Minnesota Earthdog Cluster
September 7-9, 2007 - Maple Plain, Minn.

Greater Twin Cities Sumac Cairn Terrier Club
Greater Twin Cities Fox Terrier Club
Minnesota Dachshund Club

The 10th Anniversary of the "Wooden Apple Earthdog Tests" took place Friday through Sunday, September 7-9, 2007, on the apple tree-laden Kent Anderson property in Maple Plain, Minn. Friday's event was hosted by the Greater Twin Cities Sumac Cairn Terrier Club. The Greater Twin Cities Fox Terrier Club hosted Saturday's event, and the final day was hosted by the Minnesota Dachshund Club.

Every dog that completed an Earthdog title at any of the events was the recipient of the coveted "Wooden Apple" trophy donated by the clubs. These may be the last of the "Wooden Apples," as the property may soon be for sale. Regardless, that won't be the end of Earthdog in Minnesota. Plenty of the exhibitors and club members are determined to keep Earthdog thriving in the state. There was a sign-up sheet for people interested in forming a new Earthdog club for all eligible breeds. And members of Duluth Kennel Club are planning to expand Earthdog tests to the northern part of the state.

That's good news for this great group of people and dogs that were present for last weekend's events. They enjoyed beautiful weather and lovely scenery. Most of all, they enjoyed their dogs and each other. Several Dachshunds and terriers completed titles and earned legs toward others. After the Friday and Saturday tests, the clubs offered training opportunities for those who cared to participate. (Regular training sessions had been offered all summer.) The effort paid off for several exhibitors.

The next Earthdog event in the area will be the first licensed tests of the newly approved Central Iowa Dachshund Club Nov. 3-4.

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