Event Committee Bulletin: Spring 2010


From the Editor

Spring is just around the corner and events are in the air. As the weather warms up, exhibitors are eager to get back into the ring! With this in mind, Event Operations encourages clubs to keep the exhibitors in mind when planning their events. The Palm Springs shows held in January did a fantastic job welcoming exhibitors and working with local businesses to guarantee that exhibitors were accepted throughout the weekend. For more details about this club’s efforts be sure to read Gaining Community Support for Dog Shows.

There are many rule changes that go into effect this year. For a listing and brief synopsis of each rule change be sure to check out Rule Changes. One of the rules changes that exhibitors are most excited about is the Grand Champion. In this issue we have included a Frequently Asked Questions article on this subject.

Also in this issue is an article about commercial filming at AKC events and a brief explanation of judges’ contract requirements. As always, we encourage anyone with a suggestion for an article to contact us at eventnews@akc.org.

In this Bulletin:

Gaining Community Support for Dog Shows

A clever idea used at the recent Palm Springs shows demonstrated the value of holding dog shows in the community. One of the clubs participating in the cluster purchased 25,000 bright yellow stickers with purple letters that stated:

I’m here
for the

Although this was an individual club effort to demonstrate the value of the dog shows to the community and not coordinated with any of the local businesses, some offered 10% discounts for customers wearing the stickers! This simple and inexpensive effort provides an opportunity to demonstrate the economic impact of the dog shows and provide a positive impression on the community. Even greater benefit might be gained if the efforts were coordinated with the local Chamber of Commerce and the businesses were prepared for the opportunity. The Economic Impact of AKC Dog Shows brochure may be helpful when discussing your shows with the local Chamber of Commerce or governmental organizations.

Judges Contract Requirements

AKC Event Operations is frequently called upon to address disputes concerning judging contracts. The basic requirement for an “agreement in writing” is found in Rules Applying to Dog Shows, Chapter 4, Section 1. This written agreement to judge the specific assigned breeds and Groups must be in the clubs possession prior to submitting that judge’s name to Event Operations. Additionally; the judge’s name may not be published on websites, club newsletters, or other publications until the judge is approved by AKC.

Guide to Match Types

Clubs frequently misunderstand the difference between the types of matches Each of the following matches has a specific name and purpose. When a club achieves sanctioning, is licensed, or a member club there are restrictions clubs must follow.

Commercial Filming at American Kennel Club Events

Clubs are occasionally approached by local or commercial broadcasting companies to record and broadcast dog shows. While this can provide a positive public image, coordination and compliance precludes last minute approval of commercial filming.

The AKC policy concerning contractual requirements and operational requirements are available in the Online Board Policy Manual.

Exceptions for filming at specialty shows by professional videographers solely for personal consumption or for the purpose of producing a record of the winners for members and the fancy who have special interest in the event, and which is not intended for mass commercial transmission or distribution may be excluded from AKC contractual requirements, however, this does not preclude the need for Clubs to comply with the Operational Requirements pertaining to the use of cameras, lighting or personnel needed to film the event’s activities, as ultimately monitored and overseen by the show chairperson.

Questions concerning filming policies should be directed to Robin Stansell at rls@akc.org or 919-816-3646.

Dealing with Misconduct Update

At its February meeting, the Board of Directors approved the adding of language to Dealing with Misconduct at American Kennel Club Events, to clarify under what authority an Event Committee may grant a stay of suspension. Specifically, that an Event Committee may only grant a stay of a suspension if the following conditions exist:

  • The Event Committee has classified the conduct of the suspended individual as a violation that, pursuant to the AKC Discipline Guidelines, has a mitigated penalty that includes a reprimand.
  • The Event Committee is recommending that the AKC impose the mitigated penalty.

Appropriate language has been added to page 12, under the section titled "Suspension", to the third paragraph. Also, language has been added to page 14, Section XII, "Stay, Staff Event Committee Review, Reconsideration, Appeal, Rehearing, and Application for Reinstatement".

Read more on the complete, updated version of Dealing with Misconduct at American Kennel Club Events.

Friendly Reminders

In the rush to complete event registrations, submit applications, judging panels, and show results, or deal with the multitude of issues that are involved with hosting an event, it is easy to forget a few things. Here are some friendly reminders regarding some common misunderstandings or misconceptions that the Event Operations department sees on a regular basis.

Questions & Answers

Does our club have to offer Select Dog, Select Bitch, & Grand Championship points?
Yes, any shows held on or after May 12, 2010 must offer Select Dog & Select Bitch placements. Additionally, Grand Champion points will be available to any dog/bitch that is awarded Best of Breed or Best of Breed of Variety, Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed/Variety, Select Dog, and Select Bitch should the judge decide that each dog is both eligible and deserving of Grand Championship points. Just as with any placement, the awarding of such is at the judge’s discretion.

Are the Select awards the same thing as Award of Merits?
Awards of Merits are awarded by a club at the club’s discretion according to what is published in the premium list. It is up to the club to determine if a dog receiving BOB, BOS, SD, SB, WD, WB are also eligible for an Award of Merit.

Can mixed breeds and purebreds compete in the same classes?
At its January meeting, the AKC Board of Directors enhanced the AKC Canine Partners program. Mixed breeds will compete in the same classes and earn the same titles as their purebred counterparts. As previously determined, offering classes for mixed breeds is still at the individual club’s discretion.