Event Committee Bulletin: Spring 2013


From the Editor

Spring has sprung and with the change in season so too come other changes! This season has brought many changes to Event Operations including staff changes and many rule/regulation changes as well. As many of you may know, Bobby Birdsong retired effective February 28, 2013. Leading this team is Alan Slay. He joined the AKC in 1996 as part of our ISD (computer) department. While working in ISD he supported the Event Operations department. In April 2012, Alan joined the Event Operations department as the Director, Event Programs. Expect to see Alan out at events this spring and summer!

The health and safety of all dogs, exhibitors, and spectators is of paramount concern for AKC especially at events. With this in mind, we have included information in this issue about handling situations regarding dog health at an AKC event. Remember that AKC Executive Field Representative (EFR) are an invaluable resource in handling these situations as well as others that may come up during the course of your event. If your event does not have an AKC EFR present the AKC Weekend Hotline (800-252-7894) is available to provide you with that same resource.

This issue also contains friendly reminders about items that must be included in your premium list and an article about the National Specialty Catalog Sales Board policy and how it applies to all clubs. There are many recent changes to the Obedience Regulations which are detailed along with other recent updates in our Rule Changes section. We always appreciate feedback from clubs and exhibitors about new ideas or how to improve our current programs. Please send your feedback and ideas to eventnews@akc.org.

In this Bulletin:

Bri Tesarz


Are you a new event committee member? Have you been working with the committee for some time but still have questions? Have you been the show chair for many years but aren't sure of all the new AKC policies? If you answered yes to any of these questions the AKC Show Committee Seminar is for you!

These seminars cover topics such as AKC paperwork, superintendent & judges selection, preparing a premium list, event hearings, new AKC rules, regulations, and policies and much more! A knowledgeable and experienced AKC representative facilitates the seminar and is available to answer any of your questions about putting on the best event you can.

Upcoming seminars include:

  • None currently scheduled

Seminars are scheduled throughout the year. To find the latest information on upcoming seminars visit our seminar search page and select "Show Chairman" as the seminar type. If your club is interested in hosting a seminar please contact Bri Tesarz at (919) 816-3514 or glt@akc.org at least 6 months in advance.

Changes to Rules Applying to Dog Shows

Chapter 11, Section 3; Effective: Immediately
Judges of the 4-6 Month Beginner Puppy competition can judge and exhibit on the same day.

AKC National Owner Handled Series Tips

Many clubs are offering this Series at their events and exhibitors are excited to enter the competition. Clubs offering the AKC National Owner Handled Series (NOHS) should be sure to notify their judges of the inclusion of this competition in their event. It is also imperative that clubs work with their stewards to educate them on how to administer the Series and work with the superintendent to avoid Group ring conflicts.

Information on the judging procedure for the Series can be found on the AKC NOHS webpage. This page also includes a helpful chart for which dog(s) are eligible based on the regular class winners. It is preferred that judges be approved for at least one group (not necessarily the AKC NOHS Group they will judge). If no group judges on the existing panel are available, club can use judges with less than a group.

The show chair (along with the AKC Field Representative, if in attendance) should conduct a briefing with all stewards to remind them of the inclusion of the Series and answer any questions that may come up. Stewards should focus on the dogs eligible to compete (those with an asterisks (*) next to their name) not on the dogs that can win. The judge will decide which dog is the best dog and therefore the winner.

Superintendents/Event Secretary
Clubs and Show Chairs should work with their superintendent or event secretary to avoid conflicts with the AKC National Owner Handled Series Groups and the regular Groups. One of the most frequent complaints from exhibitors is that the groups overlap and they must make a choice. AKC recommends scheduling the NOHS Group judging to begin at least thirty (30) minutes prior to regular Group judging to avoid such conflicts.

Dealing with Situations Regarding Dog Health

It is very important that situations regarding the health of a dog at an AKC event are handled properly. It is imperative that the proper steps are taken to ensure the safety of all dogs at the event. Below we have outlined some potential situations and a recommended action for each.

Catalog Sales

At their October 2011 meeting the AKC Board of Directors adopted the following policy:

  1. A club holding back-to-back-shows, clubs holding consecutive days of AKC events, or different clubs in a cluster may use a combined catalog if the same secretary/superintendent is used.
  2. Event Catalogs may not go on sale until one hour prior to judging the first AKC event.
  3. When a combined catalog is used, a separate copy with all placements and absences marked must be sent to AKC for each of the events.

This means that clubs holding all-breed or specialty events on consecutive days (Friday - Saturday) or different clubs in a cluster in additional to National Specialties can combine their catalogs. The most important part of bullet #1 is that the same secretary or superintendent is being used for each event within the combined catalog. For example, if a specialty club is offering Agility, Obedience, Rally, and Conformation but are using a licensed secretary for the Agility and a superintendent for the Obedience, Rally, and Conformation the four events cannot be contained in the same catalog. The Agility must have its own catalog. The Obedience, Rally, and Conformation can be in the same catalog if they are held on consecutive days. Should you have questions regarding this policy please contact Event Operations at (919) 816-3579.

AKC Rally® National Championship Announced

The second annual AKC Companion Events Extravaganza will run from March 27-30, 2014 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg, PA. The 2014 Extravaganza will include the AKC National Agility Championship, the AKC National Obedience Championship and the first-ever AKC Rally® National Championship.

Due to the 2013 Rally National Competition's enthusiastic reception from exhibitors and spectators alike, the event will be upgraded and designated a National Championship. The winning dog from the highest-level Rally Advanced Excellent class will be the "2014 AKC Rally® National Champion" and will be the first dog to proudly place the "RNC" prefix before its name. Rally exhibitors will still have the opportunity to compete for top honors in the Novice, Advanced and Excellent classes at the Extravaganza.

Stay tuned to the AKC website for the 2014 Judging Panels and other updates on the 2014 AKC National Agility Championship, AKC National Obedience Championship and AKC Rally National Championship.

Friendly Reminders

In the rush to complete event registrations, submit applications, judging panels, and show results, or deal with the multitude of issues that are involved with hosting an event, it is easy to forget a few things. Below are some friendly reminders regarding some common misunderstandings or misconceptions that the Event Operations department sees on a regular basis.

  • Effective July 1, 2013 an asterisk must be next to each assignment for a provisional judge. This must be done in the premium list, judging program, and catalog.
  • Clubs are required to publish the following statement in their premium list: "Exhibitors should follow their veterinarians' recommendation to assure their dogs are free of internal and external parasites, any communicable diseases, and have appropriate vaccinations."
  • In addition to the above statements, club should include any specific local or state health requirements, for example, proof of rabies.
  • It is recommended that that the ribbon color(s) for Best in Show and Reserve Best In Show are not the same to avoid confusion by exhibitors, judges, and stewards.
  • Clubs must comply with the Americans with Disabilities ("ADA") state and local laws.
  • Effective immediately the Best in Show judge shall first announce Reserve Best in Show followed by Best in Show.

For more information, contact eventnews@akc.org.

Question Corner

What has your club done to increase interest (entries, gate, participation) in your event? Tell us about your club's idea that has proven successful. We will publish several of these ideas in our next issue and award one club's idea Best Innovation Idea. Please send all comments to eventnews@akc.org.