Teamwork Makes for a Successful Earthdog Event
by Karla Deithorn

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The West Highland White Terrier Club of America and the Lackawanna Kennel Club joined forces to host a three day weekend of Earthdog tests at Frey Farm, Moscow, PA on June 23,24,25. The weekend started with the Friday test hosted by the West Highland White Terriers. With a total entry of 125 in the regular and non-regular classes, the judges were kept busy.

Master Earthdog judge, Lou Herczeg, did an excellent job with his five braces of entries. Only two dogs qualified but those two did an excellent job on the walk up as well as in the den. The walk up provided lots of cover and stone walls for the dogs to explore. Sue Ely's Norfolk, Lucy, and Cookie Nee's WHWT, Sparkle were the two qualifiers and both already sport the ME title. Cookie's Sparkle also qualified in Senior on Friday.

Senior Judge Christine Forbes had five qualifiers out of twenty three entries. Beacon, a Norfolk owned by Peggy Metcalf finished her title on Friday and moved on to Master on Saturday and Sunday. Another qualifier to earn a title in Senior on Friday was Laurie Nicholas' Border Terrier, Shiona. Shiona became an SE titlist just 9 days shy of her 13th birthday! Proof you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

There were six qualifiers in Junior under judge, Dawn Martin, who was judging her first assignment. She did an excellent job with the dogs and exhibitors. One of the qualifiers to earn a title on Friday was Randy Eltringham's standard longhair Dachshund, Clarissa. Clarissa earned her JE and with that title qualified for the Dachshund Club of America Versatility title. A miniature longhair Dachshund, Woody, owned by Julie Slatkiewicz earned his JE on Sat and his first SE leg on Sunday.

Saturday and Sunday's tests, hosted by the Lackawanna Kennel Club also resulted in numerous titles. On Sunday there were three SE titles earned by West Highland White Terriers! Jefferson, owned by Marlene Vitalleti; Ozzie, owned by Roz Rosenblatt; and Doogie, owned by Jane Kays all earned the Senior Earthdog title. Clarissa, Randy Eltringham's Dachshund, earned her first leg in SE on Sunday. And Frankie, a WHWT owned by Jane Sajban also earned her first leg in Senior.

Marlene was a busy handler on Sunday as her WHWT, Taylor, earned a JE title on Sunday. John Powell's Border Terrier, Jake, also earned his JE title.

The Master class on Sunday produced three qualifiers under judge Judy Todd. Dave and Dena Funk handled their two smooth fox Terriers to ME legs. And again, Cookie Nee's little Sparkle qualified in Master.

I am sure I missed some of the new title holders and I apologize for that. There were so many nice working dogs. From Laurie's Shiona to Jane Sajban's 11 ½ year old WHWT, Dusty who qualified in Introduction to Quarry, who represented the 'senior set', to all the wonderful young dogs and novice dogs who competed all three days in the Introduction to Quarry class. These youngsters and novices are the future of our sport and judges, Jody Brinley, Elizabeth Elvidge and Lynn Stonesifer, did a wonderful job of providing them with a great start.

The West Highland White Terrier Club of America and the Lackawanna Kennel Club proved once again that teamwork between clubs can provide our fancy with outstanding events. I would be lax if I neglected to mention some of the many members of the Lackawanna Kennel Club who assisted in making this event a success. Many of these members do not even own an earthdog! But thanks to Lou Herczeg, Joe Mazur, Jan and Jerry Deojay, Walt Elvidge, Harold and Peg Setzer, Virginia Van Doren and Frank and Marlene Vitaletti who are some of the LKC members who hosted this event. I also want to mention Karen Frey, the property owner, who is so giving of her time and kind enough to open her property to her Kennel Club members.

It is important to remember all the people who work so hard to provide us all with events that are as wonderful as this three day weekend. So next AKC event you attend be sure to say a thank you to the stewards; secretaries; cooks and general helpers. Thanks to them, you are able to enjoy some time with your dogs and friends.