Event Committee Bulletin: Summer 2010


From the Editor

Summer is upon us! This is the time of year that many clubs host different types of events for the public including all day events that incorporate education, health, and most importantly FUN! If your club is working on such an activity we encourage you to share your experience with us and others. Please send your thoughts and suggestions to eventnews@akc.org.

Summer also means that our legislatures are back at work. Please take a few minutes to read "Keep An Eye On Your Rights" to find out how you can stay informed and get involved.

In our last issue we highlighted one of the new rule changes to take effect the Grand Champion competition! It didn't take long for exhibitors to start working towards this new title. In fact, the very first Grand Championship was earned within days of the new program starting. To read more about this history making dog check out the press release. As with any new program there are many questions that come up and we have answered some of the more frequent ones in Grand Championship Competition for Event Committees.

Also in this issue is an article about getting the word out when inviting the general public to your events and a highlight of current rule changes. As always, we encourage anyone with a suggestion for an article to contact us at eventnews@akc.org.

Keep yourselves and your canine friends cool.

In this Bulletin:

Grand Championship Competition for Event Committees

Exhibitors are excited about the opportunity to earn the new Grand Champion (GCH) title and we see an increase of entries in Best of Breed competition as a result of this new title that Champions can earn! Although we sent repeated correspondence to 28,625 exhibitors that have completed their CH title over the past few years and all of the conformation judges, we still find some are confused about the program.

Keep an Eye on Your Rights

We live, eat, and breathe for our four-legged friends and would do anything to protect them. It is true now more than ever that, as AKC’s motto states, “We’re more than champion dogs. We’re the dog’s champion.”

The AKC Government Relations Department (AKC GR) works to ensure that your rights to continue to own and exhibit the dogs you love are protected. It is their job to monitor and positively impact legislation affecting all dog owners, responsible breeders, and exhibitors.

It is imperative that clubs and event committees take advantage of the broad range of services offered by AKC GR and to stay up-to-date on current and proposed legislation in your community and in regions where you plan to host an event, so that you can ensure that your ability to continue to own and exhibit dogs is preserved.

Where Am I?

By Lee Herr, AKC Executive Field Representative
Clubs often invite the general public to their events through local news stations, radio ads, or community calendars. Included in this information is information such as dates, times, club name(s), and a general location. The problem occurs when spectators get close to the venue and street signs are sparse or nonexistent or the event is taking place on grounds used for multiple purposes such as fairgrounds.

AKC New Exhibitor Mentoring Program

General experience with dog shows and clubs is immensely helpful for anyone just starting out in the sport of dogs. Our goal is to give beginners access to people who understand how intimidating it can be to get started in the dog fancy. Chances are most successful fanciers had a mentor who made an invaluable contribution to the success they enjoy today.

From the Companion Events Department

Beginner Novice Class begins July 1st!
The newest optional titling class Beginner Novice goes in to effect the 1st of July. This class incorporates rally signs with some basic obedience exercises. This optional titling class is unlike the other optional titling classes because it only takes TWO judges and three qualifying scores to earn a BN title. There is also an "A" class and "B" class designation. Any dog and handler may enter this class in the appropriate division. For detailed information about the exercises and what is expected in this class please look at Chapter 6 of the Obedience Regulations.

Move-ups in Obedience
Movement from an optional titling class (BN, GN, GO, VER) to a regular class (CD, CDX, UD) or vice versa is NOT considered a move-up. Move-ups only apply to the regular classes in obedience. Please contact obedience@akc.org if you have any questions.

Friendly Reminders

In the rush to complete event registrations, submit applications, judging panels, and show results, or deal with the multitude of issues that are involved with hosting an event, it is easy to forget a few things. Below are some friendly reminders regarding some common misunderstandings or misconceptions that the Event Operations department sees on a regular basis.

  • When clubs enter an event application through Online Plans, they must hit the "Checkout" button for the information to be received by Event Operations' internal system. If they simply save their event information in Online Plans, it will not be processed.
  • Judging panels must be submitted to AKC 18 weeks prior to the closing of entries (Rules Applying to Dog Shows, Chapter 4, Section 1).
  • To add mixed breed classes to your Obedience, Agility, or Rally event send an email to eventplans@akc.org.
  • The Online Plans tool is only available for corresponding events. Any change in date or site requires a written application to be submitted.

For more information, contact eventnews@akc.org.

Questions & Answers

How are Grand Champion points calculated?
Instructions are available here for exhibitors on Counting GCH points.

Where can I go to find my dog's Grand Championship point progression?
Instructions for finding a dog's points progression is available here.

When will my club's corresponding event show up in Online Plans?
The next year's corresponding event will not be available in Online Plans until after the current year's event results have been processed. If your club wishes to submit the application and/or judges panel for the next year's corresponding event prior to the results being processed a written application must be submitted.