The Parson Russell Terrier Association of America Earthdog Tests


Parson Russell Terrier Association of America Hosts Earthdog Test in North Carolina
by Karla Deithorn

The PRTAA hosted an AKC Earthdog test at Wilson Farm in Stokesdale, NC on May 21-22. The weather cooperated; the Secretary, Patricia Walters logged all the entries and results into her computer; Chairperson, Sally Yancy, made sure all the judges had rat and gate stewards and the test ran smoothly both days.

The day started both days with the Master Class. On Saturday, judge Brenda Swanson, had an entry of 13 braces and had some very good working dogs. One was the smooth fox terrier, Natalie, owned by Jim Bass of Atlanta, who qualified both Sat. and Sunday her first two times in the Master class. The walk up across a newly cut hayfield offered the dogs lots of scent lines to investigate. On Sunday, judge, Camilla Moon added some random scent lines by a run-in shed at the bottom of the field. It was nice to see the dogs discover, then follow the scent line before being called over to investigate the empty den up in the field. The random scent lines kept many of the dogs from running straight to the den at the end of the field by giving them something to stop and explore.

On Saturday, Camilla Moon judged the Senior class and on Sunday, Lynn Niebur from Portland, Oregon stepped in when advertised judge, Brenda Swanson, had to rush one of her dogs to the emergency vet. Lynn had a number of qualifiers and they had their pictures taken with her in front of the haybales and rubber rats that decked the entrance to the Secretary building.

Saturday Brenda Weintraub judged the Junior class. Brenda is a fairly new judge and does a great job with the novice people and dogs. Marta Force and her Border Terrier, Barkley, benefited from Brenda’s knowledge and are looking forward to their next test. Sunday’s Junior judge, Chris Hunter, also had some good dogs and had a number of qualifiers.

On Saturday Sian Kwa judged Introduction to Quarry and had 18 out of 39 dogs qualify. On Sunday, judge Brenda Weintraub also had a large number qualify out of 31 entries. The high pass rate among the IQ dogs is a testament to the practice sessions the local PRTAA members hold for those novices interested in trying their dogs.

This fine group of people have built up a nice following since their first AKC Earthdog test in the area a number of years ago. The Master classes of 13 braces each day are proof that their practices are successful. And to see the large entries in IQ and Junior is a sign that there are plenty of young dogs and new handlers coming along as well. The PRTAA North Carolina members do a wonderful job of promoting the Earthdog sport and the camaraderie that goes along with these great terrier fanciers. Be sure to watch the AKC Events listings for their November test and, if your schedule permits, be sure to attend.

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