Event Committee Bulletin: Fall 2011


From the Editor

The past few months have been quite busy! September brought the annual AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day activities. Hundreds of clubs throughout the country participated with their own events educating the public about AKC and how to be a responsible dog owner. The September Delegates' meeting brought many rule changes which are discussed in this issue.

This issue includes an update of the 4-6 Month Beginner Puppy Competition which has been offered by numerous clubs throughout the country with tremendous results. Everyone looks forward to the continued success of these new initiatives. An article about the importance of the role a ring steward plays is included as well.

As in every issue, you will find frequently asked questions, explanations of recent rule changes, and friendly reminders. Please send us your feedback about this issue. Your feedback gives us the guidance we need to be sure we are providing you and your event committee with the information you want and need.

In this Bulletin:


Are you a new event committee member? Have been working with the committee for some time but still have questions? Have you been the show chair for many years but aren't sure of all the new AKC policies? If you answered yes to any of these questions the AKC Show Committee Seminar is for you!

These seminars cover topics such as AKC paperwork, superintendent & judges selection, preparing a premium list, event hearings, new AKC rules, regulations, and policies and much more! A knowledgeable and experienced AKC representative facilitates the seminar and is available to answer any of your questions about putting on the best event you can.

Upcoming seminars include:

  • Vancouver, WA on December 7, 2011
  • Ventura, CA on January 20, 2012

Seminars are scheduled throughout the year. To find the latest information on upcoming seminars visit our seminar search page and select "Show Chairman" as the seminar type. If your club is interested in hosting a seminar please contact Bri Tesarz at (919) 816-3514 or glt@akc.org at least 6 months in advance.

Dog Show Veterinarians

Every club that holds a licensed or member show must provide one or more qualified veterinarians in attendance or contact information for one or more qualified veterinarians "on call."

"On call" veterinarian must be available to treat any dog that becomes ill or injured at the dog show during show hours. It will be the responsibility of the owner or owner's agent to transport the dog to the veterinarian and for any cost associated with the dog's illness or injury. "On call" veterinarians are not required to be present at the event.

At Benched shows at least one of these veterinarians must be in attendance during the entire show hours.

Ring Stewards

Most people know that a good ring stewards makes a world of difference in the experience of the exhibitors, spectators, and even the judge! The ring steward has a large responsibility that goes beyond what many people realize. Ring stewards are sometimes the first person an exhibitor encounters when preparing their dog for the ring. These hard working individuals help keep the ring working efficiently. Finally, the books marked by the ring steward assist AKC when placements are called into question.

4-6 Month Puppy Competition Update

The 4-6 Month Beginner Puppy Competition has been an overwhelming success with clubs, exhibitors, judges, and spectators. All-Breed clubs offering this competition in conjunction with their event typically see an average of 5% of their total entry competing in this class! Some Specialty clubs have seen participation as high as 30% with an average of about 7% in this class. Many of these entries are from new exhibitors to the Sport who will need extra guidance from patient, enthusiastic, and experienced club member. With the success of the class, the AKC Board of Directors will be evaluating how best to continue this program. Please watch the AKC Board minutes for updates. If you have any questions about the class please contact Bri Tesarz at glt@akc.org.

Friendly Reminders

In the rush to complete event registrations, submit applications, judging panels, and show results, or deal with the multitude of issues that are involved with hosting an event, it is easy to forget a few things. Below are some friendly reminders regarding some common misunderstandings or misconceptions that the Event Operations department sees on a regular basis.

  • Club may now choose to receive all event correspondence via email. To take advantage of this new option, an officer must input the access code sent to them via email.
  • Disaster & Emergency Plan & Compliance forms are no longer required to be sent to AKC separate from the event application. Clubs now have the option to check the boxes on the Event Application or in the online system. It is still a requirement that the Disaster and Emergency Plan be available at the event. By checking the Compliance box, the club is acknowledging that they have fulfilled all the educational requirements to hold future dog shows.
  • Trophies may only be donated in memory of a deceased dog or person or in honor of a person no longer an active breeder or exhibitor in the sport. Anyone may be listed as donating the trophy.

For more information, contact eventnews@akc.org.

Questions & Answers

When can clubs begin awarding Reserve Best in Show?
Reserve Best in Show must be awarded at all-breed events held on or after July 3, 2012.

When will I receive my Grand Champion Level Medallion?
The list for achievement levels are run monthly. Grand Champion Level Medallions are mailed separately from the Achievement Level certificates in order to protect your certificate.

Does AKC have materials or information that can be given to spectators and new exhibitors regarding dog shows?
Clubs may order "A Beginner's Guide to Dog Shows" by contacting the Order Desk at (919) 233-9767 or via email at OrderDesk@akc.org. Additionally, the "Dog Show Etiquette" flyer may be downloaded.