Greater Boston Area Earthdog Club
August 11-12, 2007 - Gardner, Massachusetts

The Greater Boston Area Earthdog Club hosted a pair of highly successful Earthdog tests on August 11-12. The club is growing steadily, thanks to its well-run licensed, practice sessions held four weekends, and recruiting efforts at area events.

The club is fortunate to have the use of the Gardner Fish & Gun Club's great facility. (It helps that the test secretary, Gloria Connery, is a member of both clubs.) Gloria uses vacation time to run these tests each year, taking a break from the Lutheran pulpit you'd usually find her in on Sundays.

Chair Nancy Sankus was well organized. When she put the call out for work crews for the various tasks, people came right over to do what was needed. The master/senior den area was very nice. The walk up through hilly wooded terrain afforded the dogs plenty of opportunity to do some serious investigating. The junior and intro dens were in a flat open area surrounded by woods. The soil is quite sandy, so the earthdogs did some vigorous digging and moved a lot of dirt. The qualifying rates in intro and junior were quite high � a testament to all the practice and training these folks are doing with their terriers and Dachshunds.

Everybody's happier when they're well fed, and no one had an excuse to go hungry this weekend. The Greyhound Placement Service of New Hampshire had a well-stocked concession stand for breakfast and lunch both days. These dedicated folks use the stand as a fundraiser at numerous events in the area to support their kennel, which places 100-150 Greyhounds per year ( Those who stayed a bit after Saturday's test enjoyed a chicken dinner in the picnic shelter.

There may be some new tests on the horizon for this area, as the Glen of Imaal Terrier Club of America may soon be hosting an event here. Over the weekend, the number of Earthdog titled Glen of Imaal Terriers doubled to four with two new JEs earned.

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