Gem City Agility Club

Gem City Agility Club Earthdog Tests
June 9-10, 2007 - Dayton, Ohio
Barbara Teigen, AKC Field Representative

Trial Chairman Curt Givens and Secretary Linda Givens, along with their committee, were welcoming and well organized at the Earthdog tests held by Gem City Agility Club in Dayton, Ohio. The club grounds are spacious and easy to negotiate. The two dens used for Junior, Senior and Master are set just inside the wooded edge of an open field, which made the dens very natural-looking as well as shaded from the warm sun. Mowed paths to the class staging areas through the field made the approach for exhibitors easy and direct.

Saturday had an entry of 74 dogs; Sunday's test had 60. Both days started with Master judging at 9 a.m. Intro, Junior and Senior followed the Master judging, and all three ran concurrently. Thus, the judging for the tests was completed both days in the very early afternoon. That allowed time on Saturday for numerous participants to have an opportunity to practice and work with their dogs. On Sunday everyone got an early start for their trip home.

Several times over the weekend I was told to be sure to return for their tests in November, when they have a not-to-be-missed turkey fry. All earthdoggers should keep that in mind!

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