Rivanna River Earthdog Club

April 25-26, 2009 – Palmyra, Virginia

By: Barbara Teigen, AKC Executive Field Representative

This is a new club off to a fabulous start. The Rivanna River Earthdog Club held its first licensed Earthdog tests near Palmyra, Virginia last weekend. The site was Ed Bear’s beautiful Twin Springs Farm. It was a lovely time of year to visit this area within a short distance of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The azaleas and the dogwood trees were in bloom. The weather made it feel more like summer with temperatures rising into the mid-90s both days. The den sites there are primarily in shady areas so the hunting was still fine.

The club had lots of workers on hand and kept everything moving along at a good clip. There are separate dens for each test level so despite an entry of 105 on Saturday and a bit smaller on Sunday the days weren’t overly long. The master walk up is one of best you could hope to find. It is entirely in a wooded area that is not too dense. No one had a difficult time keeping track of where the dogs were working. The success rate of the master dogs overall was evidence of what a great place this is for them to work.

Congratulations are due to Test Chair Brenda Weintraub, Test Secretary Bob Hechtman, and the entire club for a job well done. It wasn’t all about the dogs. There were things for people, too, such as an auction, raffle, and even a sale of out of print dog books. There were deli sandwiches for lunch each day and a catered barbecue dinner on Saturday evening. Camping is allowed on the site with showers and sanitary facilities.

The club holds practices on the same site but in a separate practice area with its own dens. Practices are held monthly except in the middle of winter. The club is also looking forward to its fall weekend of licensed tests.

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