2014 AKC Walking Gun Dog Championship


Photo Coverage

Day 1 -- April 1, 2014

The first day of the Championship began under mainly cloudy skies and a very chilly 20 degrees. There was a strong north wind. As the day progressed the temperatures rose into the 50's, the skies cleared, and the winds diminished making for pleasant conditions. Humidity was very low and the ground was very dry and dusty.

1) Wynfield's Redneck Woman MXJ MX OF "Greta", GSP(F), Handler: Greg Nicholson
Snips Spot-On Shooter "Shooter", GSP (M), Handler: Brenda Roe
Greta had two nice pieces of bird work. The first at 5 minutes, and the second at 55 minutes. Good style and manners on each find. She ran a consistent, forward race.
Shooter had a nice find a 6 minutes, ran an intelligent race. He had a bobble on a bird at 27 minutes and was up.

2) C AFC Dale von Chehalem Mtn MH CGC RNX "Dale", GSP (M), Handler: Alen Braswell
Marg C's Nawful Rody MH "Nawful", Irish Setter (F), Handler: Jim Keller
Dale ran an good race, using the wind to his advantage and applying himself well. He scored on game 5 times, each find with very nice style. His 6th find at around 55 minutes was
not what his handler had hoped for and his day was done.
Nawful was fun to watch, moving nicely across the ground. She had a short day when she missed the opportunity to back her brace mate.

3) FC AFC Snowy River Bad News Biscuit "Biscuit", GSP (M), Handler: Chase Verdoorn/Mark Verdoorn
FC AFC Poppyhills Martini With A Twist "Monte", Vizsla, (M), Handler: Janice Branam/Jody Beckley
Biscuit had good finds at 14 and 28 minutes. He ran a strong, forward race and finished the hour.
Monte had finds at 15 and 45 minutes, very stylish. He also had a back of his brace mate at 14 minutes and a stop to flush at 50 minutes. He also finished the hour well.

4) Joyful Schammy Shoefly "Schammy", GSP (F), Handler: Susan Oertel
Equinox Gus' Nickel "Nickel", Vizsla (M), Handler: Cindy Pescod
Schammy had a good find at 5 minutes, and two non-productives. She ran a nice race and finished the hour.
Nickel ran a hard hunting race but was only able to card a non-productive. He finished the hour working to the front.

5) FC AFC Thunderhead's Hott Pursuit MH "Chase" GSP (M), Handler: Neal Eckhardt
Gamble's Benny The Jet SH "Benny", GSP (M), Handler: Rick Hopkins
Chase was up early when a wild flush ended his day.
Benny ran a comfortable, forward race. He scored twice on game, at 35 and 47 minutes. Good style and manners. He finished the hour.

6) St. Clair's Prince Rocco Vulcano Leo "Rocco", Brittany (M), Handler: Jon St. Clair
CH Country Road's Indy Speedway Racer "Indy", Brittany (M), Handler: James Austin
Rocco was fun to watch as he nicely gaited and fast on the ground. A wild flushing bird ended his day to early.
Indy was also fast on the ground and a pleasure to watch. His day was done when he brought in a bird as we left the second field.

Day 2 -- April 2, 2014

Temperatures were warmer on this second morning of running but the humidity and the wind were still cold. The cold weather worked in the favor of walking handlers and running dogs.

Brace 7
FC Erbe's Firepowder "Powder" Breed: GSP Sex: F**Handler: Rhonda Haukoos and Snowy River's Tip of the Berg "Ice" Breed: GSP Sex: M**Handler: Chase Verdoorn. Ice scored very nice finds at 3, 6 and 18 and was putting down a good race. Powder pointed game intently at 8 and honored Ice at 18, showing good manners. Things went downhill for them at 30 and both were picked up.**

Brace 8
DC Up N'Adam's Silhouette "Shadow" Breed: GSP Sex: F**Handler: Katie Tazzaand NFC FC AFC Lundy's Red Bull "Bull" **Breed: Vizsla Sex: M Handler: Laura Miller. This brace was a fun one with two fine performances. Shadow notched stylish, mannerly finds at 6, 23, 26, 30 and 35. Bull pointed staunchly on all of his finds. They occurred at 8, 21, 25, 48 and 51. Both dogs were pleasing in pattern; Bull was the stronger of the two in speed and range.

Brace 9
2xNFC NAFC FC AFC Flying Dutchman "Dutch" Breed: Pointer Sex: M Handler: Steve Bailey and FC Last Chance Crop Duster "Dusty" Breed: GSP Sex: M Handler Jon Hann. Dutch ran a forward pattern during which he had a couple stylish finds and a very mannerly back. Dusty had four nice finds and a good ground race.**

Misting rain fell occasionally during the afternoon and the temperature hovered around 40 degrees. With a strong northeast wind and gloomy skies the weather had everyone bundling up. Scenting conditions were good even though the ground was dry.

Brace 10
BCK Joyful Lilee June Shoefly "Lilee June" Breed: GSP Sex: F Handler: Susan Breed Oertel andGambles Gentleman Jack "Jack" Breed: GSP Sex: M Handler: Rick Hopkins. Lilee June was on a bird finding mission and didn't have much time to show her running style! She scored finds at 3, 6, 14, 24, 31, 34, 38, 40 and 50. On some of these she appeared to have the birds better located than on others, as evidenced by the difference in her staunchness and intensity. Jack failed to back on one of Lilee's nine finds and was picked up.

Brace 11
FC AFC Palm Glades Jameson SH "Jameson" Breed: GSP Sex: M Handler: Tim Molony andNAGDC FC AFC Snowy River Sambo Smokin "Sambo" Breed: GSP Sex: M**Handler: Chase Verdoorn. Sambo scored excellent finds at 7 and 26. Jameson pointed stylishly at 38 with Sambo backing. At 45 Sambo pointed again with all in good order. Jameson had a find just a little further down the line at 46 and this was a classy display of birdwork. Jameson suffered an unproductive stand at 49. Sambo found game again at 51, once more displaying perfect manners. Both dogs put down very satisfactory races and handled kindly.

Brace 12
FC AFC Dash Away "Dash" Breed: Pointer Sex: M Handler: Steve Bailey andUp N'Adam's Beguiling "Babe" Breed: GSP Sex: F Handler: Katie Tazza. Dash went right to his business and was pointing at 5; Babe came up and failed to back, ending her bid quickly. Dash had more finds at 9, 21, 30, 45 and 50 and showed extreme style and perfect manners on all of them. He went hunting in some areas where few dogs had searched and he was successful. Dash had a detracting absence but was found on point, with all in order.

Day 3 -- April 3, 2014

It was a misty day with periods of light rain; the sun never showed. The temperature only varied a few degrees all day, ranging from 39 to 42. The winds increased as the day wore on. Scenting conditions appeared to be excellent but the birds were soggy and slow.

Brace 13
FC Odyssey's Perfect Traveler "Charlie" Breed: GSP Sex: M Handler: Jon Hann and FC Brillow's Wild West Ponder Rosa "Fuzzy" Breed: GWP Sex: F Handler: Rhonda Haukoos. Charlie had a close encounter of the wrong kind with quail and was picked up early in the hour. Fuzzy scored a nice, mannerly find at 8. She pointed again, this time near the lake. She looked good but moved at the flush and was taken up.

Brace 14
DC AFC Dual Shot's Behind Bars "Sarge" Breed: GWP Sex: M Handler: Wayne Yamashita and FC AFC Snowy River's Wildfire Smoke "Smoke" Breed: GSP Sex: F Handler: Chase Verdoorn. Smoke pointed intently at 7, Sarge came in for a perfect honor. Just past the second rock crossing, Smoke pointed and Sarge again backed him. All was in good order for both dogs. At the east end of the course Smoke was seen under a bird and he was out. Sarge scored a nice clean find on the tree row. A little further on he carded an unproductive. He ran the entire hour and ended his run with a well handled woodcock find.

Brace 15
Up N'Adam's Bedazzled "Raquel" Breed: GSP Sex: F**Handler: Katie Tazza andFC JB's Double Action Ruger "Kota" Breed: Vizsla Sex: M**Handler: Jody Beckley. Raquel was not pleasing her handler and was picked up early in the hour. Kota was on a bird finding mission and pointed quail on seven occasions. All of his finds were well spaced; he displayed intensity and wonderful manners on his game.

Brace 16
DC Gambles Sam Man MH "Sam" Breed: GSP Sex: M Handler: Brenda Roe andMSK's Lil Motown Hero "Maggs" Breed: GSP Sex: F**Handler: Mike Kuzeppa. They were credited with a divided find just beyond the first rock crossing. Both dogs showed good style and manners. They were forward running. Near the lake Maggs was seen carrying a bird and he was ordered up. Sam suffered a lengthy absence and was timed out.

Brace 17
FC AFC Short Stuff Von Greiwe "Calli" Breed: GSP Sex: F Handler: Chase Verdoorn andFC AFC Odyssey's Cool-J Callen "Callen" Breed: GSP Sex: M Handler: Jon Hann. Calli brought back a bird early in the brace and she was done. Callen continued forward. He pointed near the east end of the course but came up empty. Later he found a bird but brought it in and that ended the brace.

Brace 18
FC Wynfields Windswept Jerz Devil "Diva" Breed: GSP Sex: F Handler: Greg Nicholson andNFC FC Brillow's Wild West Show "Miss Kitty" Breed: GWP Sex: F**Handler: Rhonda Haukoos. Diva was found on point at 30; she was buried in deep grass near the lake. All was in order on this bird work. Later in the hour she grabbed a bird and ended her bid for the title. Miss Kitty scored two mannerly finds before she also scooped a bird and ended the day's running.

Day 4 -- April 4, 2014

The final day began cold, very windy, overcast, with a trace of snow on the ground. As the day progressed the skies cleared, the winds diminished, and the temperature rose to near 50 degrees.

Brace 19 -- Stella was scratched and Ruby was moved down to run in the final brace.

Brace 20 - FC AFC Foxglovees Dream Chaser "Chase", GSP (F), Handler: Wayne Yamashita - NFC NGDC FC Brillows Big Wild Western "Wiley", GWP (M), Handler: Rhonda Haukoos

Chase ran a nice race with an easy handle. He scored on game 6, 15, 26, 58 minutes. She had a stop to flush at 34 minutes and backed her brace mate at 33. Her bird work was very clean and stylish. Wiley was the wider of the two. He had game at 8, 13, 24, 33, and 42 minutes. He missed the opportunity to back at 58 minutes to end his bid.

Brace 21 - Equinox Gus' Dime "Dime", Vizsla (F), Handler: Cindy Pescod - Snowy River's Cuttin Country "Dozer" GSP (M), Handler: Chase Verdoorn

Dime hunted the country in a workman like fashion. She pointed game at 9, 25, 33, 48, and 56 minutes. She also nicely backed her brace mate at 5 minutes. She finished the hour. Dozer scored early, at 5 minutes, had a divided find at 9 minutes and a very nice find at 30 minutes. He carded one non-productive at 25 minutes. He backed his brace mate at 33. He was up shortly after that point.

Brace 22 - DC AFC Boulder's N Fusion's Heart of a Stallion "Enzo", Vizsla (M), Handler: Brandon Blum - DC Gambles Odyssey Blitz SH "Blitz", GSP (M), Handler: Brenda Roe

Blitz was lost early in the hour. Enzo was on a bird finding mission. He had good bird work at 5, 11, 25, 33, and a very nice find at 59 minutes. He would also have a non-productive at 45 minutes, a stop to flush at 52 minutes. He finished the hour still hunting hard.

Brace 23 - FC Borg's Nightsky Eclipse "Eli", Pointer (M), NGDC DC AFC JB's Asker Bout Birds MH "Kinze", Vizsla (F), Handler: Joanne Beckley

Eli ran a strong, forward race, and was seen little in the early minutes. He was found pointing at 15 minutes. Despite a relocation no birds were produced. He made a mistake with a bird at 33 minutes and was up. Kinze ran a good race, applying herself well to the course. She pointed game at 13, 19, 26, 33, and at 48 minutes at the end of a big cast. She also suffered two non-productives, one at 38 and one at 56.

Brace 24 - GCH DC NAFC AFC Ariel's Justa Gotta Go Now "Louie", GWP (M) - FC AFC Odyssey's Boxa Rise'Ann Shine "Ruby", GSP (F), Handler: Caleb Bryson

Louie ran hard and wide but kept good contact with his handler. He had a find at 24 minutes, and was retired by his handler shortly after. Ruby had a good find at 15 minutes where his good style and manners were on display. She covered the ground well and was pleasing to watch. She made an error on a wild flushing bird at 46 to end her day.

2014 Pointing Breed Walking Gun Dog Champion - FC JBs Double Action Ruger / Vizsla / Owner-Chet and Jody Beckley / Handler - Jody Beckley

Runner-Up Champion - FC AFC Dash Away / Pointer / Owner - Spero Manson / Handler - Steve Bailey

3rd - FC Last Chance Crop Duster / GSP / Owner -- Dan and Linda Stinnett / Handler - Jon Hann

4th - NGDC DC AFC JBs Asker Bout Birds / Vizsla / Owner -- Joanne Beckley / Handler - Jon Hann

Judges Award of Merit - NAGDC FC AFC Snowy River Sambo Smokin / GSP / Owner- Chase and Mark Verdoorn / Handler - Chase Verdoorn

Best of Breed GWP - DC AFC Dual Shots Behind Bars / Owner/Handler - Wayne Yamashita

Special Judges Award. "Hoover Award" (12 finds!) - Joyful Schammy Shoefly / GSP / Owner/Handler - Susan Oertel