Dallas-Fort Worth Dachshund Club

Dallas-Fort Worth Dachshund Club Earthdog Tests
Oct. 21-22, 2006 - Red Oak, Texas

By Barbara Teigen, AKC Executive Field Representative

The Dallas-Fort Worth Dachshund Club held two great earthdog tests in Red Oak, Tex., Saturday, Oct. 21-22. Lots of Dachshunds and Terriers tried to "get the rats" in intro to quarry, junior, senior, and master classes under sunny Texas skies.

Club members pitched in to do paperwork, den work, judging, stewarding and everything else needed to run these successful tests. Saturday's test had seven entries in master, nine in senior, 24 in junior and 20 in intro to quarry. The only master qualifier was Cairn Terrier, Chaco Arnold, ME, owned by Jere Arnold of Dallas. I had seen 9-year-old Chaco finish his Master Earthdog title the previous weekend in May, Tex., at the Border Terrier Club of America test. Jere started doing earthdog with him in 2001. With two Q's in Senior and none in Junior, Intro was the most successful class of the day with nine qualifiers. Not too often is an intro dog so into it that it chews through one of the wooden dowels protecting the rat cage, but Parson Russell Terrier "Quick" did just that during his qualifying performance.

Sunday's test was again favored with sunshine but somewhat chillier temperatures. Half the master entries qualified: two out of four. Nine dogs ran in senior with two qualifying again. One of those was a Border Terrier named "Indy" from Oklahoma handled by 11-year-old Lauren Moore. The highest number of qualifiers for Sunday was in the junior class with nine making the grade. Several dogs finished their JE titles. Two Welsh Terriers, "Abby" and "Mike," owned by Mark and Sally Reardon of Arlington, Tex., got their legs within minutes of each other. These were Mark and Sally's first-ever legs toward any AKC titles. The clear sentimental favorite of the day, however, had to be the deep-voiced "Bentley," owned by Larry Innis. He is a black and tan miniature smooth Dachshund, master earthdog, two weeks shy of 14-years-old, who showed during his qualifying junior run that he still has what it takes to get those rats.

All the hard working members of DFWDC put on a great earthdog weekend!

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