West Highland White Terrier Club of America

West Highland White Terrier Club of America Earthdog Test
Oct. 8, 2007 - Crosswicks, N.J.

For many of the participants at this year's "day after Montgomery" Earthdog test, it was the last event of an action-packed week. Several Terrier breeds had several events leading up to this Monday Earthdog test. Even so, 16 terrier breeds were represented in Crosswicks. And a few Dachshunds showed up to join in the fun. Even the record high temperatures didn't diminish the enjoyment of a day in the field with dogs. One-hundred-fifty-seven dogs represented 202 entries. With that many entries, the club had to be well organized, and it was! Secretary Dawn Martin and Chairman Sue McNamara, along with their helpers and the judges, had things well under control all day. The classes all ran concurrently, which didn't seem to be a problem for any of the exhibitors.

While there hadn't been much rain recently, the vegetation was still lush for the master walk up. This is a pretty site for master runs, which follow the perimeter of a field surrounded by woods. A large brush pile in the field provided opportunities for the master dogs to do some investigating on their walk up. The den itself is in the woods. This was a big master class with 17 braces competing. The club decided in advance to put on an additional judge for the class and the split-class format they ran worked smoothly. Thirteen dogs qualified in Master between judges Lou Herczeg and Ron Sebastiani.

Lynn Stonesifer handled the Senior class and saw 10 dogs qualify. The qualifying rate in Junior was not quite as high, with Joe Mazur only able to give the green rosettes to five of the participants. Introduction to Quarry was judged by Stephanie Capkovic. Seventeen dogs qualified in this non-regular class.

One of the last items of business for the day was the presentation of awards for the Most Versatile Westie in Specialty for the Montgomery County Week. For the third year running, the winner was Sil Sanders' QT.

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