Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Washington, D.C. Hosts Earthdog Tests
by Karla Deithorn

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The Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Washington, D.C. hosted two great Earthdog tests May 14-15 at Ayrlawn Farm in Hedgesville, West Virginia. Chairman, Mary Helen Rice and Secretary, Bonnie Casely, did a bang up job of keeping things running along and the tests finished in time for everyone to relax and visit a while before going to dinner.

The Saturday test started with Master. Judge Steve Bucher walked the braces out into the hayfield next to the parking area and started his walk up there. On the way, many dogs found an old feeding den that was collapsed and nosed around the area excitedly. At the empty den, where the dogs have to be called back on the handler's command, one brace in particular did an outstanding job. Sandy Martin's Bedlington Terrier, Clancy, waited patiently outside the den while Melissa Graham's PRT, Ace, checked it out. To see a dog waiting patiently like that at a den entrance is a beautiful example of the teamwork we look for on this walk up.

On Sunday the highlight of the Master class was when Sandy Martin's Bedlington Terrier, Rudy, brought Judge Ron Sebastiani to his knees…literally! Rudy whipped around the hayfield searching every inch and, at one point, blind-sided Ron from behind. In seconds Ron and Rudy were in a heap in the field. Both judge and dog got up; shook it off and continued on with no injuries to either victim.

Qualifiers in Master were the Border Terriers; Rosemary, owned by Annette Donovan, Harry owned by Donna Sapp, Chase owned by Barbara Stephenson, and 13 year old Marcher owned by Dennis Bennett. There was also the PRT Shelby owned by Elizabeth Claridge; the Bedlington, Rudy owned by Sandy Martin and the Westie, Nigel owned by Lynn Reagan, who earned his ME title on Sunday.

The Introduction to Quarry class started next and on Saturday judge Brenda Weintraub watched as, Bedlington, Vegas owned by Laurie Zembrzuski and handled by her 14 year old daughter, Gabriel Gilbeau, qualified. Then they went on to Junior on Sunday under Brenda again and earned Vegas' first leg, his first time in Junior. Needless to say, Gabriel was delighted and it is nice to see the Juniors out a the Earthdog tests competing so successfully.

Senior Earthdog started next and, under judge Steve Bucher on Sunday, co-owner Susan Evans handled her Westie, Lucky Boy to his Senior title, which I am sure will delight co-owner and breeder, Dawn Martin. The Welsh Terrier, Guinness, owned by Debra and Ron Hunt earned his first leg on his SE title on Sunday.

The last class of the day was the Junior class and there were a few qualifiers there also. Chairman, Mary Helen Rice handled her Scottie, Jeep, to finish his Junior title on Sunday. Gabriel and Vegas got their first leg on Sunday as well. And Denise Van Hook's Dachshund, Skipper, earned both legs to complete his JE title in the one weekend.

The beautiful farm, friendly people, excellent judges and lovely weather all combined to make the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Washington, D.C. Earthdog tests a rousing success. If you get a chance to visit the Hedgesville, West Virginia area, be sure to schedule your visit on the weekend of this event.