonderful rapport with his handler. Tyson made a bold move that took him up to the high ridge and he was lost early.

In Conclusion

The Non Retrieving Gun Dog Championship is a one hour heat that has been designated a Grand Stake. Grand Field Champion points will be awarded to the winner if it has previously been awarded an FC title. It commenced on Tuesday May 6 and concluded Sunday May 11. Seventy-four dogs were drawn although several scratches reduced that number.

This event was sponsored by Purina, SportDog, Cabela's, Garmin/Tritronics, Dogs Unlimited and Eukanuba. We would like to take this opportunity to thank these generous sponsors. We urge you to support these fine companies; they make this game we play possible! SportDog was represented at the event by Jim Morehouse. He explained the ins & outs of the product and is very knowledgeable on the products he represents and knows how to train dogs with them. Purina was represented by Roy Pelton. Roy takes the time to explain Purina's various products and can guide you to the proper formula for your dog's needs. Purina sponsored the dinner on Friday night and also supplied product. All sponsors' supplied either gift certificates or product as part of their sponsorships. Thank you Sponsors! You are very much appreciated!

A lot of people came together to make this event a success, Ellis Herz, Willie Stevens and Karla Weber deserve much of the credit. Mike Eisen was awesome help with keeping water tanks filled and making a trip to California to pick up more birds. Stakes managers Tom White and Warren Eisman kept things flowing in their respective stakes. Bill Landress cooked lunch every day and it was wonderful as were the dinners he prepared on Tuesday and Friday night. Morning salt of the hour course was completed by Tom White, Willie Stevens, and Larry McConnell. Many people pitched in to plant braces or do the noon salting. Margaret Horstmeyer made a sign-up sheet for volunteers. At the risk of missing someone, I wish to thank Tom & Margaret, Gina Bosio & Mike Vaz, Gary Sadler, Tom Maneely, Jim Murphy, Jim Hammett, Mike Landgraf and Don Pool. Thanks to Cindy Pescod and Jody Beckley for helping bag birds. The dog truck was supplied by Willie Stevens and driven by Bonnie Hidalgo. Co-pilot for the final three days was Gabby Pool who was great company and helped to pass out the snacks and water between braces. Trish James created the catalog and Pam & Willie Stevens collected the numerous packages that were shipped to their home. Last but not least, Thanks to all of the members of the GSPC of Reno for loaning equipment for the set up and conduct of this event. My apologies to any helper I may have neglected to mention!

Judges for the Non Retrieving Gun Dog Championship were Tim Carwile of Waynesboro, VA and June McConnell of Meridian, ID. Tim and June bring a wealth of bird dog and field trial knowledge to the table. They have been involved in the sport of field trialing for most of their lives. They have each judged numerous National and Regional trials. They are very much respected and the Gun Dog Championship Association was extremely fortunate to secure their services. They rode hard in unpleasant conditions, watched every dog closely and made informed decisions about the dogs they saw. Their decision was well received.

In addition to the breeds that placed, three Best of breed awards were presented. These awards are presented to the top dog in each breed that successfully completes its hour under judgment.

The Brittany was well represented byDC MB's Make Mine a Double (Mac) Brittany male owned by Robert & Christine Landerholm-Miller and handled by Paul Doiron.

The German Wirehair Pointer award was won by NFC/NAFC/FC/AFC Tumalo Timberjack (Jack) GWP male owned by John & Sandy Williams, handled by John Williams.

The Pointer award went to Lindley's Mojo (Mojo) Pointer male, owned and handled by Leif Lendrop.

The judges gave out one Judges Award of Merit; this went to FC/AFC Aims High Beetle Juice (Beetle) GSP male owned and handled by Ty Callicotte.

And the Winner is...FC/AFC DCR's Rough Justice (Jake) GSP male owned and handled by Don Pool. Second place went to FC Great Notion (Tri) Setter male owned and handled by Tom Griffin. InThird place wasMV's GRB's Wild Deeds (Via) handled by owner Gina Bosio. Fourth place went to FC/AFC MV's Sawyer's Wild Child (Wiley) GSP female owned by Michael Vaz, handled by Gina Bosio

Day 1 -- Retrieving Stake

The 2014 AKC Gun Dog Championship Retrieving Stake began on Thursday May 8th with the running of the first series, which would take 3 days. The running of the second series would run on Monday May 12th.

The stake was officiated by Greg Dixon and David Pomfret. Both of these gentlemen are professional pointing dog trainers. Their experience with many different breeds and years of running dogs would lead to a well-received decision on the winning dogs.

The weather threw everything you could think of at the competitors before the running was completed. From snow, high winds, rain, to a blue bird day for the second series we saw it all.

The first series was run on a single, loop course. The terrain was moderately hilly. The vegetation was high desert grasses and sage brush. There was a line of Juniper trees on the right as we broke away, which we would pass in the waning minutes of the brace. There were also a few (very few) Junipers scattered throughout the course.

Day One -- The day dawned seasonably warm and clear with light winds. The morning would remain very nice but the afternoon brought clouds, a strong NW wind, and temperatures that felt very cool.

The running commenced promptly at 8 AM. The plan was to run 8 braces in the morning and 4 in the afternoon.

Brace 1) Double C's Dusty Rose (Rose), GSP, Handler Craig Smith - FC/AFC DCR's Rough Justice (Jake), GSP, Handler Don Pool Both dogs hunted hard and ran to the limits of the course. Rose would go without bird contact. Jake had finds at 3, 15, and 29 minutes, all in order. His retrieve was very good. Both dogs finished their time.

Brace 2) FCH Smitty's Little Scout (Scout), ES, Handler Roy Smith - Red Demon's Mirror Image (Red), Vizsla, Handler Warren Eizman. Scout was lost early in the brace only to be found on point on the back side of the ridge where he was last seen. Red ran a nice gun dog race. He would find game at 4, 9, 15, and 23 minutes.

Brace 3) Say Hey's Oklahoma Kid (Mick), GSP, Handler Scott Azevado - Golden West Zip Cody (Zip), GSP, Handler Steven Pasas. Mick had a good find at 5 minutes which Zip nicely backed. Zip was up shortly after that. Mick had a second find at 24 minutes where his day ended.

Brace 4) FC/AFC JMA'S Mighty Heidi MH (Heidi), GSP, Handler Jim Absmeier - FC/AFC Spanish Corral's Sonny Patch (Patch), Brittany, handler Joe Gower. Heidi ran a big race, very strong at the finish. She would find game twice at 17 and 19 minutes. Patch was lost to judgment early in the brace.

Brace 5) DC/AFC Dual Shot's Behind Bars (Sarge), GWP, Handler Wayne Yamashita - Equinox Gus' Dime (Di), Vizsla, Handler Cindy Pescod. Gus ran a strong race. He would be credited with nice finds at 15 minutes and at 27 minutes. Di was hunted well in her quest of game. She would have finds at 18, 25, and 28 minutes.

Brace 6) Witch Hazel(Hazel), GSP, Handler Frank Ferandez - FC/AFC Pand J's Rim Rock (Rim), Brittany, Handler Jim Hannett. Hazel used the country well. She had a good find at 18 minutes, and second find on a large group of birds at 21 minutes. She finished well. Rim had a short trip and was up at 18 minutes.

Brace 7) FC/ AFC MV's Dirty Deeds (Angus), GSP, Handler Gina Bosio - AFC Hi Proof Brandy Mist MH (Brandy), Brittany, Handler Jim Murphy. Angus hunted hard and had 2 finds, at 16, and 20 minutes. He finished strongly. Brandy would point at 4 minutes, a hawk killed bird. She finished without a find to her credit.

Brace 8) DC/AFC Proulxc Wireswest Big Jake (Jake), GWP, Handler Joe Proulx - FC/AFC Aims High's Beetle Juice (Beetle), GSP, Handler Ty Callicotte. Jake was a scratch. Beetle ran a well applied race. He scored a nice find at 15 minutes and would finish the time.

Brace 9) FC Foxgloves California Edition (Tyson), GSP, Handler Randy Berry -

FC/AFC Megasmoke Moon Chip (Chip), Brittany, Handler Tom White. Tyson ran a powerful race showing well. He had multiple finds, well-spaced in the brace. Chip was seen little early. He had a find at 20 minutes where his day ended.

Brace 10) Kona's Blue Mojo (Zeb), GSP, Handler Don Poole - FC/AFC JMA'S Blue Tail Comet (Buddy), GSP, Handler Jim Absmeier. Both dogs were gone early. They ran big races but would not card any finds.

Brace 11) Foxgloves Skys the Limit (Sky), GSP, Handler Dan Hoke - Wieidenhugel Kate V Gus (Kate), GWP, Handler Meg Eden. Sky could only score an early back of her brace mate. She hunted hard but went without any finds. Kate ran a nice gun dog race. She would card 3 well-spaced finds, and a non-productive.

Brace 12) Golden West Spot On Dixie (Dixie), GSP, Handler Steven Pasas - FC Foxgloves for a Few Dollars More (Dusty), GSP, Handler Brian Hill. Dixie hunted hard but could get any birds pointed. Dusty ran well and recorded an early find at 4 minutes and a second good find at 14 minutes. At 23 minutes a running bird ended his day.

Day 2 -- Retrieving Stake

It was a beautiful morning. The temperature was in the lower 50's, the wind was very light, and there were only a few big fluffy clouds. These conditions would not last all day. By the afternoon the wind had picked up to 20+ MPH. the temperatures only rose into the 60's. The wind had an effect on several of the dogs and was miserable for the people.

The schedule called for 11 braces to be ran. There were two scratches which accounted for the loss of one brace. There was also a conflict with a dog that was running in the Grand Field Champion stake. Brace #15 on the running order was dropped to run as the last brace of the day.

Brace 13) FC/ AFC Attaboy Shock-N-Ah (Shock), E Setter, Handler Mike Eisen - Del Rey Steppin On the Edge (Stepper), GSP, Handler Warren Eizman. Stepper became the first dog of the day to break away to the right, go over the hill and not be seen again under judgment. Shock ran a workmanlike ground race. He went to the right places and was rewarded with 3 good finds, at 10, 18, and 23 minutes. All handled with good style and manners.

Brace 14) MV's Sawyers Wild Child (Wiley), GSP, Handler Gina Bosio - FC/ AFC Foxgloves Mint Edition (Katie), GSP, Handler Brian Hill. Both of these dogs went to the right and were out of pocket until Wiley was found pointing at 15 minutes. Katie came in and naturally backed Wiley. No birds were produced. Wiley would suffer an additional NP at 26 minutes. Katie would finish her time without having found game.

At this point in the running order there was a change. Due to a conflict with the hour course the advertised brace 15 was moved down to run as the last brace of the day. I am listing the braces as they ran.

Brace 15) Caprock's O'Smokin' Hot N Hearty (Smokin), Wiem, Handler Gina Bosio - FC Blew By Yet? (Windy), Brittany, Handler Paul Doiron. Smokin had a short trip when he ran over a bird at 7 minutes. Windy had a busy brace. She suffered a non-productive at 15 minutes, had a stop to flush at 20, and carded two good finds, one at 22 and the other at 26 minutes. She ran a well applied race and was attractively gaited.

Brace 16) FC K Nine's On The Loose (Lucy), Brittany, Handler Paul Doiron - Timbuktu II (Timmy), GSP, Handler Randy Berry. Lucy had a problem with a bird at 10 minutes and was done. Timmy had his running shoes on and became the second victim of the hillside to the right of the course. He was gone early and his handler pulled his tracker at 16 minutes.

Brace 17) Leona Valley's Annie Get Your Gun (Annie), Brittany, Handler Paul Doiron - FC Keyway's Cover Girl (Alexia), GSP, Handler Randy Berry. Annie would record a good find at 11 minutes and a second find at 17 which ended his day. Alexa was the nest victim of the hill on the right side of the course. She was lost early, seen crossing the second ridge to the east. Her handler asked for the tracker at 15 minutes

Brace 18) NGDC/ FC/AFC Foxgloves Making A Buck (George), GSP, Handler Brian Hill - Von Der Feld IB Daisy (Daisy), GSP, Handler Jack Halford. The wind had grown quite strong as this brace was released. Both dogs had good ground application, both were nicely gaited. George had a nice find at 16 minutes. He suffered a non-productive at 25. Daisy would have one solid find at 18 minutes. Both dogs finished the time.

Brrace 19) Boot's Lit'l Red Streakin Gator (Gator), Vizsla, handler Dan Hoke - FC/ AFC Double Black Diamond Roo (Roo), GSP, Handler Michael Landgraf. Both dogs were fast on the ground, attractively gaited, and applied themselves well. Gator was only able to card a stop to flush at 18 minutes. Roo was only able to put a non-productive in the books.

Brace 20) FC Dunfur's Billy Voltarie (Billie), GSP, Handler Dan Hoke - FC/ AFC Tumalo Teddy (teddy), GWP, Handler Randy Berry. Billie was the final victim of the hill on the right side of the breakaway field. Not having been seen in quite some time, his handler called for the tracker at 16 minutes. Teddy ran well with good range and application. He was without bird contact.

Brace 21) DC/ AFC Wireswest Mardi Gras (Stoli), GWP, Handle Meg Eden - NAFC/FC/AFC Dunfur's Tule Moon (Max), GSP, Handler Dan Hoke. This was a fun brace to watch. Stoli hunted well and showed a knack for finding birds. She had good finds at 16 and 22 minutes. She also had a non-productive at 19 minutes. Max ran a big race. He had a very good find at 18 minutes.

Brace 22) Equinox Gus's Nickle (Niki), Vizsla, Handler Tom Pescod - Staley's Orange Outlaw Mr. Cooper (Cooper), Brittany, Handler Jason Staley. Niki had a short day. At just 8 minutes she ran over a bird and could not get stopped. Cooper ran a well-directed race. His search for game led him to two finds, one at 10 minutes and one at 16 minutes. He finished well.

Brace 23) JMA's Whitetail Comet (Winnie), GSP, Handler Scott Azevado - NWGDC/ FC JB's Double Action Ruger (Kota), Vizsla, Handler Jody Beckley. Winnie began very strongly. She would back her brace mate at 12 minutes. At 18 minutes she had trouble getting a bird pointed and was picked up. Kota displayed a easy handling race that was well directed. She had finds at 10, 12, and23 minutes, all handled well.

Day 3 -- Retrieving Stake

What a day! The weather started mild and sunny, the constant wind had become very light, the skies were clear. As the day went on the weather became, shall we say, poor. The temperatures dropped (at least it felt that way), the winds became quite strong, heavy clouds blew over from the northwest, leaving light snow as they passed. The dogs thought it was great but it was hard on the people.

Brace 24) Megasmoke Grand Finale (Al), Brittany, Handler Paul Doiron -- NFC/NAFC FC/AFC Tumalo Timberjack. Al was lost shortly after the breakaway only to be found on point after the tracker was called for. Jack ran nicely. He is a strong dog that uses the terrain well. He had a very stylish find at 21 minutes and finished well.

Brace 25) FC Onpoint's Flying Axel JH (Jack), Vizsla, Handler Warren Eizman -- FC HVK's High Flying Kyte (Kyte), Brittany, Handler Paul Doiron. Jack displayed an intelligent ground application. He had finds at 8, 12, and 26 minutes. All with acceptable manners. Kyte was fast and forward throughout his time. He recorded a single find of a large covey of birds. His manners and style were very good.

Brace 26) Tonelli's Sky Walker (Sky), GSP, Handler Randy Berry -- DC MB's make Mine a Double (Mac), Brittany, Handler Paul Doiron. This pair were hard running dogs that applies themselves well. Sky had 2 good finds, one at 9 minutes and the second at 28 minutes. Mac would card finds at 9, 13, 24, and 27 minutes. Both dogs looked very good their game and both were very well mannered.

Brace 27) NAFC/ FC/ AFC Spanish Corral's Sundance Kid (Sonny), Brittany, Handler Joe Gower -- FC/AFC Dunfur's See Alice (Alice), GSP, Handler Dan Hoke. Sonny's day was short as he missed a backing opportunity at 10 minutes. Alice was fast on the ground, at times running to the extremes of the course. Her only find was on a dead bird at 22 minutes. She finished well.

Brace 28) Sky's Trojan Arrow (Troji) GSP, Handler Larry Metter -- Big Rock Von Kobe (Kobe), GSP, Handler Dan Hoke. Troji had a short trip and was up at 10 minutes. Alice ran wide well directed race. She had finds at 10, 18, 24, and 30 minutes. She looked good on her finds and her manners were beyond question.

Brace 29) K Nine's Redrock Sniper (Jenni), Brittany, Handler Paul Doiron -- NGDC/DC/AFC JB's Asker Bout Birds MH (Kinze), Vizsla, Handler Jody Beckley. Jenni looked good early and recoreded an honor of her brace mate at 8 minutes. Her handler elected to pick her up shortly after. Kinze hunted hard. She had a find at 8 minutes that required a lengthy relocation to produce her birds. She added a find at 19 minutes and a final find at 29 minutes.

Second Series -- Retrieving Stake

Excitement ran high as the second series began. The weather, which had been a factor through most of the first series had given us a break. The skies were clear with a bright sun; the winds had diminished and were light out of the south east. The wind would increase as the day went on but never got stronger than 10 MPH. The temperatures began in the lower fifties and would rise to near seventy as the afternoon progressed.

The first series (thirty minute) had used a course that was a large loop. This loop was increased in size by moving the starting line to the west, near where the hour stake had begun their out course to accommodate the forty five minute course. From this point the course went north past the hill that where we had turned east in the first series. The course turned east crossing several large hills and valleys before turning south and following a similar route that had been used in the first series. The course finished near the spot they had begun. The cover on the course consisted of mainly sage brush, clumps of grasses and a scattering of Juniper trees. This is big country and the dogs needed to have the courage and stamina to handle this country to the best advantage. As there were very few easily identifiable objectives the dogs needed to use these objectives to their advantage while not wasting time in the areas that offered few opportunities to find birds.

The judges had called back twelve dogs on the strength of the first series. Placements took into account the accumulative effort of both series. Several dogs had strong first series and several had very strong second series. As in the first series the dogs were asked to retrieve the first bird they found on course. All the dogs in the second series had good performances and most would have been in the money at your normal week end trial but the level of competition at this level is very strong.

Brace 1) FC HVK's High Flying Kyte (Kyte), Brittany, Handler Paul Doiron

FC/AFC DCR's Rough Justice (Jake), GSP, Handler Don Pool

Away at 8:03, both dogs were wide and seen little early in the brace. Both dogs were back in the pocket by the 15 minute mark. Jake was the first to find game with a well-mannered find at 18 minutes. A relocation was required and was swift and accurate. Kyte would score his first find at 25 minutes. He looked very good on his game and was well mannered for the flush. At 26 minutes Jake was again pointing. The running bird took a relocation which Jake did well, all in order. Kyte added another find at 30 minutes were he demonstrated a very nice retrieve. Jake's day was ended at 30 minutes when he got to close to a bird on relocation and caused it to leave. Kyte added two more finds, one at 37 minutes where he swapped ends, sending dust flying. This bird left before the handler could get to him. His final find was at 39 minutes on which he was asked to relocate. He handled this relocation well and the bird was produced for the stylish dog. He finished his time forward with a snap to his step.

Brace 2) DC MB's Make Mine a Double (Mac), Brittany, Handler Paul Doiron

FC/AFC MV's Dirty Deeds (Angus), GSP, Handler Gina Bosio

This pair was released shortly before 9 AM. At the first whistle they both went to the front with great vigor. Both dogs were out of pocket for a bit early in their brace. Angus would be the first to card a find when at 23 minutes he was pointing on the ridge to the east of the course. One minute later, Mac, who was also hunting the same ridge, pointed about 200 yards south of Angus. Both dogs handled their find well and both performed the required retrieve. At 32 minutes the dogs shared a find in the sage, both dogs well-mannered and both with good style. Mac would add a final find at 38 minutes on the ridge before we dropped into the opening field. Once again his style and manners were very good. Both dogs finished the time. Mac impressed with how well he handled.

Brace 3) NFC/NAFC/FC/AFC Tumalo Jack (Jack), GWP, Handler John Williams

Big Rock Von Kobe (Kobe), GSP, Hadnler Doan Hoke

The day had begun to warm and a light breeze had picked up. The third brace was off at 9:50 AM. Jack was the first to find game at 10 minutes. He had a large group of birds well pointed. When flushed, most of the birds flew away but one bird flew directly over the stylish Jack. This bird distracted his attention and be would need to be handled into the retrieve, which he did well. Kobe had gone strongly to the front at the break away and was seen little early in the brace. Kobe had a very good find at 30 minutes on the far east ridge where is great style and good manners were on display. Jack would be the next to find game in the valley on the east side of the course. Again he displayed his high style and advanced training. Both dogs were very strong on the ground and applied themselves well to the available cover. Jack would suffer a non-productive stand at 43 minutes.

Brace 4) NGDC/FC/AFC Foxglove's Making a Buck (George), GSP, Handler Brian Hill

DC/AFC Wireswest Mardi Gras (Stoli), GWP, Handler Meg Eden

The last brace before a lunch break was released at about 11 AM. Both dogs went to the front quickly. George had a nice find at 10 minutes on a pair of birds. This was handled with style and his retrieve was very good. Stoli had been seen little early but was found pointing at 15. The gallery riding to see Stoli on point caught George's attention and when he saw the pointing dog he naturally backed. Unable to flush birds Stoli's handler asked to relocate but only a rabbit could be produced. Taken on Stoli would have a very nice find at 30 minutes, she displayed great style and performed her retrieve well. George would point at 32 minutes, only a dead bird w=could be found. George would add two good finds to his count, one at 36 minutes on the last ridge before we dropped back into the opening field. Stoli would naturally back her brace mate. Taken on George was on point again at 42 minutes with Stoli once again coming into back her stylish brace mate. Both dogs finished with gas in the tank.

Brace 5) Wieiswnhugel Kate V Gus (Kate), GWP, Handler Meg Eden

Witch Hazel (Hazel), GSP, Handler Frank Fernandez

Released at 1 PM, hare was first to find game. At 6 minutes she stood attractively on a group of about 6 birds. Her manners were perfect and her retrieve was very nice. Hazel would point a dead bird at 28 minutes near where the course turned to the west. Hazel slowed near the end of time and was picked up at 40 miutes. Kate finished her time with the single find. She was still moving well at the call of time.

Brace 6) NAFC/FC/AFC Dunfur's Tule Moon (Max), Handler Dan Hoke

FC Blew By Yet? (Windy), Brittany, Handler Paul Doiron

The final brace was released at 2 PM. Max had a great find at just 5 minutes with Windy nicely backing. All was in order. Sent on, both dogs covered great amounts of ground, Max reaching for the limits of the course. At 14 minutes max again found game. Again his style was very good and his manners beyond question. He executed his retrieve well. He would add a final impressive find at 27 minutes. He is a very enjoyable dog to watch both on the ground and on his game. He finished strongly. Windy hunted hard for her time on the ground. She was unable to find game and would only be credited with backing her brace mate


1st and best GWP -- NFC/AFC/FC/AFC Tumalo Jack, GWP, Owner John and Sandy Williams, handler John Williams

2nd GSP -- NAFC/FC/AFC Dunfur's Tule Moon, GSP, Owner Irene Palmer, Handler Dan Hoke

3rd -- Big Rock Von Kobe, GSP, Oner Kevin Prescott, Handler Dan Hoke

4th and best Brittany-- DC MB's Make Mine a Double, Brittany, Owner Robert & Christin Landerholm-Miller, Handler Paul Doiron

Best Vizsla -- NGDC/DC/AFC JB's Asker Bout Birds MH, Owner / Handler Joanne Beckley

Best English setter -- FC/AFC Attaboy Shock-N-Ah, Owner / Handler Mike Eisen