Dachshund Club of Metropolitan Atlanta

Dachshund Club of Metropolitan Atlanta Earthdog Test

The Dachshund Club of Metropolitan Atlanta hosted the Dachshund Club of America national field events this year and April 1st was the day they chose for their club Earthdog test. No April Fools here! These dogs and handlers took the tests seriously.

The day started with 13 Master dogs taking to the field in braces under judge JoAnn Frier-Murza from New Jersey. None of the dogs qualified. Many of the Dachshunds were not able to make the sudden change from rabbit work held the previous three days to den work this morning.

Next class was the Senior class again under JoAnn. This time one dog qualified and earned the SE title. This is always an entertaining class as the handler must recall their dog from the den once the rats are removed.

Both Master and Senior were held up on the hill in the back field of the Lookout Beagle club who graciously allowed the club to use their grounds for five days of events. The Junior and Introduction to Quarry classes were held down by the clubhouse next to the parking area.

Junior judge, Lois Ballard, gave a good orientation that put the novice handlers at ease. And out of a class of 52 entries, she was able to qualify 10. A good number for such a large class.

Introduction to Quarry judge, M.A. Klein, did an excellent job with the novice dogs in her class. She was patient and encouraging to all the exhibitors and everyone went away from her den feeling good about their dog.

With another day of Earthdog yet to go, the Dachshund Club of Metropolitan Atlanta did not let down. They kept things moving smoothly. Secretary Penny Wimer and her helpers, Pat Price, and Holly Deeds were ready to handle any situation Test Chair Gail LaBerge called to their attention. Robert Schwalbe was a committee member of the Earthdog test despite coming off three days of being field trial chair.

This club showed once again how well organized they are and how much they enjoy working for the dogs and exhibitors.

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