West Highland White Terrier Club of California

West Highland White Terrier Club of California

June 13-14, 2009 – Anaheim, CA

By: Barbara Teigen, AKC Executive Field Representative

There’s a new weekend on the Southern California Earthdog schedule: the West Highland White Terrier Club of California held their first licensed Earthdog tests on June 13-14. Chair Jeanine Albaneze and Secretary Mary Bradley did a great job with this inaugural event. Their committee members and exhibitors alike helped them.

The master class was first each day. Steve Shultz was Saturday’s master judge and Dennis Broderick officiated on Sunday. They both plotted walk ups that were interesting and challenging for the dogs, offering changes of terrain, plenty to investigate, and sometimes a challenge to handlers’ skills. The site here is different than many. It is not lush and green, but rather sometimes sandy, some burned over spots, and even bamboo. It is beside a riverbed that does have vegetation on the banks, rock formations for the dogs to check, and occasional wildlife. Mountain lions are not unknown here. On Sunday the participants in one brace of master were treated to the sight of an egret swooping in for a landing in the river. The site is an RV park that hosts lots of visitors besides the Earthdog participants and often some will stop by to see what all those dogs are doing. The exhibitors are always ready to enlighten the camping public about what their dogs can do.

Intro to Quarry ran the same time as master. Senior followed, with Junior after a lunch that included potluck as well as burgers and hot dogs from the grill. While the club may not be able to promise as cool of weather next June as they had this year, Earthdoggers from the southwest will want to give this event a try next time around.

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